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m. and you are in bed sleeping. All of a sudden you feel someone watching you. You sit up and look around, seeing nothing, even in the shadows in your bedroom, you lay back down thinking you were dreaming. Then you hear something move and sit up again. You see me come out of the corner wearing
nothing but my coat, as I let it slide down my shoulders to the floor and walk toward you on the bed, you rub your eyes to make sure you are not dreaming. As I reach the end of the bed I place me knee on it and lean forward to crawl up the bed to you, my knees on either side of your legs. You watch me holding your breath as I move like a cat on the prowl. Still sitting up in bed, you realize that the blankets have fallen down around your hips and that your not completely covered...
I reach out to touch you and you grab my hand, as I come up on your lap, you look down to see that I am straddling your hips in the same area that the blanket has fallen to. I look down to see several inches of your hard cock sticking out above the blanket. I sit up on my knees and move my body closer to you inch by inch, finally burying your face in the valley between my breasts. I lean slightly back and reach down take your face between my hands and capture your lips with
mine for a deep, rough kiss. You can feel my body shake with desire. I take one hand away and insert one finger into my pussy to cover it with my juices, then a second one. As my hips start to grind back and forth, you realize what I am doing and without breaking our kiss you reach down and pull my knees closer to your hips, push back the blankets, take your cock in your hand and place it at the opening of my pussy where my hand is, you pull my hand out of the way and stick
my fingers into your mouth to taste me, as you do that you pull my hips forward and down and thrust into me all in one swift motion. I clutched at your shoulder with my free hand and dug my nails into your shoulder as I cried out in ecstacy, threw my head back, arching my back which caused my breats to bounce in your face. Releasing my fingers from your mouth, you you pull me back up slightly, just enough to pull me back to you and bury yourself deeper into me, again I cry out...
begging you with every part of my body for you to fuck me. I look into your eyes and beg....... You wrap your arms around me and without breaking our bodies of thier bond, you lay me on my back, place my legs over your shoulders and as you thrust into me - the first time you capture my mouth for endless kisses with each thrust you get deeper and deeper into my body. You put your arms up and grab hold of my shoulders for extra leverage and as I start to whimper, you stop... thinking that you are hurting me, as your cock is so big, you pull your mouth away and ask me what is wrong. "Nothing" and I pull you back down to me for more kisses and I tighten my muscles around your cock as incentive to keep going. You groan and start the same frenzied pace that was lost just a few moments before. I put my arms around your back and start to drag my nails across your back... not deep enough to hurt, just enough to tell you that it feels sooooooo good,
not to stop. Gently you take my legs down, afraid that if you leave them there any longer I won't be able to walk. You pull out of me and go to the edge of the bed, my hand in yours you pull me in the same direction, stand me up next to the bed, while you sit there. You tell me to sit in your lap but facing away from you, so I turn around and place both legs on either side of your left leg... I lean back a bit to lift my other leg over to straddle now both of your legs, the clip that held my hair falls to the floor, as I bend over to pick it up, my pussy is right in your face...taking full advantage of my vulnerable state, you shove your tongue all the way
into my wet hole, making me scream with pleasure and surprise. Giggling a little at me it sets of tremors through my body with the vibration of your tongue against my clit, but you won't let me stand or sit... finally you take my hips as you pull your tongue out of my soaked pussy and sit me down on your cock... As I sit and your cock fills me from this angle, I start to moan from desire and pleasure at the same time. This position leaving my clit completely exposed for your fingers to play with and rub and lovingly stroke as you bounce me up and down on your cock. You wrap one hand in my hair and bring my head back to expose my throat to your mouth... lips and tongue, teeth nibbling.I place my hands on your thighs, and tell you that I am going to cum all over your cock if you don't stop. "Is that what you want?" you ask me "Oh Yes!" You rake your nails down my back which makes me arch and bring your cock into contact with my g spot and I start to cum all over your cock, my whole body shaking and trembling. You ask me what I want you to do, and I say "I want you to cum in my mouth", I stand up and get down on my knees in front of you on the floor, take your cock into my mouth and hands and start to work it up and down, in and out of my mouth, faster and faster in and out...
slowing down just a little... nice and slow. Speeding back up... I can feel your cock get more rigid as the time comes closer for your body to explode, I hear you tell me it's going to happen, right as you say the last word it shoots out, straight into my mouth, I continue sucking up and down until I know that there is not another drop to come out of you. Asking you if you want me to stay, you tell me that you want to wake up with me in your arms in the morning. You won't let me leave and if I try you will tie me up. So I lie down on the bed next to you and you turn to me so that we are touching from head to toe, your arm around my waist and my head on your shoulder... You stroke my hair as I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep, softly whispering into my ear, you tell me that you don't ever want me to leave, then close your eyes and follow me to dream land.

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