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I?m five-four, and consider myself to be a sexy BBW with emerald-green eyes, and long red hair. John, my husband, is six-one, the size of a linebacker, with brown-eyes, and curly salt-pepper hair. He?s kinky just like me. We?ve been married about five years, and have been swingers for three. The two of us have done many satisfying threesomes, and a few foursomes. As for me, I will try anything fun, as long as there is no pain, kids, or animals involved. My favorite swinging adventure is a MFM; this is a story about one of them.

I have always been extra friendly toward a longtime friend of mine called Dwayne. He?s one of my past lovers. John and he have also become close friends. However, we do keep in contact thanks to the internet and cell phones. I also know that my feelings fuel John?s ultimate fantasy a threesome. Although we have yet to do a FMF, he loves watching another man fuck me. I?d do that in a heartbeat with Dwayne, but he lives out of state. It has never happened, until now.

One Friday, while John was out walking the dog, he called Dwayne to see how he was doing. To his surprise, he was very disheartened, because his wife just left him.

"Aw man, that?s awful. I wish we could do something to help you get through this."

"I do too. I cannot sleep, nor do anything without seeing her. Last night I awoke hugging my pillow and screaming her name."

John paused for a moment, in the back of his mind the wheels were already turning. Deana could soothe his trouble with some snuggles, kisses, and hot sex. It wouldn?t solve everything, but sure make him feel better. "Dwayne, I have a suggestion."

"What?s that, right now I am willing to try anything to ease my pain."

"Well it won?t solve your problem, but take your mind, off things for awhile. It involves me, you, and Deana."

"John, are you suggesting what I think you are? I hope so because I could use the touch of a woman, now, not to mention some hot sex." He sighed then paused, "Do you think Deana would go for it?"

"Well, we both know how hot she is, and you already know we are swingers. I am sure she?d jump at the chance."

"I?m not sure man, our breakup hurt her badly."

John knew I would say yes because I was always talking about having sex with Dwayne again with him present and joining in on the fun. "Call her, see what she says."

"Why not damn-it, I?m horny and bored as hell right now."

John walked into the living room and told me he?d called Dwayne and had a bit of news to tell me. Before I could ask what, he told me, "His wife just left him," omitting the part of having a threesome.

"Damn-it, that stinks. I thought they were so happy. I wish he lived closer, we could at least invite him to dinner, just to take his mind off his troubles."

John smirked, winked, and kissed me. "Love I think you could do more than that."

My whole body reacted, because I knew exactly what John meant. "Ooooh, I could, because I remember how hot he was in bed. However, my dear, he doesn?t live close enough to do that."

Before he could answer, my cell phone rang. "Hello."

"Hey, you sexy green-eyed angel, how are you?"

"Hi baby. I?m fine. Hey, John just told me what happened, and I really feel sorry for you. I know you must be going through hell right now. Are you okay?"

"Thanks for caring doll, but I?m about as okay as I can be due to the situation. I?m just taking it slow and easy. I do however have a problem."

With piqued interest I asked, "What?s that?"

"I?m in the middle of nowhere, bored, and horny as hell."

I chuckled. "I seem to recall you?re always bored and horny?"

I heard him laugh, "You know me all too well. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go for it."

"I want to be held by a woman right now, it?s been too dang long. If I was close enough to your house, would you consider doing that? Before you say anything, I wouldn?t do if it John wasn?t there neither, after all if he?s there, we both can drive you crazy."

I damn neared fainted, never in a million years would I expect Dwayne to say those words. I knew a threesome was one of John?s ultimate fantasies. However, it has always been one of my favorite things to do, and not with just any man, but him. I still quivered as I recalled how hot our sex sessions were.

"You still there Deana, hello, oh God, I hope I did not offend you?"

"You didn?t, you just caught me by surprise. Honey, I?d thought a lot about you and decided life is too short to live in the past or remember the hurtful things. I?d jump at the chance to have sex with you, and John, the sky is the limit baby. By the way, I think that what you need most right now, a woman to make you feel like a man."

"Hot-dang, wowzers baby, you?re not teasing me are you?"

"Now Dwayne you know me better than that, I?m serious. By the way, I still think you?re sexy as hell and have always fantasized about doing a threesome with you."

After some chitchat, we decided to meet at a restaurant twenty miles from here, that coming Friday, three days from now. Enjoy a meal, and then come back here for dessert.

I remembered an x-rated movie that hubby and I watched a long time ago, long before we began to swing. It was two men and a woman in a hot hub. The husband seemed more than happy to share the wife with another man. Soon, the action heated up; one man was sitting of the edge, she sucked his cock and the other male, was playing with her pussy.

I gasped for breath as my mouth went dry, both nipples and clit began to swell and harden, and moisture dripped down my back and saturated my panties. I just had to see what effect it had on John. I looked over at him; he was drooling like the cat that just ate the canary.

Our eyes met, "Looks like fun don?t it, honey?"

"Yeah, I?m too hot for these clothes!"

"Well take them off honey."

"Here, in the living room, wouldn?t you prefer going into the bedroom?"

"No, I love watching porn, naked. Try it you?ll like it!"

I hesitated briefly, but my excitement won out, I stripped. One eye watched the hot action on screen and the other ogled John.

The threesome got out of the tub, dried off and moved into the couple?s bedroom. She climbed into the middle of the bed accompanied by the men. Soon, she was giving head to one, while being fucked from behind.

As for John he looked mesmerized. So I took matters into my own hands, leaned over, and licked the oozing head of John?s cock.

"Oooooh fuck, Deana, you know what I like. By the way, would you ever try something like that?"

I stopped, gulped, and almost passed out. "You mean do a threesome like that?" I paused, and quivered, after all it was turning me on a lot. "I?m game if you are, looks like fun."

"Well, let's try it."

By then a million of questions were racing through my mind. "When, how, I wouldn?t know how to go about it."

"Just leave the details with me darling."

I could tell you all those details, but that?s another story. Just remember this, that experience changed my life, and I?m now a full-fledged swinger.

Once I hung up the phone, John walked over to me, pulling me into his arms. "I am so damn hot right now I could devour your hot-sexy body right here on the living room rug!"

"You?d better, or I might take you by the hand to the bedroom and rape you, but then again, you cannot rape the willing. However, I think you?d better let the dogs out and put them to bed, or they might think you?re hurting me. After all you are the only ?pussy-hound? that I want devouring me. Ooooh fuck, my cunt is aching for your attention honey."

"Gawd, I love it when you talk dirty!"

For the next three days not only was I hesitant, but very excited about the idea. However, down deep I wondered just how I would react to Dwayne, after all it had been a long time since I?d seen him, and love was just not in the cards for us. I'd be the first to admit, I still loved him. Is it possible to love two men, damn right it is, there is no jealousy on my part now, as I wanted my cake, and eat it too.

The day of our meeting, I was perspiring badly so I took a late shower. When I came out of the bathroom John met me and put his arms around me. His cock against my thigh was telling me he was just as excited about the rendezvous.

"Honey, seems like I?m not the only one hot and bothered."

I gave him my sad puppy-dog eye look and sighed. He looked me in the eye and with a calm, serious tone asked, "Don?t tell me you?re worried?"

"A little of both, if I was a drinking woman, I?d say pour me a drink."

"You?ll be fine, wait, and see. As for me, I cannot wait. Hey sugar! Can we play around a little, my dick?s hard?"

"As much as I?d like to baby, I got to get dressed. Let's save it for later on, after all you might need the energy."

"Okay, spoilsport. I want to do one thing first when we all get back to the house tonight."

"What?s that baby?"

"Watch you seduce him, then after a while, I?m joining you. We both are going to drive you crazy."

"Oh baby, you know what I like. Enough talk for now, after all I?m trying to cool down."

I dressed casual, not wanting to attract too much attention at the restaurant. We got into the car and drove off toward out destination.

I was glad the autumn air was brisk, as the more I tried to cool down, the more excited I got with each passing mile. We arrived a few minutes before Dwayne, and waited outside for a bit. My heart and mind were racing. What would his reaction be when he saw me?

I had little time to contemplate that thought when someone rapped on my window. I dang near swallowed my tongue as there stood Dwayne. I opened the door, and we bumped heads as he pulled me into his arms. We kissed deep and my mind screamed, ?I guess that answered that question, varoooooooom!"

John then joined us and shook Dwayne?s hand. "How are you man?"

"Hungry and horny, lets go eat," he said with a smirk, "food Deana!"

I blushed, which was my usual color around those two. "I know, but I?m the dessert!"

We chatted throughout dinner. I was trying to act cool, calm, and collected. I was hoping just those two noticed how aroused and primed for action I was. Dwayne paid the bill and arm and arm the three of us walked out the door.

Dwayne spoke up in a teasing tone and said, "I think I will leave my truck here, that way we can save gas. I can then tease Deana from the back seat, after all my hands are itching for excitement."

I chuckled, "Just your hand?"

"No, but you'll see all that once we are inside your front door. Then you?re mine doll!"

I could tell by John?s expression, he couldn?t wait either. "Hey, you two better be glad it?s dark. Can?t you wait till we get home, Deana."

"I can, and remember you?re watching us at first!"

"Oooh baby, I get her all to myself for awhile."

Once we got inside the house, Dwayne unbuttoned his shirt and asked me to sit on his lap. We kissed hard, with his hands caressing every inch of me, before clamping on my tit.

I rubbed his chest, "You?re making me so hot. I cannot play with all these clothes on!"

I know John?s urge to watch me have sex with another man was stronger than his desire to be laid right now. He leaned back on the sofa, rubbed his crotch, and licked his lips. "Well, take them off!"

"I will if you both will. Let?s go to the bedroom where we can all get more comfortable."

It did not take us long to get into the bedroom. I removed my clothing first, and ogled as the two men stripped. John?s cock was already hard, and drooling. Dwayne was shaking so badly I thought I would have to help him remove his clothing. His cock was shorter than John?s but thicker and hard too.

I quivered and licked my lips. "Mmm, there is nothing I like better than two cocks!"

John climbed onto the left side of the bed, I joined him, and Dwayne stood next to me. I reached out for Dwayne?s cock and he suggested, "Uh-uh doll, you must wait for that treat."

His right hand went between my legs. Two fingers slid effortlessly into my drenched hole as his thumb massaged by sensitive, swollen clit. "Hot-damn, she?s primed and ready!"

"She has been since early this morning. Finger-fuck her good Dwayne she loves that and will go off like a bottle rocket!"

I stopped his action and breathlessly uttered, "Hang on, I need to lie on a large towel or I will saturate the bed."

John grabbed a towel on the nightstand, and placed it under me. As for Dwayne he went back to tantalizing my pussy.

"I remember how she used to soak my whole bed when we had sex. Man, does she still get that wet?"

"Almost all the time, and if I?m eating her she drowns my face."

Dwayne licked his lips, "Yum, I cannot wait to try that!"

John kissed me and tentatively ran his hands all over me as he nodded in approval. "I want to see you make her cum Dwayne. I love when I?m watching another man with her. You?re so hot baby, cum for him sweetheart!"

"You know I will! Oooh god it feels so good! I love the way your fingers are ramming my cunt and playing with my clit! Keep it up, ah yes, just like that, mmmmm!"

Unable to control myself, I reached over to caress Dwayne?s cock. I wanted to suck it as he was urging me toward my first climax. Before I could John stopped me.

"Let me suck those nipples baby, you can suck cock later!"

Before I could react he clamped down on my left nipple. He sucked it in, ran his tongue all over it, bit it gently, then blew on it. I could tell by the tingling sensation he had put menthol in his mouth.

"Eeeeeeeh, you dirty devil, you snuck that one in, mmmm, I love it keep it up!"

After a few moments, John stopped so I could twist a little to suck Dwayne?s cock. John sat up to get a better look and exclaimed, "God, I love watching you with another man! Suck his dick hard baby!"

I took Dwayne?s cock into my fingers, ran my tongue across the tip, licked up the sides, under his shaft, stretching, and stroking until I engulfed his whole rod. I was on cloud nine. My fantasy was becoming an erotic reality. The memory of this moment was a vivid picture in my mind of my two favorite men and me.

I then felt John?s fingers on my nipples, twisting, pulling, on one and then the other. He knew that helped me cum. That did it; a climax surged through me like a freight train out of control.

I asked Dwayne to lie down on the bed and then resumed sucking his cock. "She sure knows how to give great head. I love the way she moves her tongue under my shaft while I'm inside her mouth."

John watched and then moved so his fingers could zero in on my pussy. He fingered my throbbing clit, driving me toward another climax. "Make him cum baby!"

My hips pushed against John?s hand in fucking motions as my mouth continued to ravish Dwayne?s cock. I could tell by his action that it would not be long before he blew his load.

We were a jumble of fingers, cocks, sweat, and panting bodies. I knew that Dwayne?s orgasm would trigger my second one.

I stopped sucking long enough to announce, "I?m going to cum again!"

The tone of my voice triggered Dwayne?s climax and I swallowed hard not wanting to miss a drop. I started convulsing, spurting cum all over the towel and John?s fingers.

Dwayne and I lay there on the bed for a moment catching our breath. He then smirked, winked, and cried, "I want to watch you suck John?s cock!"

"Okay," I replied with enthusiasm.

Dwayne moved so he could see. "I love watching a woman suck a man?s dick it turns me on so fucking much!"

I sat up, moved toward John, and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. Next I leaned down and grasped his hard, sticky shaft in my hand, tickled the head and engulfed it.

There were a few moments of silence. Then John began to shake all over. "Ooooh god, suck it hard baby. MMM, that feels so damn good. Make me cum Deana!"

I sucked in the entire shaft until my lips brushed his pubic hair, in a deep, fast rhythm that I knew would make him climax. As I enticed him I felt Dwayne?s hands in my pussy once more.

However, before I could do anything more John shouted, "Fuck, oh fuck, here it cums!"

After that the three of us laid down, locked in an intimate connection for a few minutes. "This feels so good! I love being with my two favorite men, I love you both dearly."

John spoke first, "I?m glad you liked it baby. I love you and want to please you in any way I can."

Dwayne then said, "I love you too, and didn?t think I would ever get the chance to see you again, let alone do a threesome with you. You just made my day!"

John then said, "Well I need a shower now, you two enjoy each other for awhile."

I looked at Dwayne, winked, kissed him hard, and felt the same ole feeling rush through my body. I then whispered, "I have forgotten all the hurt of the past. I love you dearly."

"I know, baby, I love you too. Now, if you don?t mind, would you do me a favor and suck my dick again."

I chuckled and moved down and took his cock in my hand. "Yes...after all I need to give you something to remember me by!"

John came out of the shower, ogling the hot action. "I?d join you both, but you?re having way too much fun, I think I will watch this time.

After a few hours of intense sexual play it was time to see Dwayne go. As we all bade goodbye, he told us he really enjoyed our time together, and hoped we could do more.

John agreed this would not be a onetime thing, as for me, it was something I would not hesitate to do repeatedly.

We still talk about our time with Dwayne, especially while we are making love. Those shared memories have provided lots of intense sexual pleasure for both of us.

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