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Anyone can visit this place through your computer or in a dream. It can be anything you want it to be, from an igloo in Alaska, to a bungalow in Tahiti. It is a place where only two people can go. There are no phones, TV?s, or communication with the mainland. It is a private place where you can cyber-fuck and live out your every desire. There are no interruptions from, family, health, or work to bother you. Tonight, she is meeting Duane in Cyberland. The location is a cabin in winter wonderland.

She emailed Duane saying, "Duane, meet me in Cyberland tonight at 2 am. The location is a cabin, deep in the woods, surrounded by snow. The cabin is supplied with everything we need, food, drink, warmth, a calm atmosphere, serenaded by romantic music. We will have a night filled with lust and desire darling."

Kountrygal is the first to arrive. The cabin is a romantic sensuous setting with a roaring fire, a bearskin rug, and a fur covered round bed. After putting her things away, she strips. She tingles at the thought of the rugs softness against her bare skin. She then walks over to the bar, and gets an ice bucket, fine wine and two goblets. She walked over and set things down off to the side. Then lay down on the bearskin.

When Duane arrives, he sees Kountrygal lying naked in front of the fireplace. Her skin glistened in the light of the fire. He cannot keep his eyes off her alluring body. He feels his cock stirring in your pants and thinks, "Oh god she is beautiful!" You cannot wait to touch her and hurry to undress, so you can join her.

Kountrygal, looks up at him and blinks her seductive green eyes and whisper?s, "Hello lover! I love you! Oh come to me darling, then pour us some wine darling, to toast this occasion."

Duane strips and joins her on the rug. Then pour then each a glass and handed one to her. Then holds his glass up and said, "Here?s to us darling. " They click glasses, drink the wine, and then set the glasses off to the side.

He pulls her body close to his and kisses Kountrygal passionately. His fingers slowly caress her wanting body making her shutter in response. His touch turns her on more as his fingers set her skin ablaze with desire.

Kountrygal lets her hand slowly rubs the small of his back making him quiver. She feels his hard cock against her thigh. She whispered, "Oh Duane, I have wanted you for such a long time. I want to feel your lips kiss and caress every inch my naked body. I want to feel your tongue encircle my clit and lapping at my pussy. I want to feel your fingers fondle and roll my nipples. I wan to feel your cock throbbing in my hands as I gently stroke it. Oh Duane, make love to me!"

Duane kissed her check then said, "Lay down honey, let me taste you with my lips from you sweet mouth to your delicious cunt! I want to hear you squeal in delight and my tongue swirls around and sucks your hardening nipples. I want to run my tongue through your glistening pussy hairs and feel you wetness on my chin. I cannot wait to feel your cunt wrapped around my throbbing member as I enter you slowly, cyber-fucking you deep and hard. I Love you Kountrygal!"

Kountrygal replies, "I love you too Duane! Honey, I?m all yours, do what you want to me tonight! Oh yes, I love the way your tongue works its magic on me. Oh my god, just like that, oh keep going lover, do not stop! That?s it suck and bite my nipples, flick your way down to my pussy." She turns her head from side to side and moans in sheer delight, and said, "I need to feel your lips on my clit, oooooooh god it?s throbbing, mmm darling eat my pussy!"

His lips feel her wet pubic hairs are laps at them with his tongue. He runs his tongue through the hairs tasting her honey. He spread is her labia and lick her slowly teasingly from her clit to my anus, making her shake. He stops long enough to say, "Oh love, you taste so sweet, I can?t get enough of your nectar!"

She pulls his head closer into her pussy and yells, "Oh yesssss, right there oh my god, just like that. Ooooooh baby, suck my clit harder and finger-fuck my hole! Ooooh, Yessss, and darling you?re going to make me cum!"

Duane sucked and the pulled her clit into his mouth and bite it. She shook so hard he needed to hold her bucking hips to keep in place. He slides one finger into my vaginal orifice, slowly pulling it in and out. Then added another, sliding them inside her hard feeling her muscles grasp and milk them hard. He paused and looked up and said, "Cum in my mouth baby!"

Kountrygal replied, "Oh bite my clit harder! Yessss, ooh god, keep that up! Oh fuck, baby keeps going! Ooooooh, yessssssss, ahhhhhhhh, baby, I am Cumming!"

Just as the wave of climax overtook her body, Duane rammed his cock deep in her pussy yelling, "Oh fuck, yesssss, that?s it Kountrygal keep on cumming! Oh yes, keep going just like that, milk my cock baby! I love the way your cunt feels on my cock. Oh my god, love, wrap your legs around me, let me fuck you deep. Oh, this feels so dam good! Oooooooh yes, oooooooh, ahhhhhhhh, yes, oooooooh I am there," shooting his cum so hard in her he nearly loose his balance.

Duane laid there with his cock still inside Kountrygal?s pussy he wanted this moment to last forever. He kissed her lips and felt them part and felt their tongues intertwine. Their love spoke without words he belonged to her now.

Kountrygal looked into his loving eyes and she encircled Duane with her arms. She laid her head on his chest and listened to the beating of his heart. She knew their love was everlasting.

As they gazed into the flickering fire, they fell asleep in each other?s arms. Dreaming of things to come, as they cyber-fuck in Cyberland.

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