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That being said, we are going to explore what really happened concerning the ring of power and the fate of all those who dwelled on Middle Earth. Bear with me for this first of many chapters, as this builds the story a bit.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Sauron Forms a Plan

Sauron started off not such a bad guy. If anything, he was a little too concerned with beauty and the crafting of splendid works of art and architecture. He loved his creator Eru, and his initial purpose in life was simply to create things pleasing to his maker. However, after Eru simply disappeared and left all creation to its own biddings, Sauron felt that his trust was broken. After years and years of following his instructions, a fellow by the name of Morgoth slowly convinced Sauron to be his second in command, and eventually enslave all the other Valar.

Sauron was tired of being an outsider of the Valar, and he relished the idea of holding power over them. Sauron didn't know, however, that working for Morgoth would turn out so horribly. Sure, there were nice victories and genocides committed over the centuries, but as time wore on and on, Sauron slowly came to realize a horrible truth: he would always be second best.

He started out created as a second class being, only to become the second-in-command of the entire world. Like a few drops of Ent-water, Sauron began to formulate a plan that would both get rid of his oppressor?s, and put him at number one in one fell swoop. Sauron knew that a final battle with the Valar was fast approaching, and he planned to be on the winning side.

Recalling his days as a master crafter, Sauron started a decade long project. One that involved gathering and extracting both all of the poisons, and all of the essences of flavor in the world. His end result was something so delicious-looking and fragrant smelling that no one would be able to resist eating from it. Knowing even he wouldn't be immune, Sauron had beforehand concocted a concentrated neurotoxin that specifically inhibited his sense of smell and taste. The reason for all this trouble was that while he had created what some might consider the most beautiful of food, it served only one purpose. That purpose was to mask what might have been the vilest poison ever made. It might even dull the senses of someone on the power level of a Valar. "Oh, the possibilities..." Sauron mused.

"Just in time", Sauron though. Morgoth was finally ready for the final battle against the Valar, and was throwing a feast that night for his entire army. Only the best had been prepared for the feast--virgins from every lower race, enough alcohol to burn an entire country, millions of slaughtered swine and bovine, and only the most gifted elvish bards.

Though he would never admit it Morgoth did trust his number two man Sauron, and he was actually quite jealous of Sauron's natural affinity for music and all things beautiful. Morgoth, never satisfied, decided he wanted to humiliate Sauron just a little bit before their battle the next day. Seeing Sauron begin to fancy one of the rare elves endowed with enormous breasts, Morgoth decided to make a move. Yelling in a tremendous roar that stopped all the partying, Morgoth changed his shape into a humanoid hulk of a creature. With muscles quite literally sculpted like a god, he radiated an intense aura that immediately caught the attention of all the captured virgins who were about to be fucked senseless by thousands of corrupted warriors. Morgoth chose a humanoid shape because of all his forms, this one seems the best at fucking his concubines without either killing them or breaking their minds. No, he wanted this elf-girl to remember, just to rub it in Sauron's face.

Morgoth quickly went over to Sauron's chosen fuck-slave (Sauron had actually saved himself for a big-busted elf like the one currently present). Morgoth, summoning his twisted power of musical spell, spoke an unutterable curse. Immediately the poor elf-girl lifted up into the air, and all of her clothes were ripped asunder.

Sauron was furious. He had been mentally practicing the art of lovemaking for what seemed like an entire age, and his deepest fantasy of fucking a maiden elf with huge tits was now about to be taken away from him. At that moment, everything almost turned into a disaster. Sauron knew he was extremely strong, and maybe he was just strong enough to destroy Morgoth. But then common sense took a hold of him. Morgoth was the strongest among the Valar, and Sauron was not even a Valar. Yes, if Morgoth was to be defeated, it wouldn't be by Sauron's strength. Sauron quickly realized that this elf-girl fantasy would eventually come to fruit, and that at present, he should focus on his plans for Morgoth. "STOP LORD MORGOTH!" yelled Sauron in a voice that was saturated in blood-lust. Amused, Morgoth did stop before entering the elf-girl. With a killing aura that made Sauron's look like child-play, Morgoth boomed "Choose your next words carefully, or you may find yourself back in the aether from which you came."

Those words truly chilled Sauron to his very core. However, he was not intent on fighting this unholy embodiment of evil. "Before you feast on this virgin's purity, you must certainly take the elixir that took all of a decade to prepare. Though you are already beyond all other creatures, this flavor will certainly take you to new heights of awareness in all ways." Morgoth might have been wary of drinking the elixir had it been from any other being, but Morgoth knew deep down inside that Sauron did truly have a gift at crafting anything. "We'll see, worm!" exclaimed Morgoth, as he uncorked the fist-sized vial of elixir. After performing a quick check for all known poisons (not that they would hurt him anyways), he imbibed the entire elixir in one enormous gulp.

First, there was no reaction. Sauron actually wasn't sure what the effects would be on a beast like Morgoth, but he knew in the long run it would definitely weaken Morgoth for a while. However, at that moment, Morgoth did what he had never done before in his existence--the fainted edge of his lip curled up in a smile, and a tiny tear was visible to Sauron in Morgoth's eye. That good-natured smile didn't last, and quickly turned into one of the most frightening smiles Sauron had ever seen. Morgoth's humanoid body began to glow, and soon everything else was opaque compared with his radiance. "Do you know what you've done Sauron? With this, I can take down all the Valar without any fear of defeat! My soul feels like it has aged for many eons, and the growth that I'm feeling just won't stop!" With sickening bone-crunching noise, Morgoth's already bulky physique began growing. He quickly grabbed a foot-soldier, and with a slight flight of his smallest finger, the soldier's entire body, cold forged steel armor and all, seemed to explode in a deafening ball of flesh and metal fragments.

The growth didn't stop there. Morgoth was fully naked (he enjoyed the perverseness of being naked on the battlefield, and he needed no armor. Morgoth's humanoid form was fairly well endowed, but the one thing he couldn't master was his cock. While it was it was half an arm in length, it was pitiably narrow, and his balls were so tiny they were basically invisible. That was all about to change. Morgoth's cock started swelling to insane proportions, and his balls went from being tiny pebbles to being so large that they dragged along the ground. Sauron quietly noted to himself that perhaps he himself should try the elixir (without the deadly poison of course)

Morgoth never really enjoyed fucking all that much, he just enjoyed the power it gave over others. With his new body emerging, he quickly grabbed the elf-girl, hoisted her in the air, and impaled his throbbing, black cock into the poor girl's virgin pussy. Her cry was a shriek of absolute pain and terror, but she was still clutching to her sanity at least. Then the gyrations started. Brutal and unrelenting, Morgoth's giant cock was quickly tearing a channel into this girl's womanhood. Her pale and smooth stomach, once so pristine and finely toned, was now hideously deformed and seemed almost to be bulging to the point of bursting. The girl wouldn't stop screaming, and it was truly getting on Morgoth's nerves. Morgoth hadn't expected the elixir to increase his sensitivity so much, and he was quickly reaching his finish. With buckets of drool cascading from Morgoth's mouth onto the elf-girl's enormous tits, Sauron could only watch as Morgoth erupted in ecstasy. The elf, almost to her breaking point screamed out in agony as huge rivers of putrid gray semen first deformed her weak stomach even more, and then started boiling out of her now defiled and destroyed pussy. Morgoth wasn't done however, as he was surprised to find out that his engorged balls had quite the capacity, and were still pouring his seed everywhere.
Quick to improvise he quickly thrust his spewing cock into the girl's tight pink asshole. With the lubrication of his semen, and the fact that his cock was slowing softening, his cock went further than he expected. With her pussy and womb, Morgoth had only penetrated half of his cock. Now, he felt his cock push and change directions as it went all the way to the hilt into the nameless elf's deep intestines. The sheer volume of Morgoth's cum was too much even for a strong-bodied elf, and the pressure was so great that all at once, reeking cum burst from her mouth, ears, and was even running out of her tear ducts. The vile semen must have entered her bloodstream, as her once moon-colored skin was now grayish-black, and covered in glowing blood red runes.

That could have been the end of the unnamed elf, as she was now blind, deaf, senseless, unable to taste or smell, and mentally broken with her eyes rolled back into her head. However, Morgoth remembered why he fucked the girl in the first place, and quickly issued ordered his healers to restore her senses, and stitch up her sagging orifices.

Sauron could hardly believe it. He had believed that the elixir would surely have some negative effect on Morgoth, but it seemed to have the opposite. On top of that, Morgoth had humiliated Sauron in front of all of the army by stealing his would-be elvish fuck-toy. This time he really couldn't take it. He was going to kill Morgoth or die trying. However, as Morgoth turned his back and started to wander off to feast, Sauron noticed a small skull-like symbol on Morgoth's lower shoulder. This was wonderful news. You see, one of the indicators that showed Sauron that his poison was working was the skull symbol. He had concocted his elixir such that, once the skull shows up, the poison would truly take effect in precisely one day. Some of the poisons he had included had the effects of binding a soul to a particular body, and since Morgoth had chosen a humanoid body, he knew the poison would eventually destroy all of Morgoth's organs. And since he wouldn't be able to change forms that would mean his material body would be greatly weakened.

"This will be a glorious battle tomorrow, Sauron. Maybe you will be useful after all." said Morgoth. "Oh it will be a glorious battle, but the glory will be all mine, bastard" though Sauron as Morgoth wandered off. "Yes, I think this is the start of something the world will never forget."

To be continued. This is my first story, period. So please say if you like it or not and why, and I'll decide if I should take the story all the way to mount doom.

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