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Though the pub was quite busy, she could easily make out his brunette hair, round face and his built physic.

He was talking to another man. Over the noise, it was impossible to make out what they were saying, but it appeared that they were deep in conversation. Calli couldn?t help but stare as she watched the man pull a ball point pen from his jacket pocket and hand it to Myer. Myer accepted the pen, and then signed the document in front of him on the table.

It was then that Calli realized the man at the table with Myer was one of the company?s clients, and not a very trusted one according to the water cooler gossip. Douglas Slate, was his name Calli remembered from a meeting.

"Excuse me, miss?"

Snapping back to reality, Calli looked at the bartender, he had her drinks ready and was trying to get her attention.

"Oh, sorry," she said. She skillfully took all four drinks in her hands and thanked the bartender.

Trying not to be too obvious, she glanced back at the corner booth. Unfortunately, she had been caught as she made complete eye contact with Myer before she turned away and walked back to her table where her girlfriends were waiting.


Six nights later, it was Friday evening. Calli was just signing off her computer for the night. She had stayed late tonight to complete a project that was due the following week. She figured if she got it finished Friday night, she could enjoy her weekend without having to worry about the upcoming deadline. The office had cleared out and she was the only one still there. She used the small light from her desk lamp to organize her project folders into their correct cabinets, then pack up her Kate Spade bag with her personal items. She pulled her jacket off of her coat rack and hung it over her arm to carry home.

Right as she was about to turn off her lamp and head out to the train, her telephone rang.

Confused as to who was calling her office line at this hour, she stared at it for a second before finally picking it up on the third ring.

"Calli Rosse," she answered.

"Yes, Ms. Rosse. This is Myer Vross."

Calli?s heart sank into her stomach when she heard his name.

Ever since last Saturday night when Calli saw Myer at the Pub with Slate, she had been avoiding him like the plague. Not wanting to get involved in his business, every time Calli saw Myer coming from his office or walking through the hallways, she would quickly dart into the ladies bathroom. At one point, she was nearly caught in an elevator with him when she got in to go down to the main floor for lunch and he slid in with her. Luckily, an intern from the mailroom called out to hold the elevator so she wasn?t trapped alone with him.

On this evening though, she could have sworn she saw him leave for the evening. She made sure to triple check that his office was empty before making the decision to stay this late on her own.

But now, she was stuck.

"Oh, umm, hello," she finally spat out when she was able to form words.

"I?m glad you?re still here," he said. "Would you please come up to my office before you head out?"

At this point, she knew she had no choice. "Yep, I?ll be right there." She hung up the receiver of the phone, turned off her lamp and walked the long walk to his office.

It felt like she had walked miles and that the hallway had expanded in length as she slowly made her way to his office. The fact that they were the only ones on this floor, probably the only ones in the building, made the silence and darkness even more frightening.

A week ago, Calli would have been thrilled to have Myer call her into his office. Since she started working for the company, Calli (as well as probably every other straight female employee) had developed a crush on her boss. It was hard not to. Not only was he incredibly good looking and clearly spend many hours at the gym, but he was an amazing boss. Always listening to what his staff had to say, following through on promises, and making meetings actually fun and enjoyable.

Two months ago, at a conference in Fort Lauderdale, Myer took everyone in his team out for drinks after a successful day. After hours at the hotel bar, Myer and Calli were the only ones left who hadn?t gone back up to their rooms yet. Nothing happened, but ever since that night, there always seemed to be a little flirting whenever they spoke, or a handshake that would last a couple second longer than normal.

That was, until last Saturday. Now Calli was too scared to even look up at Myer when he would make his daily walk to and from the break room for his coffee.

She stood in front of the large dark wood door, Myer Vross: Junior Field Designer, read on the plaque nailed to it. After taking a few breaths to calm herself down, Calli knocked on the door.

"Come in," he answered, almost immediately.

Calli turned the handle and walked in.

Myer stood in front his desk. He was about 6?3", had a professionally done haircut and trimmed chocolate brown beard. He had rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt and his large arms were crossed in front of his chest. He stared at Calli with his piercing green eyes as she stepped into his office, shutting the door behind her.

"Please, have a seat," Myer told her, gesturing to the chair placed in front of his desk. Calli walked towards him, then sat down in the chair provided, placing her bag and jacket on the floor beside her.

Neither of them said anything for a second. For Calli though, it felt like hours before Myer finally spoke.

"I know you saw me Saturday night at Chapman?s." He didn?t move. He kept his stance, leaning slightly back on his desk, his arms crossed, staring down at Calli. "And I know you have been dodging me ever since."

Not sure if he was asking her something, Calli didn?t say anything.

"Do you deny seeing me?"

Besides walking from the door to the chair, Calli made the first movement she had made since coming into the office. She shook her head.

"Good," Myer said, uncrossing his arms and putting them behind him on the desk.

Normally, Calli, and every other female in the office, would take this opportunity to check out Myer?s flexed arms. But Calli sat petrified in the chair, keeping herself completely focused on his eyes.

"Have you told anyone in the office who you saw me meeting with?" he asked her.

Again, she shook her head.

Myer slammed his fist hard on his desk, making Calli jump. "Are you mute?" he almost screamed at her.

She almost shook her head again, before stopping herself. "No, sorry," she answered. "No, I didn?t tell anyone that I even saw you on Saturday," she told him.

"Sorry," he said, lowering his voice. "I didn?t mean to startle you. I just," He put his face in his hands and sighed in and out, loudly. "I just need to make sure of everything."

Calli stared at him letting him calm himself down. It was strange seeing him go from strong and terrifying to weak and scared in only a second.

"Were you with anyone from the office that night?" His tone of voice and body language had completely changed from when she had first arrived in his office.

"No, I was out with some girls I went to college with. It was one of their birthdays. No one from work," she assured him.

He pushed himself off his desk and stepped closer to her. She could smell the musty scent of his cologne. "You?ve been avoiding me all week," he told her, "and I needed to make it clear that what you saw stays between you and me."

"Okay, I won?t tell anyone," she promised him.

He got closer to her chair, taking tiny steps. "I?m serious Calli. This isn?t some little ?I?ve been taking paperclips home from the supply cabinet? thing. This is a big deal and it needs to be kept quiet for now." His voice was almost a whisper now. He clearly was trying not to scare her or make her seem threatened.

"Okay," she repeated. "I understand."

Putting his hands on the arms of Calli?s chair, Myer lowered himself down so he was now completely face to face with her. She stared into his eyes, not blinking and having to remind herself to breath.

"Promise me, Calli."

"I promise."

"This is a big deal for the company," he told her. "It could become dangerous, and I don?t want a beautiful girl like you to get hurt."

Calli was taken aback by his words. She stopped breathing as his face got closer to hers.

"Can I trust you?" he whispered. His right hand slowly moved off the arm of the chair and he delicately placed his finger tips on her naked thigh. She was wearing a pencil skirt, however, it had ridden up when she sat down, leaving part of her leg exposed to him.

He whispered again, as he hand got closer to the hem of her skirt and his face got closer to hers. "I don?t want you to get hurt, Calli. Can I trust you?"

Against all her judgement, Calli whispered back, "yes."

Myer?s face moved down, away from hers. He got down on his knees in front of her legs and both his hands slowly snaked their way under her skirt. Calli breathed in and out heavily, as she watched him and felt his soft hands on her skin. Underneath her skirt, Myer took the fabric of her thong between his fingers. He took a deep breath, as if he was smelling her and bit his lip in sexual frustration.

"Tell me to stop," he ordered her.

Almost as if she had no control over her body, Calli spread her legs further apart.

In one swift movement, Myer pulled her thong down her legs and left it dangling at her ankles. He pushed her skirt up as high as it would go and stroked the naked lips of her sex. She was already moist and every touch made her even more wet. He bent his head down and lightly licked her, making Calli bend her head back and moan. He circled her clit with the tip of his wet tongue. Calli clutched onto the arms of the chair and wiggled herself down to give him better access to her sensitive area. Thanks to her moving down in the chair, Myer had a better angle to work and began probing her with his tongue, going in and out a few times, then pulling out to tease and suck on her clit some more. She cried out as she felt him insert his finger inside her and began to thrust it in and out as he continued licking and sucking her little nub.

It had been a long time since anyone had touched her at all, let alone in such an intimate place and way. She knew inside, that this was wrong, he was her boss, and now she had this secret of his that she had to keep. But none of that was even a thought as his skillful tongue and fingers worked themselves in and out of her.

"Shit!" Calli screamed, realizing she was close to an orgasm. Myer could feel her tensing up and he inserted a second finger into her pussy making her squeak in pleasure. He finger banged her harder and harder and continued sucking and licking at her until he could taste her juices from her orgasm. Calli?s entire body clenched up in the chair as she felt herself lose control. Myer pulled his fingers out and lightly licked at her while she came down.

Wanting to satisfy himself and her again, Myer picked Calli out of the chair and sat her down on the edge of his desk. There, he pulled her purple blouse out from the tucked in waist band of her skirt and began undoing the buttons. Calli followed suit, unbuttoning his dress shirt and pulling it open to reveal his rock hard abs and pecs. Myer ripped Calli?s top off her arms, leaving her sitting there in her favourite green lacy bra. He could very clearly see her pink nipples through the see-through lace. Lightly, he ran his thumbs over her hard nipples drawing another moan from Calli.

"Holy fuck Calli," he said, continuing to tease her through the fabric. His thumbs circled her nipples and he held her small but perky B-cup breasts in his hands. "You are so incredibly sexy."

Using one hand, he grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Calli kissed him back, feeling his tongue at her lips, asking to be let in. She opened her mouth and he plunged his tongue into her mouth. He held her by her black hair as their tongues played with each other. Her hands roamed over his shoulders and into his hair. Kicking her heels off of her feet and her thong from around her ankle, Calli wrapped her legs around his body and felt his rock hard erection hidden in his pants.

He broke their kiss and pulled away slightly to remove his belt and pants. In one swift motion, he dropped his pants and boxers to the floor and Calli watched as his thick 9" member sprung free.

Although Calli was pretty experienced in the current department, it had been over a year since the last time she had been with a man, and she had never in her life been with one as large as Myer.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her into a kiss again, then ordered her through his teeth, "Stand up, and bend over the desk." Calli didn?t have to be asked twice.

She hopped off the desk, and turned around so her back was to Myer, and slowly bent down onto his desk. She felt his hands completely remove her skirt and then rub her bottom and back. He used his knee to spread her legs a little further apart and he lightly stroked her sex with the tip of his cock as he lined himself up at her entrance. She closed her eyes and prepared herself as he teased her with his tip, making her sigh.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I?ve wanted you since the moment I saw you, Calli Rosse." She bit down on her bottom lip and smiled, thinking of all the times she had thought about him late at night. He kissed her back and shoulder blades and then without any other warning, Myer drove himself deep inside her pussy. Calli screamed out in ecstasy as she felt Myer drill himself into her. She pushed herself backwards to feel him even more. He used her hips as leverage, lifting her slightly so he could hit her sensitive spots.

"Holy fuck," Myer cried out thrusting himself further into her. She was so tight; it felt like she was sucking him inside of her. It took all his strength to pull out so he could shove himself right back into her again.

Calli started to slide a little on the desk due to the fact that she had starting sweating. She gripped onto the edge of the desk to hold herself still. She knew her second orgasm was not far away.

Myer felt it too as he felt her insides tighten around his length. He held her hips tighter against him and with all the strength he had left, he pounded in and out of her as she screamed for him.

"Oh shit," Calli cried, "Yes! Fuck, I?m almost there!"

Reaching underneath her, Myer rubbed her clit, sending her completely over the edge. Her orgasm rocked through her body, squeezing on Myer?s cock. The tightness he felt inside her was all he needed, and he cried out with Calli as they finished together and he shot his hot load inside her.

Myer rested his chest on Calli?s back, kissing her shoulder blades, tasting the saltiness of her sweat. They both laid there, slowly catching their breath while Myer waited for his cock to soften and slip out of Calli.

Myer slowly stood up off of Calli and helped her to stand up as well, lightly kissing her back as she came up with him. As carefully as she could, Calli turned and faced Myer. She felt sore down there, so she tried not to strain herself. Still gasping for breath, she looked up into his eyes and smiled when a big grin appeared on his face. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly.

"Oh God, Calli," he said, after finishing their kiss, "I know I shouldn?t have done that, but fuck, I have wanted to do that since the first day you started here."

Calli looked down and blushed. "Well, I?d be lying if I said I had never thought about you in any sexual way," Calli admitted to him. Myer smiled and pulled her in for another passionate kiss. He cupped her small face in his hands as he explored her mouth with his tongue. It was as if he was an adventurer and had just discovered the Promised Land in her lips.

After another minute, he slowly pulled away and let go of her. Together, they bent down and began collecting all their clothes that had earlier been discarded.

"So, I hate to do this to you," Myer said, as he re-buttoned the buttons on Calli?s top, "but I need you to also keep this a secret as well."

"Of course," she responded.

"It doesn?t mean I didn?t like it," he assured her, "or that we can?t do it again."

Calli giggled at his eagerness.

"No, I understand," she said. "Probably won?t look good on my part either; sleeping with the boss."

Myer smiled. They were both fully dressed now. Calli glanced at herself in the office mirror. Her hair was a little tousled, and her makeup a little runny. But overall, it didn?t completely appear she had just been fucked over a desk.

Myer approached her from behind and hugged her, kissing her neck. "Will you see me again?" he asked her. "Maybe in a non-office setting?"

Calli smiled. "Of course."

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