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I knew I couldn?t, I shouldn?t but that didn?t stop my mind from thinking it, I wanted to feel mortal pleasure in the hands of a man. More than anything I have ever wanted or needed before. I didn?t understand the emotions that flowed thought my head; lust was not an emotion angels were meant to feel.
But here I was this is what I feel and I know it?s too late; I was going to act on it even if it killed me. I looked myself over in the reflection of the lake, my long black hair fell perfectly to my waist, and my olive green eyes sparkled with longing. What I was wearing was a sin in itself; a short black skirt with fishnet stockings, black high heeled boots and a black corist with red lace. My hourglass body made the outfit look even more stunning.
This was it, I told myself as I climbed the back steps to his house, the back door was open as it always was so I could drop by without being seen. I walked thought the door, past the living room out the hall and up the stairs. I stopped when I got to his bedroom door. my heart thumping loudly in my chest. I let myself wonder over the last time we had met, I had gone up to his room and caught him in the middle of jerking off. but instead of closing the door and letting him finish in privet, I watched. the thought sent the same heat between my legs as when I had been watching, his strong manly hands had been going so fast and the pleasure that had been wrote over his face was so delouses I wanted to help. But I didn?t I just watched, my hand had gone down to my pussy and was stroking it hornyly. After I watched him explode before my eyes, I waited for him to sort himself out before entering his room. The hint of hornyness has still been in his stormy blue eyes. I couldn?t wait anymore. I opened his bedroom door.
There he was sat on his bed playing on his Xbox, he looked so hot. His black hair was swept to the right and he wore black skinny jeans with a red no fear t-shirt. He didn?t look up as I entered the room and sat next to him on his bed, his eyes were glued to the game of halo he was in the middle of.
"Heyy scar" he said in ecnolagment.
"Heyy" I whispered back, putting my legs up over his. Suddenly he became aware of my outfit, his eyes traced my body not missing a thing as they looked me over. He didn?t pause the game but seemed to forget it all together. "Heyy" he said aigen, his eyes locking on mine.
"How are you?" I asked acting completely natural.
"amazing" he said his eyes doing another tour over my body, I couldn?t help the satisfaction I felt from his attention.
"good" I reply, putting my hand on his leg. His eyes look down my hand, then back up at me, I recognise that horny glint in his eyes aigen and had to bite my lip so I didn?t let out a moan.
"you look beautiful" zak said, his hand dropping the Xbox controller letting it clutter to the floor, but he barely noticed letting his hand fiddle with my long hair. it surprised me how hooked he seemed, zak was nineteen four years older than me and I knew for a fact that he had slept with a few girls. So why was he acting so star struck by me? maybe it?s because he knows how off limits we were, maybe it was because I as an angel my blood made me naturally more beautiful than humans, or maybe it was just how some humans reacted to a women.
"Thank you" I replied.
I could feel the sexual tension between us building, it was at record high and I knew the only thing for it was to tease him until he cracked.
"I?m thirsty" I anoused, sliding onto his lap before standing making sure I stuck my boobs out. I walked toward his door "coming sweetie?" I asked twirling my hair round my fingers.
"Yes" he said a little too quickly. I gestured with my finger for him to follow and made my way down to the kitchen, Zak only a short distance behind me. when we got into the kitchen, I bent down to get a cup out of the cumbered. I could feel zak?s eyes on my arse as my bright red thong was sure to be on display, I put the cup onto the counter "would you like one?" I ask, knowing I would have to bend down aigen zak nodded. this time when I bent down I felt zak move close behind me getting a better look, I felt his hand on my waiste and took a little longer than nessersry before handing him the second cup. "What can we drink?" I ask him, Turing round so we were face to face only cm?s between us.
"Milk?" he offered. Already grabbing it out the fridge.
"Mmm I love milk" I said with a naughty smile, zak closed his eyes biting his lip. I was getting to him I though with satisfaction. He poured out the milk and got me a straw. I drank it sexual playing around with my straw, I noticed zak?s eyes locked on me.
"Scar?" he asked.
"Yeah?" I replied, noticing the hard package in his jeans.
"Do you know what you?re doing? I mean do you know about sex?" he asked me. I pull myself up onto the counter pulling my legs up with a small gap between them. his eyes flick between my legs then back up at me.
"Yeah, I know most things about it" I reply.
"so you understand that sex causes pleasure for both the man and the women, that sometimes there can be a sort of sexual need between two people" he tells me.
"yeah it?s like when i find you attractive and I get that burning feeling between my legs, it makes me want to touch myself or have you touch me" I answer. There was a slight pause then a smile light his face "have you ever touched yourself scar?" he asks.
"Yeah a lot, I can?t help it and it feel so good" I tell him "I?ve seen you touch yourself too and it gave me that feeling"
"Ohh fuck" was all he said in response.
"Sorry" I say looking down at my feet.
"Why are you saying sorry?" he asks.
"Because i touched myself over you" I reply.
"scar that?s a good thing, a women has certain needs and those needs need to be satisfied, I?m saying fuck because its turning me on that you touch yourself over me" he informed me. I smile and pull him toward me, his eyes fall to my lips. My heart starts to beat faster and I look down at his lips. he moves closer slowly giving me time to back out but I didn?t instead I move toward him, finally are lips meet. I gasp, the feeling exciting me. I kiss him again and aigen, his kisses getting deeper faster. I feel his hands sliding up my legs. My hands curling round his neck. He breaks our kiss and looks away pulling me to him "scar I?m really horny and if you keep kissing me like that I?m gunna be despite" he said.
"I want that" I say bringing his lips back to mine. I kiss him hard letting him know I?m horny too. I pull at his shirt hungrily and within seconds he?s pulling it over his head. My fingers stroke over his chest the skin fuelling me making me need more. His hands pull my skirt from under me, i smile kissing him deeper still. Suddenly I break the kiss and jump down from the counter. "I wanna suck your cock" I tell him undoing his jeans and taking them off. He pulls off his boxers and my eyes widen, I had seen his cock before but I swear it was never that big. "You like it baby?" Zak asks jerking it slowly.
"I wanna taste your big cock" I say kneeling down in front of him, I open my mouth and lick his shaft. It taste good I decide and take it deep into my mouth feeling it touch the back of my throat, I take it out and smile up at him before sucking it aigen, I feel it throbbing inside my mouth making my pussy feel wetter. I hold onto his waiste and pull him toward my mouth making his cock push down my throat. He swears watching me "you?re a fucking angel" he grunts. I smile taking his cock in faster and faster. I liked the feel of it in my mouth, it fitted perfectly letting me taste him all. I pull him out my mouth and start sliding my hand up and down while I lick his balls gently nibbling them as I look up at him. "you taste so good zak I want you so bad" I say as I take his cock back into my mouth letting my fingers play with his balls. He grunts closing his eyes. I suck him in deep and fast letting his whole cock slide in and out of my mouth in quick movements. "Scar stand-up" Zak commands his voice desperate. He turns me round and leans me over the counter. "god your hot" he says more to himself then to me, "right baby I?m gunna push my cock into your pussy"
"I want you to penetrate me so bad" I moan. He pulls off my thong and stands behind me, his fingers stroking my pussy. "god your so wet" he says. His finger pushing into me, I gasp closing my eyes. his finger pushes in and out then a second enters the feeling of pleasure doubling then a thread pushes into me. I moan lying my face on the cold marble counter. His fingers disappear, then replaced by a warm hard cock. He lets it run over my pussy not going in it just stroking it. then he pulls it back and pushes the head inside me, I gasp. I knew it was only the head but it already felt like my pussy was full up. "god your tight" he grunts. He thrusts out then pushes the head in and out a few more times I smile loving the simple pleasure and then suddenly my veins are pumping with pleaser as his cock goes all the way. I moan loudly. His cock responding by throbbing inside my pussy making me feel tight around him. he pulls out and thrusts into me hard, I scream with pleasure as he bounces ageist my back wall. he thrusts aigen this time faster then faster still. My pussy pulsing with pleasure after pleasure. Zaks hands hold me by my waiste pushing me into him as he pushes toward me, making his cock push deep ageist my g spot. "oh zak yeah, fuck" I shout encouraging him to go even faster. Before long my pussy starts squeeze his cock pushing me to cum. Zak swears feeling me cum. His cock throbbing "I?m gunna cum baby" he pleased.
"cum for me zak, cum in my pussy" I beg him. zak goes maximum speed slamming his cock into me, slapping my arse with his body. I scream out ready to cum aigen. we both reach climax, my pussy squeezing his cock as it throbs blowing cum inside me. I gasp for breath the most amazing feeling flowing throw my veins.

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