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The thunder rumbled and the lightning crashed as I attempted to wash off the day?s troubles. There I was naked in my bathtub filled with warm water and rose petals. Smooth jazz played on my Ipod and the air was scented with lavender oils. The room was lit by candles. It didn?t take much time soaking before I dozed off.

My dream began in a flower filled meadow. There I stood in a cotton sundress, the wind lightly tussling my blonde locks as I picked wildflowers. The sun beamed down on my my exposed shoulders. Small beads of sweat gleamed on my tanned skin. I ventured down a grass covered hill barefoot to a crystal clear lake. Since I was alone I decided to take a dip. Slowly I peeled off my sundress and then unhooked my bra to let my 36C bosom swing freely. Last I slowly removed my panties and waded into the cool water.

The water was cool and calm as I waded out until my shoulders were covered. I dove under the soothing current and wet my long blonde hair. I swam out further and frolicked like I?d imagined the water nymphs did. I glided through the water as if I hadn?t any other concern in the world. It was as I was one with the current. My body flowed with the water and I was completely unaware of the world around me.

While I frolicked a young man appeared on the bank. He was tall and from afar I couldn?t tell much about him. As I swam closer to the bank his features became more visible. He looked to be of Mediterranean descent. He had a strong Greek features and shiny dark hair with a richly tanned complexion. He was clad in linen shorts and wore no shirt. His body looked as if it had been chiseled by a master sculptor lovingly. There was not one ounce of fat or imperfection visible. As I climbed out of the water he offered me one of his large hands. I accepted and walked up the bank of the river, still unaware of my nakedness.

He told me his name was Nikos and that he had come to get away from it all. He told me his family owned the land that was across the lake. As he began small talk his eyes roamed all over my body. They started at my freshly polished red toes and worked their way up. He gazed at my slender ankles and I could see the desire in his eyes as they wondered up my long legs. As he was asking my name his emerald green eyes paused on my neatly manicured bush. He must have noticed that I knew what he was doing as his eyes quickly finished their survey of my body. I extended my hand to him and told him my name was Cecille. I was still oblivious to the bashfulness I should be feeling about this strange beautiful man seeing me in such a state. I decided to continue with my water nymph daydream and leaned in to kiss his soft full lips.

It was a kiss that set my soul on fire. As our tongues intertwined I knew that I would let this man take me, right where we stood. He ran his hands through my soaked hair and pulled me into an even deeper kiss. A low sigh escaped my lips. Nikos continued to let his hands roam over my body. He followed each and every curve and swell of body with his skilled fingers. He kneaded my taut tan ass with his manly hands. I broke the lock he had on my lips and ass and began to dance around him like a true nymph. I take belly dancing classes back in the city and I did quite the dance for my Greek lover. He was lost in the swaying and shaking of hips and I wrapped my body around him like he was a pole at a strip club. I let my hands explore him.

I started stroking his chest while I ground my hips against his erection. I let my fingers follow droplets of sweat to over his ripped pecs and down to his washboard abs. I was in heaven and Nikos was definitely getting into the whole thing. I am usually not so impetuous but something about Nikos and the woodland settings made me even hornier. I rubbed and caressed every inch of this sexy Grecian right up to the top of his shorts. I could tell by the bulge protruding from him that Nikos had enjoyed my teasing. I grew more brazen knowing that I had this man right where I wanted him.

I knelt down in front of him and placed my mouth upon his shorts' clasp closure and opened it with my teeth. I then proceeded to unzip his pants and free his bulge using only my mouth. I was astonished at how massive he was. It seemed as if his penis took on a life of its own, you could almost see the blood pulsing through the veins that strained against his skin. My first instinct was to pop him directly into my mouth, but then I remembered that he was my captive and I could take my time with him. I carefully fiinished removing his shorts and discarded them neatly close by. With his pants off his schlong looked even bigger. He was definitely the size and girth of a good zucchini.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began to work his cock. I jerked him slowly, twisting as I got closer to the head. Nikos smiled at the attention and reached down to run his fingers through my hair. I began to jerk him off increasing faster until he could stand no more. Nikos' strong hand found the back of my head and coaxed my mouth onto his cock. I took his in as far as I could. I slurped and licked his massive dong until I started to feel lightheaded from lack of oxygen. He was so large he easily filled the back of my throat and I could only deep throat him for a short while, but Nikos was not be denied his pleasure. His hand gripped the hair on the back of my head and forced me up and down on his cock. He'd push my head in closer and push his dick into the back of throat and then fuck me there for a few seconds. Nikos continued this until he could stand no more.

He let me know by grabbing my hair and pulling my head away from cock, making a popping sound as he exited my mouth. He helped me up and kissed me hungrily. He started at my lips, swirled his tongue down my neck, and lavished my breasts with his skilled tongue. He traced figure eights and possibly constellations around my aching erect pink nipples and areola. As if that wasn't bad enough his other hand found its way down to my oozing cunt. He diddled my clit with one finger in time with his oral ministrations on my nipples. My breathing grew heavy and my chest heaved up and down. I wanted him to kiss me there...Nikos must have been a mind reader. He kissed his way down my taut stomach and over my neatly manicured bush. He dove right into my pussy with a vengance.

Nikos licked and sucked puffy lips until I was crying out for him to lick my clit. He obliged and again licked various geometric shapes and words or whatever on my clit until it was hard as a rock. He gripped my sensitive bud between his teeth and focused his tongue lashing directly on it. Nikos licked me into a tempest of writhing and moaning. I grabbed his head and humped his face. I worked him into me exactly where I wanted him until--I shot cum out of pussy. I never believed in female ejaculation but Nikos had made me a believer. I shot my girl jizz all over his face. This didn't deter Nikos from seeking out more honey from my pot. He continued to lick my pussy and then began to stroke and finger my ass. I came again begging for Nikos to fill me with his rod.

Nikos obliged. He lead me over to a tree and had me face it and lean forward. I felt his hands cradle my hips and braced myself for penetration. He was gentle working himself into my tight twat. Inch by inch he pushed himself slowly inside of me to the hilt. Once he'd gotten completely in he began to slowly pound my cunt. I wanted to lean back into him but he forced my legs further apart and had me bend lower so he could penetrate me deeper. My hungry little pink pussy swallowed all of his Grecian meat eagerly. Soon the only sounds were the slapping of flesh on flesh and passionate moans and grunts that escaped our lips. Nikos grabbed my titties and kneaded them roughly as he began to fiercely drill out my hole. All the while he was working two of his thick fingers in and out of my ass. I was getting high off the feeling of being filled to the brim when Nikos suddenly yanked his cock out of pussy and shoved it into my ass in one quick motion. I wound my ass to meet his every thrust. I reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them open, showing Nikos that I wanted him to take me. He rode my ass long and hard as I stroked my clit into a frenzy. I heard Nikos release a heavy sigh and then I felt his cock alternating between fucking my pussy and my asshole rather roughly. I knew he was on the brink of letting loose his juice inside of. I could only guess which hole he'd let be filled with his jizz. The next thing I knew I felt like a ball of lightning, all white hot and powerful as Nikos let loose a primal gutteral groan and set his sperm free in my ass. I could feel his cock pulsing. It was enough to make me cum again....but before I could....

I woke up. In my bath tub in my bathroom with my hands shoved in my twat. I fingered myself to orgasm as the wicks on my candles grew shorter and shorter. Thoughts of Nikos swirled in my head. I wondered if I was dreaming or if this was reality. Just when I was on the brink of another self-induced cum squirting orgasm my bathroom door opened.....someone entered the room, but who it was I shall have to tell you in another story!

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