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She couldn't help but smile a little, "I guess you get to have that drink with me after all."

Her smile was infectious and he caught it in an instant, feeling any tiredness he had felt melt away at the prospect of a drink with this Izabel, "Sounds good, do you uh, want to grab a table if I get the drinks?"

"Skol," she answered, then as she observed his confused expression, "I'll have a Skol to drink, please. Beer."

"Oh, sure." Charlie nodded before vanishing inside as Izabel sat herself down at a table just as a couple were getting up to leave, securing them a coveted outside space.

He emerged a couple of minutes later with two bottles of a Skol which, Izabel observed, shared a few similarities with the cute white boy carrying them. Light, bubbly and covered in beads of water.

"Thanks, adjusting well to the heat?" She asked as he sat himself down opposite her, placing her beer before her and keeping a hold of his own, likely relishing in its icy coolness against his skin.

"First days always a little tough." He admitted with that bright smile of his. He was pretty damn attractive she had to admit to herself, certainly her type and ticking a most of her own unexplored kinks, though it took more than that now for her to show an interest. She'd learned her lesson there a few too many times in the past by jumping the gun.

A small silence grew between them as she eyed him, hand on her own beer bottle as he took a long sip from his. At least this time he was keeping his eyes either on her own or just looking around, managing to avoid staring at her prominent cleavage, a task he had initially failed at, telling her he was just like all the other young boyish tourists that crossed her path.

"So..." he began, to fill the silence, "You been hosting an Air BnB long?"

She pursed her lips for a moment before taking a drink, "On an off for about a year I guess, brings in a little extra pocket money I guess."

"Not much though." He said with a bit of a smile, knowing he was paying very little to rent his admittedly little room.

She shrugged for a moment then smiled a bit, "I like the company, it can get lonely living there by myself."

"No boyfriend?" He asked, then regretted it instantly.

She gave him a knowing little look, "No, no boyfriend, and no, that doesn't mean it's a vacant position you can fill."

"I didn't mean..." He said gently...

She eyed him for a moment then shrugged, "Just teasing," she took a sip of her beer, "Don't worry about it. What about you? Girlfriend back home?"

He shook his head then after a moment showed her than winning smile once again, "...Though that doesn't mean it's a vacant position you can fill."

She laughed, a beautiful sound he thought and one he wanted to encourage, "Okay, I walked into that one."

Their conversation was a little awkward to begin with, a certain tension between them, but they were soon warming up to each other, she was surprised to find she had a bit in common with him, a few physical activities, running and rock climbing mainly and a bit more besides, their conversation bleeding into and eventually lingering on films, for which they both shared a great love.

They drank for a while, but slowly, a few beers each, the evening growing cooler and cooler, their conversation switching to talking about his previous travels around the world and his current plans for Brazil.

"So," she had started, holding an almost empty bottle in her hand, "I can see why you don't have a girlfriend with all this travelling."

He had laughed a little and shook his head, "I'd take a relationship with the perfect woman over travelling the world any day, but the perfect woman is pretty impossible to find."

"Traveling the world to find her then?" She asked.

"Not exactly, but it would be a nice bonus I guess." He smiled at her, "Could be anyone, could be you."

She eyed him over for a moment, a small smirk on her lips, "Mm, you know how many have said I'm their perfect woman before getting to know me?"

"I'm not surprised." He chuckled softly.


"You do look at yourself in the mirror right? I mean there's no denying you're probably the most gorgeous woman in Brazil." He laughed and despite herself, she felt a small blush touch her cheeks, though she doubted he'd notice and hoped he hadn't.

"Every man I've been within the past would disagree with you." She chastised, maybe a little defensive to offset her unintentional blush.

"I really doubt that." He smirked unphased, but she shook her head.

"No, every single one." She sighed, what was she doing? Getting attracted to him? Opening up? It would go the way of all the other ones and she was only setting herself up for a letdown, again.

I mean, I'd like to prove I'm different?" He said, an edge of seriousness creeping into his voice, his smile soft and hopeful.

"...I'll admit... You're a lot nicer than the men who usually come up to me."

"On the eyes or to speak to?" He said with a smirk of his own.

She let out a little laugh again, "Both. Look, you're cute and I don't know, different I guess, I think... But if this led anywhere I'd have to refund you the other eleven nights and I'd rather not have to do that."

"I really don't see any scenario in which that happens." He said with an amiable shrug.

"I mean it, every time I have had a relationship with a guy, things have fallen apart in the bedroom." She continued, the alcohol by no means leaving either of them drunk, but certainly making her a little more extroverted. She wouldn't usually talk so brazenly about these things, but even though she knew what the outcome was going to be, she still thought he was cute and was enjoying his company. And, in a way, it was liberating, he was barely an acquaintance and there was a sort of anonymity in being able to talk about this sort of thing with someone who had no connection to her life.

"Can't imagine why...?" He said, raising an eyebrow, clearly fishing for more details.

"Mm. Let's just say I have some bedroom requirements that put men off." She said simply and he laughed warmly.

"I'd bet my ass your 'requirements' aren't all that bad."

Izabel couldn't help but laugh at his choice of words, "You should be careful what you bet with Charlie."

He smirked some, raising an eyebrow as he tried to figure out the joke he'd apparently made, "Well you've got me curious now, I just have to know what these mysterious bedroom requirements are?"

She smiled still, though it hardened some as she eyed him, shaking her head a little as she thought things over, he was kind, cute and she thought maybe quite accepting and open to new concepts given what she had gleaned about him in their discussions. She let out a long exasperated sigh and he beamed all the brighter, knowing she was cracking.

"Okay, but if you freak out your little white butt belongs to me, okay?" She said, a little jokingly, a little not.

He laughed, "That's fair, I, Charlie, hereby give you my ass if I freak out." He said, confident that wasn't an option.

She took another long sigh and finished her beer, glancing around briefly before looking at him, "Okay, so I have a cock."

He nodded, sipping his beer, "Okay?"

She looked at him for a reaction, any reaction, he stared at her blankly.

"Aaand?" He asked, prompting her to continue with her confession.

"...No, that was it, I have a cock. A real one." She explained, deadpan.

Charlie laughed again, "Was that all the big deal was? You have a cock? So what, so do I!"

Izabel furrowed her brow, "That's usually the problem with guys, is this not a problem?"

Charlie smirked and set his now empty bottle now, "No? I used to be pretty subby but I'm kinda switch these days, you know?"

She pursed her lips a little and shook her head, "Switch?"

"You know, can take, can give, usually depends on my partner, really." He explained with a smile.

"You're being serious?"

"Yes?" He tilted his head and ran his fingers through his short sandy hair, that smile still on his soft pink lips as he watched her staring.

"...Can I buy you another drink?" She asked, biting her full lower lip.

Their conversation past that point was less about his experiences of world travelling, but his experiences with women like Izabel. She was absolutely fascinated by the way he so openly talked about nights spent taking turns, giving and taking, not ashamed in the least about his role as a bottom in the bedroom at times or how much he loved the perverse nature of it.

The drink flowed as freely as their conversation after that and it was quite a while later that they found themselves walking down the street towards her home, her laughing as he regaled her with the story of a time he'd forgotten about a 'vibrating egg' that he had been playing with the night before, but to which in the morning a friend had found the remote to and had been playing with to try and figure out what it belonged to.

When they got in, after a couple of fumbled attempts to get the key in the lock, she had giggled at a joke and quite brazenly squeezed his ass as he stepped in, once again biting at her lip, her cheeks flushed warmly now with colour.

He looked up at her and smirked, playful and receptive, "I mean you lost the bet but if you still want my ass..."

She grinned a little and laughed again, "And what if I do?"

He looked up at her, blue eyes twinkling as they scanned over her features, "Let me shower first, then we can ah, get to know each other a little better?"

Izabel paused for a moment then nodded once and leaned in close.

Charlie let out a soft little sigh as he felt her lips press against his, full and soft, warm and hungry.

The kiss lasted for a moment, but it was enough to set his blood racing, "I'll ah, be quick."

"You better be..." She whispered in that honied voice of hers.

He smiled and made for the bathroom, forgetting his soap and shampoo in the rush, just needing a blast of cool running water across his skin to wash away the day's heat and maybe sober himself up a little for what he hoped was coming next.

Izabel for her part sauntered through to her room and heard the rain-style shower begin to patter water into the basin. She reached up and untied the little knots that held her bikini in place, letting out a little sigh of relief as she felt the weight on her chest increase as the strain on her shoulders was relieved.

She turned her head and caught sight of herself in a mirror, looking at herself through her own beer goggles.

"What am I doing..." She asked her reflection, folding her arms under her heavy breasts, lifting them slightly as she bit her lip.

Charlie was so cute, but was she really about to do this? Was he really into her? From their conversation, she had gleaned that he was quite promiscuous, but she thought he really was just looking for the right person. Was that her? Did it even matter if she was just another notch in his bedpost?

She glanced at her own bedpost, notchless in every respect. Maybe he was special, maybe he wasn't, but she wasn't going to let this opportunity just pass her by.

Charlie stood under the rain shower unit, feeling the cool but not cold water cascade down his body in the dim light of the bathrooms solitary bulb. it felt good, relaxing and refreshing, but he was by no means planning to take his time knowing what he had waiting.

As he ran his soapy hands down his slender form, washing every trace of sweat he could find from his skin the white noise of the water landing around him masked the noise of the door behind him opening and of the bare feet that followed. What he didn't miss however was the subtle click that heralded an almost utter blackness.

"Room for one more?" Came a soft, sultry voice and as Charlie turned, he could see her outline from the thin wisp of light that bled in from the still cracked door, her hand on the light switch to the now dimmed bathroom.

"Of course..." He said softly, feeling his heart beat faster in his chest as he saw the outline move, the Brazillian goddess stepping towards him and climbing into the shower, knowing her way quite precisely around her own bathroom, even in the almost dark and with the effects of alcohol weighing on her.

He felt her fingertips, cautious and exploratory as they came to rest on his arms, her palms pressing against him and slowly moving down over his elbows, gentle caresses as she got her baring with him.

He wasn't so shy with his hands, which moved to her waist, slender and silky under his touch, then working down, fingers pressing ever so softly against her spongy flesh as they moved onto her wide hips, then back around to cup and squeeze the curve of her impressive ass.

Letting out a little gasp of surprise she took a half step forward, her splayed palms resting on his shoulders, the swell of her impressive bust pressed to his chest, the soft, imposing thickness of her soft length brushing against him.

She bit her lip as she felt his fingers against her butt, kneading and squeezing as he took a little step forward himself, her breasts and cock pressed more firmly to his body now.

She looked down at him, a flush on her cheeks as she stood in his embrace, the water soaking her skin and flowing around her curves in silvery little streaks.

Even in the almost darkness she couldn't help but admire his beauty. She found herself leaning down and for a fraction of a moment she felt the warmth of his breath tickling her skin, then she kissed him, slow and lingering, testing as her hands moved down his body, resting on his arms as they shared their first intimate moment.

After a long moment the kiss broke, though it was soon met again, the two of them eager to experience the other more with each passing second, the last of any reservations they may have had washing away as their pleasures and desires mounted.

Their kisses were as slow and soft as the traversing of their hands across one another's bodies, each enjoying the feel and warmth of a new lover in each other's arms.

"Mm..." Izabel whimpered gently as she felt fingers, slow and with an angelic touch caress slowly from the root of her soft cock to the tip, feeling him squeeze the still malleable length between his fingers.

"Here or?..."

"The bedroom..." Izabel breathed softly in response and was rewarded with another kiss from his sweet lips, once again triggering the butterflies in his stomach.

"Okay, let's go..."

Izabel bit her lip as she felt the grip on her softness lessen then release, allowing her to step from the shower, quickly followed by him, his hands resting on her hips from behind as he kissed the back of her neck, desperate to feel her body against his.

His own cock, while smaller than her own was as hard as a rock, the steely eager tip of his length bumping noticeably against one of her cheeks as he embraced her from behind.

Smirking gently she shook her ass back against his erect length and enjoyed the slight, appreciative squeeze he gave her hips in response.

She took a towel for herself and passed him one, stepping with a faux casualness back towards the bathroom door as she wrapped the towel around her waist. She approached and pulled against the wood of the door, letting it swing open, allowing the light of the hallway to spill in as she stood in the doorway, outlining herself against the light.

She glanced back towards him, catching his naked form in the light, his towel slung across his shoulders as he patted down his fair skin, his body slender and perfect, his cock hard and pointing her way.

She smirked as she noticed him pause in his drying, his entire attention on the swaying curves of her almost bare figure as she stepped into the hallway, turning to look at him, her full breasts visible in the light, each one heavy on her chest and peaked with a darker nipple. She beckoned to him with a solitary finger and he needed no other prompt to follow.

She dried herself as she walked to her bedroom, accentuating the sway of her body as she did so, showing off to Charlie as the white towel swept the majority of the water off her honied skin.

Biting her lip as she stepped into the room she turned, seeing Charlie stepping towards her, his gorgeous eyes sparkling with admiration even as she let her towel fall beside her, revealing to him just what he'd gotten himself into.

Her cock hung heavy between her thighs, the fleshy member resting atop a pair of oval balls confined in a soft silken sack.

After a moment to drink in the sight and clearly not put off by the impressive, albeit still soft length, he took a step forward and put his hands on her hips, letting his own towel fall away as he guided her back towards the bed.

"You're going to love this..." He whispered softly, and she believed him.

She had felt the back of her legs bump against the edge of her bed and he had continued to press her forward, letting her fall back onto the plushness of her own bed with a gasp.

Charlie grinned a little at her noise of surprise, admiring the way the curves of her body bounced and settled at the sudden jerk in motion, noting that despite his earlier thoughts, how natural her breasts now seemed to him. He was soon down on top of her, chasing her up the bed as she backed up finally coming to rest in a semi-sitting position.

With her head raised by pillows behind her she felt his lips meet hers once more in a kiss, deeper and quicker now, the boy becoming even more emboldened as he felt the silky smoothness of her taller and fuller body beneath his.

"S-so..." She panted softly as the kiss broke, "What now?"

He could hear the eagerness in her voice, echoed by the beating of his heart in his chest and in response he began to leave soft angel kisses on her skin, working downwards in a zigzag pattern.

"Mmf..." Izabel whimpered cutely as she gripped the sheets in her hands, feeling his soft lips pressing into the firmness of her collarbone, then across her chest to sink into the softness of her breasts, missing her nipples as they ventured further and further down her golden body, marked only by the tan lines of the skimpy bikini she often wore to tanning salons.

In only a few moments Izabel was looking down at Charlie, nestled between her thick golden thighs, his eyes vibrant under his tousel of short hair. He looked up at her over the swell of her breasts, expression unreadable as he nuzzled himself up against her soft slightly paler length, audibly kissing her there.

"A-ah, Charlie... That feels good..." She breathed softly, her hips moving in almost imperceptible circles as she adored his attention.

"Mm..." He moaned softly in response, kissing slowly up her length towards her tip, his hands caressing up her thighs to press at the skin at the base of her cock, making it seem more prominent.

He lifted the bulk of her cock with his tongue and took the soft, hooded tip between his lips, his cheeks caving in as she felt her body begin to shiver with pleasure.

She urged her hips forwards and backwards, feeling her cock very slow to wake as he nursed on and pleasured her soft length. Maybe it was her nerves, the alcohol, or a mix of both, but he was certainly having to put his work into getting her hard.

Charlie sucked on her fleshy length, fingers closed in a ring around the base to help coax her cock awake, feeling it begin to thicken and swell between his lips, the silky softness of her hood pulling back to slowly reveal a deep cherry tip which pulsed against his tongue as it grew hard in his mouth.

Finally, he held the erect cock in his hands, mouth travelling up and down the shiny veined length of her shaft, tongue caressing and exploring her great tip as he used his senses to take measure of her cock.

It was long and girthy, an impressive length by all accounts, but nothing he couldn't handle, he was sure. He opened his eyes and cast his gaze upwards, taking in the expression of his new Brazillian lover, her fine features displaying no small amount of pleasure as he went down on her, servicing her with a devotion she'd seemingly never experienced.

After a few minutes, her length wet and hard, pointing straight up as a few lines of clear pre and spit traced across the folds of her sack, he broke the seal of his kiss against the tip, letting it instead rest against his pale flushed cheek as he looked up at her, lips parted as he panted gently.

"W-what position do you want?..." He asked, kissing her cock ever so softly as her eyes flickered open to look down at him, half-lidded and lustful.

"C-can you... Be on top?" She suggested gently, the blush obvious even on the dark skin of her cheeks.

Smirking he nodded slightly and sat up, kneeling on the bed and scooching forward until he was above her cock, which now rested against his soft white ass.

"Like this?" He asked a little teasingly, looking down at her as he pressed his butt back against her shiny length.

Unable to speak, her dark hair splayed out over the pillow she merely nodded, her eyes on his as he smiled back, lifting himself up and raising a hand to his mouth before guiding it back between his cheeks.

She observed after a moment how he bit his lips, his own eyes becoming more desirous as he penetrated himself with a questing finger, just applying a little lube before the wet shaft of her steely length was guided to its mark by his delicate hand.

"Ready?" He asked gently, one hand on her side for support, the other on the base of her cock, holding it in place as his soft pale cheeks hugged her cherry tip.

"R-ready..." She agreed and watched him bite his lip again, an adorable sight as he focused on the point where they were due to meet.

Charlie let out a soft whimper as he felt the tip of her cock find its mark, the tight hot ring of his little hole parting slowly but steadily to accept the girth of her tip.

Izabel gripped his thighs and couldn't help but squeeze him as she felt an intensely hot pleasure spread around the tip of her cock. She watched, unable to tear her eyes away from the gorgeous, slender white boy as he moved both his hands to her sides, his ass slowly moving further and further down, letting gravity do most of the work as he sank her cock into his delicious ass.

"O-oh fuck..." She purred as wave after wave of new sensations rolled over her cock, her mind struggling to process just how good it all felt to be here, to be wanted, to be desired, to be buried in his young pale ass.

After a few inches he lifted himself back up again, drawing a breath from her, before he pushed back down, causing her to gasp, a rhythm developing in time with her breathing, slow but building to something greater.

For Charlie the pleasure was just as intense as it was for Izabel, each movement of her veined textured cock pressing in and out of his tight ring and sensitive tunnel pressed with increasing pressure against his G-spot, sending shivering waves of pleasure tingling up and down his arched spine.

His own cock started to bounce between his thighs as he rode her, more and more of her cock pressing deeper within him as he sped up the pace of his movements and the force of his downward thrusts against her.

Slowly she moved her hands to her own sides, resting them on his own which, after a moment he raised to meet hers, their hands turning till their palms pressed together, fingers splaying and interlocking, the two holding onto each other as they made love in the sweet evening heat of Brazil.

The air mingled with the sound of their breathing, her soft whimpers and the protesting creaks of he bed beneath them, the nerves and alcohol that before had slowed them down as he had gone through the paces of getting her hard now played in their favour, the same factors making her last longer than either of them thought she would, not that they minded, enjoying the constant rhythmic pleasure of their late night coupling.

His ass was so tight around her length that each long deep stroke felt like a fist squeezing tightly around her, milking her length and coaxing what she had to give her from heavy balls.

Minutes passed and their breathing became laboured with their continued efforts but no less filled with pleasure, his hands pinning hers above her head, their tongues dancing and mingling as he continued to roll his hips in a practised motion, using his body to maximise their pleasures.

Charlie felt a heat deep within him, a building sensation of pleasure stacking on pleasure, one he hadn't felt in a long time. Izabel, his Brazillian lover was taking so long to climax, something he usually managed to within ten minutes while in control, that the repeated pressure inside his ass was starting to draw him towards him own far messier finish.

He bit his lip, watching the intense array of emotions play across her beautifully exotic features and decided not to tell her he was drawing close, hoping to surprise her with the sensations he knew he was about to unleash on her.

Izabel felt his mouth find hers once again as he pinned her hands to the bed, something she was happy to allow as he rode her but there was something different, his kiss hot, hard and frantic as their lips joined, a moan caught between them.

She felt his pace falter, becoming less precise as he started to squeeze down on her, tight and hard, his ass rippling around her as it milked her length, a jet of something hot striking her stomach, once, twice, three times between their body as he rode her, slamming down harder on her cock as he came on her skin.

She arched her back and bit at his lip, the two moaning as her pleasure grew, her mind white with the sensations perverting her body and lewd thoughts perverting her mind, her desire reaching its peak as, just as his own climax was beginning to subside, hers erupted within him.

He felt her steely length harden further and pulse within him, twitching as he kept his ass impaled on her length, each obvious jerk of her length matching the sensations of her heavy nuts pressing up against his cheeks as she buried herself as deep as she could in time with each pulse.

Free of thought and drowning in pleasure Izabel let instinct guide her bodies motions, quickly overpowering his grip on her wrists to wrap her arms tight around him, pinning and trapping him against her body, breasts pressed tightly to him, his cum sticking to their bodies as she did her best to mate with his ass, hot jets of cum firing off deep within him, a liquid heat that radiated throughout him in waves of satisfaction and pleasure.

Slowly, her frantic short thrusts in time with the pulsing of her cock slowed, the flow of cum into his now well-used ass slowing to a trickle as they lay against each other, cum starting to flow out around the loosening seal of her now shrinking cock to flow down over her sack to soak the unfortunate sheets beneath them, their bodies joined by a thin sticky layer of his own spent seed.

They lay together through it all, breathing hard in the mess they had created together and Charlie felt her hands, one on his back, the other caressing through his hair, her grip gentle, but possessive.

"Do? Do you think we should get another shower?" She asked, voice soft and affectionate.

"Y-yeah?" He laughed softly, kissing her neck, soft and loving, "Then maybe we can go again?"

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