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I lay down with you on the sand with the water lapping at our feet. As the tide moved in and covered our bodies with warm salt water, I would taste your lips with my lips, my tongue with your tongue. I would look into those lovely brown eyes and move my hands through the long strands of your lovely brown hair. I would hold you beside me as we kissed with our tongues. I would move my hands to the back of you bikini and remove the slender straps and free those lovely breasts.

Softly I would whisper in your ear of my love for you and as I removed you top and lay it aside, my hand would find your breasts and your nipples already hardening to the touch of my fingers as I whispered in your ear and gently kiss and nibble on your ear lobe my hands fondly caressing those beautiful breasts, your nipples erect and tender I would lower my mouth and begin sucking on one nipple and then the other.

As you lay back on the sand, eyes closed the heat of the sun on your skin and my mouth on your breasts you would begin to moan gently. You could feel my manhood begin to swell and you would reach down and into my swim gear and pull out my manhood and caress it with those long fingers. As I guessed while kissing and caressing and sucking on your nipples my other hand has found your ultimate pleasure spot already wet. I pull on the string at the side and now you are lying naked by my side.

I release your nipples from my mouth and move my face so that I am firmly between your thighs as you spread your legs for me, I lick your clit and your whole body shudders as a mini orgasm passes through your body. You moan in ecstasy. I begin slowly rubbing your labia?s between my fingers and thumb while my tongue licks up and down over your clitoris. I gently insert one and then 2 of my long fingers up inside your glory hole and I find the ultimate spot. As I caress your G-spot with my fingers and suck on your clitoris and use my teeth gently on that as well, I start plunging my fingers in and out of your warm, wet dripping vagina... you arch your back and scream as wave after wave of orgasmic climaxes rip through your body.

I take my long middle finger and caress one more time on your G-spot, my other hand that has been caressing your now tender swollen nipples moves down and presses oh so gently onto your belly, right below the navel and I can feel the pressure of that move with my finger on your rough G-spot. You almost sit upright as your body convulses in a squirting orgasmic climax. You scream and the birds lazily resting in the trees suddenly take flight.

Your eyes are wide open as you look down on me still licking and sucking in all those warm flavorful orgasmic juices. You call out my name and tell me to please stop, that you cannot take any more. Please you tell me to stop, but I know better, I know exactly how to push you on, until you will eventually lay back thoroughly exhausted, but we are not there... not yet.

I go back to licking your clitoris which has swollen, your pussy dripping orgasmic love juices. Your breast swollen, your nipples extended hard and dark brown. I move my one hand up and gently squeeze your swollen nipple. You cry out as another orgasm seizes your body. I continue to lap up your love juices as a man would thirst for water in the desert after days afield. You keep whispering my name, your voice softer and softer as I bring you once again to that glorious G-spot orgasm. You scream again and again as orgasms pierce your very soul and you lay back on the sand utterly spent, sweating as if in labor, but not the labor of childbirth. No, this labor is of our love, the love I gave you with my tongue and my loving expertise.

As your breathing becomes steadier, I maneuver myself between your thighs. shed my swim gear and place the tip of my swollen manhood at the very entrance to more pleasure. You look down at it and then up at my face. Your beautiful long hair is mussed and in your face. I caress it out so that I can look into your eyes, I move my lips to gently kiss you and you whisper "please, be gentle, I'm wore out my love". As I put my mouth on yours and our lips part and our tongues touch in a sweet loving kiss, I enter you fully. Your eyes pop open, staring at me, your mouth is agape as you inhale suddenly and I feel your breasts against my chest and I feel the tightness of your love canal enrobe my manhood firmly.

You cannot speak; your breathing has all but stopped. Your eyes are only for me as I thrust deeper and deeper into you. You moan and cry out, you wrap your legs around my body and I reach back and grab your ankles and lift them up and out, spreading you wider and wider as I plunge deeper and deeper into you very being. You start to gather your second wind and start thrusting with me as we make love there on that deserted island with the waves now up to our knees. Lapping at us rhythmically. We match the beat of the waves with the thrusts of my manhood into your warm wet throbbing love spot.

I bend myself at the waist ever so slightly and bring my manhood up against that spot that I know you are craving me to touch again and even though I am almost numb with the sensations I can tell I hit it spot on as you gasp and I feel your love juices flowing around me. You dig your fingers into my back, and you arch your back your head bent backwards and I lean down and gently suck on your neck right below your ear. You scream as another wave and another wave of pure orgasmic pleasure rolls over you.

I gently pull out as I feel myself getting ready to release. You look up at me emotionally and physically drained and as you sit up, you reach down between my legs and grasp a hold of my manhood and motion what I was hoping you would do and that is for me to place my manhood near your mouth. You are stroking me up and down and I feel my body beginning the throes of orgasmic pleasure also. You roll over onto your side and as I move my manhood down to your chest ready to release myself on your lovely breasts, you stop my movement and place my manhood into your mouth.

I try to pull away and you smile up at me and take my whole member deep into your mouth; your tongue moving over and around my swollen head, your hands stroking me. Now I find myself moaning and grunting. Your other hand finds my testicles and squeeze and caress them I can hardly believe the talent you have in your oral expertise. I almost cum, but somehow you've stopped the flow. Pain, but joyous pain erupts in my loins and the sensation flows up my gut to my heart. I almost lose consciousness. I don't know what you are doing, but with only half my member in your mouth, your tongue caressing the shaft and head, your hands doing something with my ball sack. I'm sweating profusely. I try to pull out so I can release, but you have me pinned, just when I think I may pass out from the ecstasy you slide my manhood all the way into your mouth and down your throat. I have never experienced such pleasure.

I whisper your name, Gloria, oh my sweet Gloria; because I am so out of breath that I can barely breathe or speak clearly. I am breathing heavier and heavier, my testicles feel as those they are going to burst. Your lips are up against my body, my member deep into your throat, your eyes are on me as I look down and you release your grasp on my ball sack, I orgasm again and again, my whole body shuddering as I feel myself get drained of love cum, you continue looking at me as you drink and swallow all that I have.

I collapse on my side in the sand, your beautiful body next to me. You release me from your mouth, licking your lips and wiping away the cum that has overflowed from your mouth and dripped down your chin onto your beautiful breasts. I lay over on my back and pull you on top of me and I look into your eyes and you into mine, no words can express what we have done to each other so we just look at each other and then I tilt my head up to kiss you.

You at first seem reluctant, but I put my hand behind your head and kiss you both of our love juices mixing and I hold you tight against my chest and you lay your head onto my chest, your legs spread around my waist... and then, your head pops off my chest, your mouth opens slightly, your eyes are wide as you realize my manhood has recovered and the position you now lay in has given me another opening of lovemaking...

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