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. ," Jake paused. ". . . a blowjob!"

It was really pretty stupid on my part when you think about it. I was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and I decided to raise the bet by saying ?If you win, you get to choose. Anything, anything you want?. I knew the moment that those words left my mouth what Jake wanted to put in my mouth.

Trevor and Liv had both folded and were just watching the hand play out. I think they knew what was going to happen but I was just too stubborn to fold and gracefully give my panties up. Instead, I being ?Little Miss Confident? with a full house hand of Jacks over 9s offered up my ?Anything you want? bid.

When Jake called my bid and laid down four 3s I cried foul. Not at anyone in particular but I was just in disbelief that I could have lost so many hands that when I finally had a nice hand I was beaten.

So when Jake said ?a blowjob? it wasn?t really a surprise. In the five months that Jake and I had been dating I had successfully avoided, dodged, evaded and, in general, hid every time he wanted a blowjob. We had been fucking pretty much from the first date. We hit it off right away and well he "hit it right away". Within three hours of our meeting his hands were on my tits and his cock was buried deep between my legs. By three hours and three minutes of our first date his cum was seeping out of my pussy and down his cock. Ever since then it?s been non-stop sexual gymnastics with the one exception, blowjobs.

Up until today, I have given a grand total of zero blowjobs. Yeah, I?m something of a blowjob virgin. I?ve seen the videos and heck, I?ve even seen girls at college intentionally letting some guy impale their throat with a hard cock. But I just haven?t been able to bring myself to let a guy put his dick in my mouth.

I?ve been close. Billy Flynn was two inches away from the sexual promise land of every high school boy when I puked in his lap. Numerous guys have tried the ?let me straddle your chest technique? or let me ?tittie fuck you? with no intention of stopping there.

Billy had so generously bestowed upon me my ?cock crazy? moniker the night I almost gave him head. You see Billy had convinced me that he was going to show me all the things I had been missing as a virgin and led me behind a wood pile when everyone was coupling up at a party. Once we were concealed from everyone's view he proceeded to teach me the finer points of French Kissing. Five seconds later Billy awkwardly shove his hand up my blouse. He pushed my bra up just far enough so the underwire was pressing into the middle of my boob causing me to wince in pain. Not satisfied with my boob he navigated his hand under my miniskirt. He started pawing at my pussy and finally grabbed my panties and pulled them down do my knees. With all the tact of a gorilla trying to drink tea, Billy then attempted to shove his finger in my pussy but did nothing more than spear the inside of my upper thigh. Bill was not going to be discouraged by how ?tight? I was and unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out.

You might ask what I was doing during all of this. Well, obviously I was there and was a willing participant but from the moment Billy Flynn tried to shove his tongue down throat my alcohol hazed brain was telling my stomach to churn all the contents. So, when Billy placed my hand around his cock and was showing me the correct way to stroke a penis I was swallowing back stomach bile. I think Billy must have felt that our relationship was moving along quite nicely and with a gentle nudge of his hand on my head he guided my head into his lap. With a deeply passionate whisper, Billy urged me to ?suck him?. But I never got to that point because the churned contents that were in my stomach surged into my mouth. I had this moment of complete clarity and my alcohol haze disappeared. My moment of clarity lasted only long enough for my brain to send another request to my stomach telling it to release all of the churned contents. I couldn?t hold it in any longer and the vomit spilled from my mouth onto poor Billy Flynn?s hard cock. Billy let out a deep passionate moan as if I had just taken him in my mouth but when the second surge of vomit spilled out he pushed me to the side and took off running to his car with his cock sticking out in front of him and vomit coating his crotch.

By the end of the next week, the story had completely transformed. Instead, of me throwing up on Billy I had become so ?cock crazy? that we fucked three, five, ten times. I couldn?t keep my hands, pussy, and mouth off him and insisted on finishing him with a blowjob. I had to have his cum and pleaded for him to cum in my mouth but it was so big that I couldn?t handle it and it spilled all over his lap. In those short minutes behind the wood pile, I had become ?cock crazy? and developed a reputation around school.


Sorry, let?s get back to my current unpaid gambling wager.

Jake took my hand and led me down the hallway, presumably to the bedroom. We never reached a room because Trevor called out, "Where are you going?"

"To the bedroom," Jake answered.

"Nah. Right there. In front of us. Just like when you lose a regular hand you have to take your clothes off in front of everyone. Why do you think you wouldn?t have to pay up in front of everyone now?" Trevor asked.

Everyone froze. He was right. I hated him but he was right. I was about to be those college girls I laughed at. I was about to become some sort of a sacrificial lamb at the Alter of Penis.

How the hell was I supposed to do this? And with an audience! Were they going to applaud? "Wooo, wooo, deeper, deeper.Suck that cock!" What the fuck! I had images of the stupid cheerleaders from school shaking their pompoms encouraging me to score that touchdown.

We walked back into the room and in the most awkward way ever I asked, "How do you want to do this? Do you want me to, like, lay on the floor or kneel down?"

Trevor laughed, "Oh my God. Just kneel down already. Jake will figure out what to do next. It?s not that big of a deal. Liv does it all the time."

My days as an oral virgin were about to end. I could see the March of the Penises parading around and jumping for joy knowing that another mouth would be initiated into the ranks of the 'Cocksuckers'.

I knelt. Completely naked I knelt in the center of the room and waited. Penises around the globe were popping up at this very moment because some sort of magical signal was transmitted telling them that one of their brethren was about to be sucked. Squirts of cum were flying into the air in unison as a celebratory salute to the conquering of another ?cock crazy? woman.

When Jake walked up in front of me I laughed. I had all these images of cartoon penises dancing in my head. They were all singing in these really high squeaky voices and the balls were marching along as if they were the legs.

I unzipped Jake?s pants and promptly all the humor of dancing penises was gone. Jake was about to do the one thing he has been begging me to do for five months. He was going to put his cock in my mouth.

"Come on already! Just give him a blowjob," Trevor said.

Jake?s cock was soft when I freed it from the confines of his jeans and boxer briefs. It easily fit into my hand as I started to stroke him to life.

Jake cupped my chin and tilted my head up, "You don?t have to do this."

"Oh, fuck yeah she does," Trevor countered while standing behind Liv with his hands cupping her breasts.

"No, she doesn?t! Whoa ?" Jake countered and stopped as I took his cock into my mouth.

I really had no idea how this was going to go. Yeah, yeah I know, I know. His dick goes in my mouth and I suck, stroke, and repeatedly slide my mouth up and down. I get that part but was it supposed to be like the videos Jake and I watched of Caprice and Anjelica and Gina having amazing sex. Was I supposed to smile and look lovingly into his eyes? In the videos, they always ended the same way with the girls sucking off the guy and these massive cumshots spreading across their faces and into their mouths. They would be covered with cum but somehow look amazing. The difference here was I was in the center of the camera?s lens and I was the star but I had no idea what I was doing.

I held his limp dick in my mouth and pulsed my mouth in a sucking fashion. He didn?t immediately get hard so I took more and more of his flaccid cock into my mouth until the entire cock was filling my mouth. Slowly I pulled back as I realized that he was starting to thicken. I was doing something right and he was getting excited.

As Jake?s cock got fuller I found that I couldn?t take all of him in my mouth anymore and moved to only having the tip in my mouth. I took my mouth off Jake?s cock and looked up at him to find him watching me with a big smile on his face.

"That?s fucking nice. Real nice," he said.

When I looked back Jake?s cock was fully hard and sticking directly toward my face. After 5 months of having sex, it was at this moment that I finally realized that Jake was not a small man. The tip of his cock completely filled the palm of my hand. I couldn?t even close my fingers around his cock.

How the fuck am I supposed to fit that in my mouth? I wondered. How do those girls deep throat an entire cock when this thing?s as big around as a soda can?

I did the only thing that I could do and started to kiss the tip. I mean it was something. If I couldn?t be a pornstar, at least, I could pretend I could do it. Jake cradled the back of my head in his hand and pulled me ever so slightly toward him. His cock tip split my lips and started to fill my mouth.

Holy Fucking Hell!!! I can?t do this. I can?t do this. How do I breathe?

I looked up at Jake as best I could to see him staring down at me. I don?t know if he sensed my nervousness or inexperience or what but he brushed his thumb across my cheek.

"It?s okay. Go slow and don?t try to force anything. You?re amazing."

Yeah I have your fucking cock in my mouth what else would you say? ?Oh, you?re terrible at sucking cock. Once I blow my load I think we should stop seeing each other??

Jake eased his cock a fraction of an inch deeper into my mouth and I could feel my eyes widening. That?s when things changed. Maybe it was panic at the thought of Jake going to go all ?Rodeo? in my mouth or something but I wrapped my hand around his cock shaft and formed a ring with my thumb and index finger. I held on as tightly as I could and brought my other hand up to the shaft and closed my fingers around it.

If I couldn?t actually give a blowjob I was, at least, going to fake the hell out of it. I started to stroke Jake?s shaft with one hand and slid the tip in and out of my mouth at the same time. I was going to fucking do this if it killed me.

My mouth was filling with saliva and getting wetter by the second and Jake was slipping easily into my mouth now. I moved one of my hands off of Jake?s cock and rested it on his thigh allowing me to move my lips farther down his shaft.

I could do this!

Jake?s cock was sliding in and out of my mouth faster each time. My hand was stroking in unison with my mouth. I was a regular little ?cock crazy? college girl now. I?m going to own this fucking blowjob. That was the last thought I had before Jake?s cock hit the back of my throat. I had this incredible urge to gag. My eyes instantly filled with tears. Jake pulled back removing his cock from my mouth and saliva clung to his cock and spread down my chin.

What the fuck just happened? Did Jake cum? Was this experience now complete and I can go back to hiding from Jake?s desire to have a blowjob? Fuck I need air.

"Easy, easy baby. You don?t have to go so deep. Take your time?" Jake instructed.

Yeah, easy for you to say you don?t have a cock in your mouth and your jaw screaming at you.

I tried to move the saliva in my mouth farther back so I could swallow but for some reason, it wouldn?t cooperate. I must have looked like a fish out of water with my lips pursing and releasing as I tried to swallow. Finally giving up I just opened my mouth and started panting. The saliva drooled out.

"Breathe through your nose," Liv softly offered.

Oh hell! I had completely forgotten about Trevor and Liv. I must have looked like a guppy sucking on a bowling pin or something to them. So much for my ?cock crazy? reputation. I think we can finally put that to rest.

Jake?s cock was glistening with saliva and right in front of my tear filled eyes and I decided it was not going to beat me. I was fully going to do this even if it killed me, and it might just kill me.

I grabbed Jake?s cock in my hand and opened my mouth. Without hesitation, I slipped my lips up the tip and continued down the shaft. There was saliva everywhere but it didn?t matter anymore. I started working Jake?s shaft with my mouth and hand. He started to moan which just made me want to do it more. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as a guy can enjoy a blowjob and I just did the things I had seen in the videos. I started to caress Jake?s balls and the skin underneath his balls and just kept working his cock with my lips, tongue and the inside of my cheeks.

There was no one else in the room anymore. Trevor and Liv were forgotten, even Jake was partially forgotten. It was me and this cock in my hands and all I could think about was Caprice and Anjelica and Gina and how they would do this. I lost myself and all track of time until Jake grunted, "Stop! Stop! Stop! I?m gonna ?" Jake never finished his sentence. It turned into a loud moan followed by his hand clinching my hair. His cum surged into my mouth and hit me directly in the back of my throat which triggered my gag reflex. Again my eyes filled with tears and I tried to get Jake?s cock out of my mouth but that was a futile thought. Jake continued to pulse cum into my mouth and I had this incredible urge to cough. I was able to finally push Jake back freeing myself from the seemingly never ending cum geyser. Cum spilled from my mouth down my chin. There was cum everywhere. It was on Jake?s cock, on my face, in my mouth, on my chest and stomach. I fought the urge to gag as best I could and looked up at Jake with my tear filled eyes. Again I was trying to swallow but it just didn?t seem to be working.

"I?m sorry baby. I, I wanted that to be better for you," I said with a gasp.

Jake hunched over with his hands on his knees panting. He gave me a beautiful crooked smile. "Better? Holy fuck! If you think you can do better than that we?re never leaving the bedroom." He leaned over to me and kissed me while wiping some cum off my chin before collapsing onto his back on the floor.

"Come here!" Jake commanded causing me to curl up against his side. "Why haven?t you ever done that for me before?"

"I?ve never done that for anyone before. That was my first time."

"Oh, we?re going to have to practice. A lot. I think you have potential," Jake teased.

"Super! Just what I want on my resume. At least now I can say I have earned my reputation. Where are Trev and Liv?"

"I think they went to find a bedroom. Trev looked like he was having a hard time standing up."

"Do you think anyone wants to play a few more hands?" I said with a naughty smile on my face.

"What if Trev or Liv had won that hand instead of me? What would you have done then?" Jake asked.

I smiled at Jake, "I don?t know. It?s just a friendly card game with our closest friends. Would it have bothered you of one of them had won?"

"Trev! Liv! Get in here!" Jake yelled. "We have a few more hands to play!"

I couldn?t help but smile when the image of my cartoon parade of penises popped back into my head. Only, this time, they were all laying on the ground with a puddle of cum spreading from the tip of each penis. They were all spent and exhausted while I stood over them as a conquering seductress.

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