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The wife and I decided that Florida was too commercial and other coastal locations were too expensive.

We didn't want to be in a "golden age" community or similar neighborhood. We are both country folk. I was raised on a farm and my wife fell in love with the farm life as well. At the last minute, she decided to stay home. Family obligations were important enough that she made her usual unilateral decision to pre-empt our trip.

I didn't think the problem was severe enough to cancel the trip and got on the plane. I went straight to the rental counter and rented an SUV.

The first night in the hotel I surfed real estate listings. I printed out locations for several properties along with the details.

The next day I drove to Mt. Pleasant on the coast then turned to the west and headed into the mountains. I checked and rejected five properties as I drove two hours southwest. I arrived in a mid-sized city and found a reasonably printed hotel. A quick dinner at a small diner near the hotel, gassing up the vehicle, and a hot shower settled me in for the night.

I linked to the hotel wifi and looked for properties in the immediate area. After printing out six or seven listings I started surfing adult links and sent out some inquiries to people nearby. I am bisexual so the notices were an equal separation of men and women.

Around ten o'clock I got a response from four people, two men and two women. One man and one woman were not what I was looking for so I politely rejected both of them. Tom and I started chatting and I got the distinct impression we would have some fun together. We made plans to meet the next day. The next day was Saturday, so he offered to be my guide while I was in the area.

I was eating breakfast in the diner when Tom walked in the door and straight to my table. We shook hands and I offered him a cup of coffee and cinnamon bun. We ate our food and talked for an hour. I handed him the listings and we made a route that would cover most of them in the most efficient pattern.

Between stops, we talked about all kinds of topics (family, spouses, work, sports, etc.). When the usual topics dwindled out we started talking about sex. What we liked and didn't. We were both bisexual so we shared sex partners and encounters, positions we both liked, and other things. I was feeling comfortable enough with my new friend that I asked if he knew where we might have a little fun out of sight of others.

Tom mentioned he had some "hunting land" nearby. So we drove a couple of miles along a two-track on the property until we pulled up to a camper that was leveled and anchored in place.

Tom unlocked the door and we stepped inside. As the door clicked behind us we started touching our bodies. In a few minutes, we were both naked. We lay down on the unusually large bunk and continued exploring each other. I kissed his nipples in time then down his body until my lips kissed through his pubic hair as his lips did the same to me.

Our cocks quickly hardened and we continued sucking until we came in rapid succession. We lay side by side as we enjoyed the sensations of our orgasms.

We lay there talking as our hands began roaming again. I slowly stroked Tom as he did me. I told my new southern friend to get on his knees. I moved behind him and slowly opened his cheeks. I worked his wrinkled hole with my tongue until Tom was pushing back at me. I grabbed the tube of lubricant off the shelf and worked some into his bottom before rubbing it over my cock skin.

I put the head of my cock against his opening and pushed until I felt his anal ring yield. When I popped in we both moaned as we rested. Tom started squeezing my cock with his hole as I slowly moved deeper and deeper. When I balls tapped against his I stop to enjoy the feeling of him holding me inside.

As I backed out Tom dropped his chest to the bed and groaned. We started slowly with long strokes. Soon our speed increased as our excitement did as well. The faster we moved the better it felt. He pushed back in time with my trusted. Soon our bodies were slapping in time. Our balls slapped together as our joy increased. As my cock swelled as my juices raced out of my body. I thrust deeply and a shot into him as he pushed back and took my load. Still in his bottom but softening I reached under him and stroked Tom until I felt him move up against my chest and groan shooting across the bed in front of him.

The second load of the day and it had only been less than an hour. We cleaned each other up with our mouths. My cock was spent but Tom rose one more time. I suckled on the head of his cock as I slowly stroked his shaft. Tom made noises as I moved my hand and my mouth dropped over his cock. I pumped my mouth up and down until I tasted his precum rising up from his head. The cream flowed from his cock I drank it down. Until he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

We dressed and ran back into town. In the diner, we ate dinner, talked about tomorrow, and the rest of the listings.

Tom walked me back to my motel. I let him strip my clothes off. I lay on my rented bed and felt his mouth take in my cock again. He had me hard in seconds and teased me for what felt like an hour. Soon I was arching my back and adding my upward motion to his downward motions to our mutual joy. I came with a loud groan and Tom collected every drop. He came up and we kissed hard as I tasted myself on his tongue.

I slid under the blanket and he let himself out. A good rest will get me ready for tomorrow.


The second day began a little differently. I met Tom at the door in my robe and pulled him into the room. I tore his clothes off his firm body and laid him on the bed. We kissed and fondled each other like lovers who had been apart months instead of overnight. My robe ended on the floor as I moved down his body and sucked his soft cock in my mouth. I circled my lips around his hardening head and lightly nipped the sensitive flesh. He jerked each time I nipped him and soon he was holding my head between his hands. He pushed my face in his lap, fucking my mouth with his fully hard cock. When he shot his thick load in my mouth I cleaned his cock and we rested.

I slowly stroked his cock until he got hard again. I lubed my ass and his cock before throwing a leg over him and eased him in. We worked our hips fucking our bodies together. I lightly toyed with his one nipple as my other hand played with my balls and cock. We both moaned in pleasure as we fucked. I felt his cock swelling inside me as my hand pumped faster. When he released in my body I shot my semen across his chest as we collapsed together.

We lay on the bed and discussed the plan of the day. Dressing we walked over to the diner, had breakfast and started checking listings.

I narrowed down the list to three properties in the immediate vicinity and we parked under an ancient pecan tree to have another sexual interlude. This time Tom bent over a thick tree branch with his pants on the grass around his ankles. I moved behind him and eased my cock between his cheeks. It popped in him and I started thrusting in him as we yet again moaned in joy.

After I filled his bottom with my seed I turned him around and started sucking his dripping cock. I was a man possessed. I wanted to taste his seed again. I pulled his ass cheeks apart and rubbed my fingers over his leaking hole. Two fingers pushed in his sopping hole as I pushed his cock into the back of my throat. His cock was so deep in my mouth I didn't get to taste his semen. But the feel of it shooting in my throat made my cock shoot on the lawn under us.

After a few minutes of rest, we drove back to my motel. Tom went home and I made the call home. I licked my lips tasting his cream as I waited for my wife to answer the phone.

When she answered we exchanged pleasantries, talked about the properties I checked out, and if I met any local people. I told her I had met a couple of people that seemed fun. Leaving out the fun Tom and I had been having. She ended the call with,"Go ahead and make bids on the two you like best and we will pick from which one gets accepted."

The one I liked best had a stream big enough to make a small pond on the property. There were two ancient pastures for a large garden, horse paddock, pasture enough for a small herd of cows, and a large barn. As an added bonus, it was only three miles from Tom's camper. We paid outright for the land. The outbuildings came in time and our home was partially built from lumber on the land.

The wives don't understand how two men from different parts of the country could become so close so fast. But they haven't questioned our friendship. In point of fact they spend a lot of time together as well.

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