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I was only wearing a long t-shirt and panties. I walked into the room and stood on your side of the bed. I leaned down and started kissing you. Tasting your mouth, feeling your tongue in my mouth. I slid the covers down while kissing your mouth deeply. I moved my kisses down your neck, down your chest, and started licking and sucking your nipples. I started rubbing your dick through your underwear while still licking and sucking on your nipples.

You reached under my t-shirt for my breast; I stayed still so you could touch me. I know to be good, and let you do whatever you want. You start rubbing and squeezing my breasts and nipples. You squeezed and pull my nipples until it started to hurt, but I don't try to move away. You tell me to take off my panties. I slid them off and got back in the position I had been in. You reached between my legs and started rubbing my clit. I spread my legs farther apart for you. You start sliding your fingers up and down from clit to my asshole. I pulled your underwear down and took you in my mouth.

I had to turn my body so I could suck on you better, which had me facing away from you. You reached between my legs to finger my pussy from behind. I loved the feeling of you in my mouth and having you touching me. I was getting really wet and turned on. I started rocking back on your hand, as you fingered me. My legs were getting wobbly and I wasn't sure I could stay standing like this.

I didn't have permission, but I climbed on the bed. I've never been in this position before, but I kneeled over your stomach so I could still suck you.

You rubbed your hands over my back and ass, with a few slaps on my ass reminding me you were in control. After a little while, you started playing with my clit and fingering my pussy again. My pussy was dripping wet. I was hoping you would lick my pussy. I was sucking your dick and pulling on your balls just a little. You spread your legs a little more. I started stroking your dick with both my hands, and sucking on your balls with my mouth.

I moved my body back toward your face more but not enough I couldn't keep sucking you. I could feel your breath on my pussy and I was getting even wetter. It was as if you were teasing me, I waited to feel your mouth on me. Finally, I felt your tongue flick my clit. I moved the first time; it had sent shock waves through my body. I got back into position. You started licking and sucking on my clit. My pussy was dripping juices onto your chest. Then I felt your tongue go in my pussy. It felt so good, I almost came right then.

I started moaning because of the feelings you were giving me. The vibrations of my moaning increased the feeling in your dick. You started thrusting your dick into my mouth as you tongued my pussy. You wrapped your arms around my hips, pulling me back onto your face, using your hands to hold the lips of my pussy apart. Your tongue licking me from clit to ass. I was sucking you harder as you continued torturing me with your tongue.

You bent your knees and started thrusting hard into my mouth. I just kept a tight grip on your dick and held my mouth open for you to thrust in. Right when I thought you were going to cum, you turned us over, putting you on top of me.

You sat up and kneeled over my face and started fucking my mouth and fingering my pussy again. I wanted your big dick inside me so bad. My pussy was throbbing to the point it was hurting me. I wanted my pussy to be filled with your dick. I was starting to move around because the feeling was so intense and I was close to cumming. I tried closing my legs and turning my body over. I've never cum before, never surrendered to a man, giving him that much power over me. I wanted to stay in control and not give in.

You told me to open my legs and stay still, just the power of your voice held me in place. I spread my legs open and waited for you. You were thrusting deep in my mouth, pushing your dick down my throat. I tried swallowing it; you could feel my throat trying to close on your dick giving it a nice massage. You slid your arms under my ass and started fingering my pussy, and then you leaned down and started licking my clit. I couldn't control anything you were fucking my throat and now fingering my pussy. I was bucking my pussy into your face. I didn't think I could take much more, but then you managed to work a finger in my ass and my pussy. The feelings were so intense, I couldn't control it anymore my body trembled and shook. I tried screaming, but your dick in my mouth muffled my screams of pleasure.

I felt your dick swell in my mouth and then you came deep down my throat. I swallowed all of your sweet cum and then licked your dick clean. You leaned back, resting against the headboard of the bed. I curled up in your lap as I cried from the overwhelming emotions that you had released in me. You held me close to you, kissing my forehead, and each tear of joy that you had just brought me.

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