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A voyage into wife swapping was great. What would be next, I wondered.

Our night with Alf and Bronwyn had been great fun. I had been apprehensive at first but Bronwyn turned out to be a great fuck. I was hoping for more. It was only a couple of weeks later when Bronwyn rang Ruth and suggested we come over to their house for dinner. It was me who was excited this time and Ruth started to tease me. Apparently Bronwyn had told her what a great time she had with me. I know I had a good time. Ruth pretended to be jealous but I was well aware that she had enjoyed the freedom of fucking someone else.

The day finally arrived and we rolled up at their house. "Come in folks" Alf said as he undressed Ruth with his eyes. Bronwyn was looking very sex and it was obvious that she wasn?t wearing a bra. Her nipples were erect and very obvious. Kisses all ?round and we sat in the lounge sipping wine and chatting about nothing much in particular. After last time I guess we all knew what was going to happen. Bronwyn cooked a lovely meal and then more wine. "Why don?t I show you around" said Alf to Ruth and they headed off. As soon as they left the room Bronwyn sat down beside me and groped my crotch. We began kissing and she had her tongue half way down my throat. "I can?t wait to fuck you honey" she whispered. I began to fondle her boobs and she moaned. She was hot to trot.

Alf and Ruth had disappeared and shortly after I heard Ruth moan. "My naughty husband is obviously started already. Let?s catch up" said Bronwyn. Clothes were shed and she knelt down and began to lick and suck my cock. I grabbed her head and pushed it down lower. She gagged and I let her lift her head. She was smiling. I did it several more times before I pushed her on to the floor. "Do doggy darling. Fuck me like a dog" she squealed. Always the gentleman I did as she asked. She got on all fours and I mounted her. "Do your worst" she groaned. I grabbed her hips and fucked her furiously. She screamed and yelled as I did my best to fuck like a wild animal. I came with a yell that Ruth told me later sounded animalistic. Bronwyn thought so as well.

Having gathered our thoughts Bronwyn said "let?s go and see what those other two are doing". We walked into the bedroom. Ruth was lying on her back and Alf beside her. Both puffing and panting. What happened next blew me away. Bronwyn got onto the bed and pushed her face between Ruth?s legs and began to lick her cum-filled pussy. "What the fuck are you doing" screamed Ruth and within seconds she raised her knees, spread them and moaned loudly. Ruth told me later that she had never been with a woman before but at that moment she totally surrendered. It was smoking hot as Bronwyn lapped at Ruth?s pussy and clit and Ruth lay there in sheer delight.

Ruth came twice before Bronwyn stopped. I had the impression that Ruth would have let her continue for hours. She sat up smiling lustfully and she and Bronwyn kissed passionately. Alf didn?t seem surprised. I got the feeling that he had seen his wife do that before. Me? Well my cock immediately became erect again. The women looked at me and laughed. "Ooh he likes to watch honey" laughed Bronwyn and they both kissed my cock and went off to the shower together. I sat on the bed and looked at Alf. He had barred up again. "Your wife is hot" he said and I nodded. "Her first time with another women?" he asked. "Yes" I said "but I don?t think it will be the last judging by her response" he replied "Bronwyn likes pussy almost as much as cock".

Ruth and Bronwyn had spent a long time in the shower. Ruth told me later that they had gotten each other off. When they came out both were horny and basically attached Alf and I on the bed. Bronwyn loved sucking my cock but Ruth wanted Alf?s cock in her pussy. Finally Bronwyn mounted me and the room was rocking. Moans, groans and lots of obscene language followed. I am sure Ruth and Bronwyn were trying to outdo each other as they rode us to the finish line. Another shower together then Alf and I showered?.separately thank you. Then back to the lounge for some more wine.

Reluctantly Ruth and I got dressed and prepared to leave. Bronwyn, still naked walked us to the front door. "I had a wonderful time darlings" she purred "I hope you both did too". We agreed enthusiastically. "Alf and I are members of a swingers club" she said "would you like to come?" I was surprised and Ruth was excited "yes of course, it would be fun" she said. "OK I will let you know when and where" then Ruth and Bronwyn kissed passionately. I could feel my cock twitching. "OK we have to go" I said and kissed Bronwyn. "Bye Alf" I yelled out and we got into the car and headed home.

Ruth was quiet all the way home. Once inside I asked her what was wrong. She admitted she had enjoyed making out with Bronwyn but she was worried I would think it was bad or something. I laughed and said it had turned me on. She smiled and told me how they had gotten into the shower, soaped each other up and then fondled each?s breasts and then fingered each other. I unzipped my pants and pull out my now erect cock. "Does that look like I thought it was bad" I said. She looked down and smiled.

We headed for the bedroom and got undressed and as we fucked we took it in turns to describe our night with Bronwyn and Alf. As we talked we got hornier and our love making grew more intense. Ruth came without even touching herself and before me. Finally I unloaded and we cuddled. We fell asleep almost immediately and woke about 9am all sticky. We showered together and then had another fuck instead of breakfast. Breakfast of champions they call it.

Later, over coffee we discussed Bronwyn?s invitation. Ruth expressed some reservations about being in a room full of strangers but the more she talked about it the more excited she got. She then told me about a threesome she had had when still at college. She hadn?t enjoyed it that much as the two guys were drunk and practically useless. I assured her that the club Bronwyn mentioned didn?t sound like a group of beginners. "Talk to her about it" I said "find out what type of person goes". "OK I will. Do you trust me to decide to go or not?" she asked. I smiled and nodded. "Sweetheart if you are convinced then count me in. If Bronwyn and Alf are members it must be ok".

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