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She rushed to the bathroom, cum dripping everywhere as she did. She felt like she was having a panic attack. She had just been naked in front of her sister?s husband, had stroked and sucked his large cock, and allowed him to cum all over her. Not to mention the fact that she had the most intense orgasm of her life from Ethan?s cock hitting the back of her throat repeatedly. That, and her sister rubbing her shaved pussy until she exploded and fluid gushed out of her everywhere. It was the most intense experience of her life, by far.

She felt like the biggest slut in the world, and was horrified, embarrassed, and guilty at her actions, and yet all of these feeling seemed to amplify her arousal. She didn?t know if she could ever come out of the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and couldn?t believe what she saw. She looked like a used up pornstar and was completely plastered in cum. Her lips were swollen, her lipstick was smeared everywhere, and her eyeliner was running with cum in streaks down her cheeks. The was cum plastered in her eyelashes, her eyebrows, and her hair. She let out a stifled sob and began scooping the cum on her face and putting it in her mouth, savoring the taste. She continued scooping cum off of her chest and tits, swallowing everything she could find.

She started the shower, feeling uneasy about even taking a shower in her Kellie and Ethan?s house. She had to get out of here before she did anything else she would regret, no matter how good it felt or how much she wanted it. She suddenly realized she was rubbing her cum covered pussy absentmindedly as she waited for the water to get warm. What was happening to her? She felt like an addict since she had first tasted Ethan?s cum earlier that day. Something had unlocked inside of her, and she now felt like a slave to the feelings she was experiencing. She wanted to feel Ethan?s cock surging cum into her mouth again. She wanted far more than that.

She got into the warm water and began washing herself, feeling how hard her nipples were. She was tingling everywhere. She began washing her hair and face and suddenly felt her sister?s small arms reach around her, cupping her tiny tits. She felt her sister?s tits press into her back, and suddenly her sister was kissing her neck. They both moaned at the same time. "Didn?t Ethan?s cock feel nice, Kristin?" Kellie whispered.

"Nnngh? we? I? shouldn?t have done that. I? can?t do that? again. I need to go. Stop touching me like? that? you?re my sister? this isn?t right?", Kristin moaned over the sound of the shower.

Kellie spoke softly into her sister?s ear, "Ethan still needs our help, and we BOTH need him. I know you enjoyed yourself, I?m so happy you did. You shouldn?t feel guilty about that. We?re both attracted to him, and he?s clearly attracted to both of us. Now move over so I can wash myself off."

Kellie began washing off as Kristin stepped aside, groaning as she watched the wasted cum washing off of Kellie?s body, making it?s way down the drain. Kellie noticed Kristin staring at the drain and commented, "there?s plenty more where that came from. I want you to stay the night, Kristin. I know you?re conflicted. What would make you more comfortable? Was he too rough with you?"

Kristin responded without thinking, still staring at the drain, "Not rough enough?", she whispered absentmindedly, startling herself AND Kellie. "errr? I mean no? ummm... It is just uncomfortable? having? well? having you watch him do that to me. I know you SAY you?re not jealous? but what if it comes between us? What if it comes between the two of YOU? I would never forgive myself for that."

"Ethan and I discussed it before you arrived, and you would be ADDING to our relationship, not hurting it. He wants to help YOU, and I appreciate you being willing to help HIM. The three of us seem to be literally MADE for each other. If you?re uncomfortable with me watching, I can go to work. They are having trouble filling shifts at night anyway.", Kellie finished.

"NO! Doing it behind your back is almost worse! What if I did something you didn?t approve of? Or he did something you didn?t approve of??", Kristin replied, lost in thought about the things he could do to her!

Kellie interrupted, "Kristin, shut up. I more than approve of my husband fucking your brains out all night tonight. I?m kind of worried in his current state he might get too rough with you. He?s quite, well? big. And you?re VERY tiny. I don?t want him to hurt you physically."

"Mmmm? I do?" Kristin moaned at her sister?s words and began rubbing her clit. Kellie picked up on this.

"Ohhhh you little slut! You?re a masochist! Pain turns you on??? Do you want to be dominated??", she asked excitedly.

"Yessss?" Kristin sobbed breathlessly, feeling ashamed at her admission, but rubbing herself faster.

Kellie was rinsing shampoo out of her hair now, "Fantastic! What if?" she began cupping her breasts and pulling at her nipples, "?I was in charge of what the two of you did? If I told you what you can do to him, and to him what he could do to YOU?? Mmmmmm?", She moved her right hand down to her pussy and began rubbing, "?What if the two of you could only talk to me, and not to each other? Then you could be positive that I?m fine with everything that happens!" Kellie was pulling hard at her left nipple. "Jesus, this is exciting? isn?t it? I want more cum, don?t you?? He probably needs release again soon? mmmm?"

Kristin had leaned up against the shower wall and was whining and continued rubbing her clit while listening to what her sister was describing. It was a huge fantasy of hers to be dominated, and she had never in a million years thought it would be by her sister and brother in law. She hoped Kellie would allow Ethan to be rough with her. She wanted to be choked, slapped, and forced to take his cock in every hole. The entire situation was thrilling her. "Yessss...", Was all she could moan as she sensed herself about to cum.

Kellie decided to begin taking on her role, "Yes? what?" She wanted her sister to say it.

Kristin continued rubbiing herself and whined, "Yes? I want more too?". She was SO close!!

Kellie stopped pulling at her own nipples and walked up to Kristin, demanding, "YOU? want? more? WHAT??" She suddenly bent down and sucked Kristin?s left nipple hard, followed by gently catching her nipple between her teeth before detaching herself.

This elicited a squeal from Kristin as she began to cum, "uhnnnggghhh? Jesus! I? want? mmmm?more? CUM!!!", she finished, shaking as she orgasmed.

Kellie suddenly slapped Kristin. Not too hard, but it was shocking, nevertheless. "WHO?S cum do you want?! Mine???? Say it!" She put her hand around Kristin?s throat and leaned in to suck her earlobe, waiting for the answer she wanted, and thrilled about the power she now had over her. Kristin was leaking juices as onto her fingers as she kept cumming.

Kristin, shocked and yet turned on that her sister had slapped her whined, "N-no?! I mean? I want more? of HIS cum? please?". Kellie was starting to squeeze her throat, not realizing her sister was mid orgasm.

"Say? his? NAME!", Kellie whispered loudly in her sister?s ear, squeezing her through harder. Kristin?s eyes fluttered as she finished cumming.

Ethan had walked into the bathroom and was watching the amazing display before him.

Kristin suddenly noticed him and snapped out it long enough to lock eyes with him as he stood in the doorway of the large walk-in shower. He was fully erect and she wondered how long he had been watching them. She sobbed a bit and then choked out through Kellie?s squeezing hand, "I want? more of? ETHAN?S cum? please??"

Kellie noticed Ethan in the shower doorway and stopped squeezing, "You?re going to have to earn it.", Kellie replied. "Let him wash him off first, though."

"Ethan, my sister and I have come to an arrangement. You aren?t to speak to each other. You will both address ME only! You are both expected to follow my commands without question until your condition subsides. Understood?"

Ethan and Kristin both nodded, Ethan noticed Kristin?s eye locked on his erect cock. He took the opportunity to admire her tiny tits capped by erect nipples with puffy areola. Her waist was surprisingly thin, and she had very narrow hips. He guessed she couldn?t be more than 85 lbs!

Kellie continued, "Ethan, grab me a bath towel." He complied wordlessly. "Now get into the water and wash yourself off." She folded the towel longways and placed it on the floor of the shower and grabbed Kristin?s hand, pulling them both down to kneel next to each other on the folded towel. "Kristin, I?m going to train you to deep throat Ethan?s huge cock." Ethan had just finished washing, and raised an eyebrow at this as his cock twitched. "Shut off the water and get that cock over here!", Kellie commanded.

Ethan shut off the water and approached the kneeling sisters, coming to a stop between them. Kristin licked her lips and looked at Kellie, "can I??", she asked.

"Can you? what?", Kellie asked with a smirk.

"Can I please suck Ethan?s cock, Kellie?", she asked hesitantly.

"Yes, you little slut. You may.", Kellie replied.

Kristin had already had a bit of practice earlier, and loved the feeling of it pressing into the back of her throat. She was obsessed with trying to get it down completely. She didn?t waste any time or try to go slow. She immediately sat up as high as she could on her knees to try and get level with his cock, grabbed it in her hands to angle it down a bit and took it into her mouth about a quarter of the way. Kellie grabbed the back of her sister?s hair and began controlling her sister?s head forcing her into a rhythm on her husband?s cock.

"You?re going to have to relax your throat as I push you down farther each time. Ethan, grab the back of her head and help me control her. Let her get used to it a bit first.", Kellie instructed.

After a minute or so, Kristin was taking about a third of his cock, with the tip hitting the back of her throat every so often.

"Now, stick your tongue out and keep it pressed against his shaft. Ethan will begin applying pressure while you do. Relax your throat. And when he pushes, try to make a swallowing motion, like you?re swallowing a very large amount of food.", Kellie commanded.

Kristin did as ordered extended her tongue out as far as possible. Ethan moaned and began applying gentle pressure. He pushed her down and the back of her throat felt like it was an impenetrable barrier. He held her there for a few seconds before letting up. Kristin grabbed Ethan?s hips and thrust herself back down, jamming his cock into the back of her throat and making a swallowing motion, to no avail. Finally, she pulled off of his cock, coughing and gasping for air, tears streaming down her face.

"Am I hurting you?", Ethan asked, concerned.

Kellie shot him an angry look, "Ethan!! You are NOT to address her!", she scolded him.

Kristin interrupted with a frustrated whine, addressing Kellie, "He needs to press harder! I can do it if he forces me to take it!" She opened her mouth and took his cock back in, moaning as she did. His cock looked massive in her mouth. Ethan didn?t think she would be able to take it without hurting herself. He pulled her down harder this time, and mashed the tip of his cock against the back of her throat. He was only about halfway in!

"Kristin, relax! Ethan, push harder. Fuck her throat to loosen it up!", Kellie ordered them.

Ethan began thrusting steadily, reservedly fucking her throat, not wanting to fully unleash, fearing he would really hurt her if he did. Kristin made gagging sounds each time he bottomed out. She wished he would press harder! She needed his cock down her throat. She knew Kellie could take it all, and although she was smaller, she had to succeed. She couldn?t fail, but there was no way she could do it by herself.

Ethan kept this up for several minutes, with Kellie giving words of encouragement to both of them the entire time. Ethan pushed down again and held her there, grunting and telling Kellie, "Any harder is going to hurt her! She doesn?t have to take it all, she?s just too small. It feels great just doing this."

Kellie wasn?t so sure, her sister seemed determined, but they were going to have to try something else to succeed. "Ethan, let her up.", she ordered.

Kristin pulled off Ethan?s cock, gasping for breath and whining to Kellie in disappointment, "Please! He?s still not pushing hard enough! I WANT it to hurt! Tell him to force it down my throat!".

Kellie practically shouted, "Shut the fuck up! We?re going to try a better angle, you cock hungry slut! Now Stand up and bend over in front of him, that?ll give his cock a straight path down your throat. Ethan, quit holding back or I won?t let you fuck my little sister?s tiny virgin pussy after this."

Kristin liked this idea, and was grateful for another chance. As she stood up, Ethan noticed her nipples where hard as rocks, she must really be turned on by choking on his big dick.

Kellie got behind Kristin as she bent over, and grabbed her sisters hair, pulling her head up to line up with her husband?s cock. Kristin grabbed Ethan?s hips to steady herself, opened her mouth, and excitedly took his cock back in half way greedily with a moan. She began a rhythm and made a frustrated whining sound at Ethan for not grabbing her head.

Ethan understood perfectly and grabbed the back of her head forcing her deeper with each thrust. After a dozen strokes, he start applying more and more pressure. He wasn?t going to be able to hold back more than a few more minutes. This angle seemed to be working better! His cock was beginning to get further in! He held her down on one stroke and began attempting to force his cock past her throat barrier.

"Swallow Kristin! Get that huge fucking cock down your slutty little throat! Ethan! Press harder you fucking weakling!", Kellie shouted. She began pushing her hips hard against her sister?s ass from behind to provide more pressure.

Ethan gripped the back of Kristin?s head and pushed her down much harder. Suddenly the head of his cock popped down his tiny sister in law?s throat! Kristin?s eyes went wide in shock. She felt her throat painfully distend with the pressure and nearly had an orgasm at the feeling. She went crossed eyed trying to focus on the remaining 2-3 inches of cock she hadn?t swallowed and pulled hard at Ethan?s hips attempting to consume the rest of his shaft, moving her tongue out desperately along the veiny shaft. She furrowed her brow in concentration and extended her lips along the shaft in a futile attempt to close the gap.

"Uuuuggghhhh? Holy? shit! She did it!" Ethan gasped at the sensation. The tip along with the first 1/3 of his cock was being squeezed by the muscles in her throat, and the second 1/3 was being milked by her cheeks, tongue, and lips. He was astounded that she wasn?t giving up. He reached his left hand around her throat and felt how massively distended it was. He gave a slight squeeze and groaned at the resultant pressure on the top third of his cock. It was amazing. He was close to cumming as she suddenly gave up and withdrew suddenly, coughing, sputtering, and gasping for air yet again. Ethan groaned in frustration.

Kristin made a pitiful whining sound and gripped his cock, completely drenched in thick saliva from her throat, smearing it all over her forehead and checks and she caught her breath. She then pressed it into the side of her neck as she turned her head to try and look at Kellie while complaining, "Kellie, I was SO close, he needs to keep pushing hard! Pleeease!! I know I can do it now!"

Kellie gave her little sister?s ass a hard slap, "It isn?t HIS fault HIS cock is so BIG?" "?and YOUR throat is SO SMALL!" "Now get it back DOWN, you FUCKING SLUT!!", she spanked her hard with each emphasized word.

As Kristin turned her face back to his cock, opening her mouth, she felt Kellie kneel down behind her, beginning to rub her wet pussy. "Oooohhhmph! Glrrghhhh" she began to coo just as Ethan thrust his cock back into her open mouth, bumping deliciously into the back of her throat in one swift motion. She then felt Kellie pry her tiny cunt lips open with both thumbs and bury her tongue into her tiny, wet virgin hole.

Kristin squealed as loudly as she could around Ethan?s invading cock before she was silenced by him forcing it HARD yet again past her throat barrier.

"Fuuuuck yessss", he groaned. "She?s going to take it all and I?m going to cum down her fucking throat!!!". This time he didn?t stop once it popped down her throat. He kept pushing steadily, beginning to slowly make more progress. Kristin took it like a champ and pulled at his hips, bouncing forward slightly in a steady rhythm taking a half inch more with each thrust.

Kellie began lapping furiously at her sister?s virgin snatch, while pressing her thumb at her sister?s anus until it began to slide in. Kristin?s snatch was practically leaking juices which Kellie greedily lapped up.

With one final push, Ethan amazingly buried Kristin?s face straight against his abdomen. She was convulsing and he heard a splashing sound as she began squirting juices all over Kellie?s open mouth and the tile floor. Ethan reached around her neck again and gripped Kristin?s throat as he began to cum.

Kristin nearly blacked out from the sensation of all three of her holes being assaulted, and then she felt Ethan?s cock expand and begin pulsing hot fluid directly down her throat. She felt like every inch of her body was on fire and continued shaking uncontrollably as her ears began ringing. Ethan was filling her throat and stomach directly full of cum. Her only frustration in that moment was that she wasn?t TASTING it.

She started to pull off of his cock to get a taste and Ethan forced her roughly back down with another strong stream of hot cum erupting straight down her throat. She tried again and he reached around and pinched the puffy nipples on her tiny tits HARD while thrusting back down to unleash a third torrent of hot jizz. Kristin felt her sister?s thumb push all of the way into her ass. She could hear a splashing sound and wondered if the shower water was back on.

Between his grunts she heard Ethan mutter, "Jesus? uggggghhhh?.!!!! She?s cumming? as much as? I am!".

Just she was about to pass out from lack of air and the longest orgasm ever, Ethan noticed her face was so red he HAD to let her up. He wasn?t finished cunning though, and as he pulled his cock out of her throat he filled her mouth with another river of hot cum from his cock. She inhaled deeply from her nose in panic and began swallowing as quickly as she could. Ethan pulled the tip of his cock out of her mouth before yet another strong spurt completely covered her face, as he moved the tip to try and plaster every inch of her cute features.

Kristin wanted more and though she was still shaking from her orgasm she angled her face up as far as possible and stuck out her tongue while still gasping for breath, hoping Ethan would notice and grant her wish to cover her tongue and fill her mouth again. Ethan took the hint and with his last spurt covered her tongue, proceeding to fill her open mouth until it was overflowing. As his orgasm subsided, he dribbled the remaining pulses onto the bridge of Kristin?s nose.

After gulping multiple times, Kristin eventually spoke exhaustedly, "Kellie? please thank Ethan for me, and ask if he wants to stretch my pussy or ass next? I might need your help with the cum on my face first though?"

To be continued in chapter 7??

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