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I've been engaged for a year now and we were getting ready to go to a club. I was standing in front of my full length mirror admiring my view. I put on my ultra mini denim skirt that showed off my long, lean, tan legs and my white lace halter that showed off my pert 38DD's nicely.

I heard a knock on my front and sauntered into my living room to answered it. It was my fiance, Jason, of course. I greeted him with a long, lingering kiss and asked him how his day was. He told me of stock, bonds, and recent mergers. I just pretended I was paying attention and nodded my head and responded accordingly. I climbed into his Titan and turned the radio station to something I could stomach.

We get to the club and we both automatically go to the bar to get drinks. I'm a tequila girl so I had an extremely strong margarita. After I finished my first drink, I headed out to the dance floor and started swinging my hips to some great dance remix while Jason watched me. He loves to watch me dance. After I few songs I return to the bar with sweat rolling down my breasts and legs. I ordered another drink and started talking to Jason. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this gorgeous dark haired Adonis headed my way. He came up to me and attempted to pick me up and I flashed my large engagement ring in his direction. The guy started to leave and Jason told his to wait. Jason whispered in my ear, "I want to watch you fuck him and suck his cock". I felt my pussy clench as these words ran off his lips.

So I asked him his name and he told me "Kevin". I told him my fiance's and my name. After a few minutes of this senseless banter, Jason asked him if he'd like to continue our conversation outside. He came with us outside and we invited him back to my apartment.

We arrived at my apartment and I fixed some jack and cokes. The guys started talking about sports and all that and all of a sudden Jason reveals his real reason. "So I know you think Emily is hot you've been watching her all night. Would you like to fuck her?" I wasn't necessarily shocked that he asked the question but I guess i was shocked because he said it so bluntly. Kevin asked him, "Are you going to watch?" After he said that Jason told him, "of course, i'll probably join in."

I walked into my living room with the drinks acting oblivious to what was said noticing that they were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. Jason patted the space in the middle and I sat down in between them. Jason pulled my face to his and started passionately kissing me. Then, I felt Jason's hands start to caress my breasts through my top, playing with my nipples through the thin fabric.

I turned towards Kevin and stared into his deep blue eyes and began to kiss him swirling my tongue in his mouth, licking his lips, and sucking his tongue. He stopped me and pulled my top off setting loose my full bouncing breasts. Jason moved his head towards my quarter-sized dusty rose colored nipples and began to lovingly lick them while Kevin was gently kissing and sucking my neck. Kevin slid his hands up my skirt and started playing with my sweet pussy. He started rubbing my swollen clit while he slid a finger into my tight pussy feeling the velvety folds constrict his middle finger.

I stood up in front of both of them and slid my skirt off my hips, revealing my tans legs and tight ass. I knelt down in front of them and undid Kevin?s belt and pants as Jason started to undo his pants. I slid his pants off his hips and the biggest cock I had ever seen sprung out. The only words I could utter were "Oh my God, your cock is so big!" The sight of his cock just made my pussy throb with lust. I wrapped my hand around it and started kissing softly around his thighs and the base of his cock. I brought my mouth to the tip of his cock and began to tongue his head and roll my tongue on the back of it right where the shaft meets the head. I took his head in my mouth and sucked his head. I started going back and forth slowly inching his 9 ½ inch cock down my throat. Jason moved behind me and started sucking on my pussy lips. He slid his tongue into my tight pussy and began to tongue fuck me while rubbing my clit. I started moaning on Kevin?s cock.

Jason got on his knees behind me and slowly worked his cock inside of me, fucking me slowly until his shaft was completely inside of me. I started sucking Kevin?s cock harder through my muffled moans while I started massaging his balls. I could hear the sounds of my wet pussy being pounded by my fiance?s large cock. I started moaning louder and sucking harder as my pussy exploded cum on Jason?s cock. Jason withdrew his cock and I got up and slid slowly down on Kevin?s cock. My pussy started to quiver and clench around his cock as I got all the way down. Jason rubbed my pussy juice on my ass and put the head of his cock up to the entrance. He started to slowly push in until it was all the way in. The feeling of two big cocks inside of me made me scream with delight as I orgasmed all over Kevin?s massive cock. Kevin started fucking me harder as Jason pounded my ass. I could feel my cum running down my thighs pooling around Kevin?s cock.

All of a sudden, Jason pulled out and Kevin pulled me off and laid me on the couch. Both of them took their cocks in their hands and started stroking them hard until they exploded on my face. I licked and sucked their cum off of both of their heads. I struggled to lick their cum off my face. They cleaned themselves up while I wiped my cum off my legs and the rest of their cum off my face. Kevin got ready to leave and I walked naked up to him and kissed him passionately and told him how I greatly enjoyed the evening. Jason told him to call him soon so we could do this again. Then Jason and I walked back to my bedroom and fucked like wild animals until the sun came up. That?s what I call a "marital" aid.

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