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I know a lot of you enjoy hearing about them so here is all the 'juicy' details about our most recent one :-)

We arrived at the party a little after 9pm and walked around chatting with people. A little over half we already knew and there were a few new couples .. a couple of whom we had seen at earlier parties but never got to speak to. One of those couples, Amanda and John, we had seen at other parties and we?ve even watched them play but we had never spoken to them or had some 'fun' with them ... until last night!

The four of us found a quiet corner and chatted amongst ourselves for some time ... with the ice well and truly broken the conversation moved onto sex ..

I guess it was pretty damn obvious something was going to happen, and it did. As Amanda sat there flashing colin her panties John slipped his hand between her legs and gave her pussy a quick feel. Of course not to be out done colin slipped his hand between my legs, and finding no resistance, rubbed my pantie covered snatch.

For the next few minutes colin and I kissed and fondled while Amanda and John did likewise. When we again looked at our friends, Amanda?s dress was up around her waist, her panties were pulled to one side and John's fingers were in her cunt. I knew colin would enjoy watching them, as I did, so I undid my skirt and pushed it down around my ankles.

colin?s cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum as I took hold of him.

When Amanda and John broke their kiss they looked at us and we all smiled. Amanda then unzipped John?s pants and hauled out his cock. With colin and I still watching she began working on her husband?s thick cock. After a few minutes of playing with our respective partners Amanda got up and came over to me and colin

She asked me if I?d like to have a closer look at John?s cock. I think I was more surprised than colin but that soon turned into delight as I got up and we swapped places.

colin had wanted to get with Amanda from the first time he'd seen her and there he was sitting beside her, his erect cock in full view and her cunt hanging out of her panties. I sat beside colin and wrapped my hand around his thick hard cock and lowered my mouth over the head. colin in the meantime had his fingers deep in Amanda?s swollen cunt as she jerked him with her slim gentle hands. I could tell by the look on his face that colin felt like letting go a load right then and there.

colin whispered to Amanda and soon she stood up, slipped her dress and panties off and then climbed on top of him. With her hand around the base of his throbbing cock she lowered herself down until I saw her cunt lips rub against his swollen knob. Moments later, Amanda was riding his cock like a cock hungry slut as he grabbed her luscious ass and helped her bounce along his fuck meat.

Before long colin was ramming his cock up into her cunt as she slammed her wet hole onto him. There was no doubting they were both getting ready to cum. Sure enough, moments later Amanda threw her head back and screamed as her body shook in orgasm. colin grabbed her butt firmly and pulled her down hard onto him. I knew he was cumming and dumping a huge wad of jism deep into her wet cunt. Amanda sat there wiggling her ass on him to encourage every last drop of cum out of him ...

After watching them I turned my attention to John ... for a few moments I rubbed his knob back and forth along my slit getting it nice and wet. When he was throbbing I held his knob at my vaginal opening and lowered myself slowly onto it. It felt soooo good as he entered me. John reached around and put his hands on my butt as I sat there enjoying his fat cock buried to the hilt in my cunt. Soon after I started to ride him and not long after that I was enjoying my first orgasm.

Across from us colin had Amanda on her back and was feeding his cock into her in long deep strokes, pulling out until his knob was visible and then ramming it back into her cummy hole until his balls slapped her ass. Amanda was so wet, sloppy wet, that her cunt was making slurpy, sucking sounds as he fucked into her harder and harder.

Before long Amanda was screaming and moaning as an intense orgasm surged through her. She was even yelling at colin, telling him not to stop, and he didn't. His cock almost a blur, he relentlessly pounded into her as her cunt spasmed and throbbed in orgasm. I'm sure he would have known then and there, as Amanda frantically thrust her hips up at him urging him in deeper, just how much of a true slut for sex she was.

John decided to copy colin?s style and soon had me on my back with my legs up in the air wide apart. He was fucking me deep and hard as he watched his own wife being fucked like a bitch on heat. I started to cum again and was soon lost in waves of pleasure and orgasm. My pussy was oozing cunt juice all over his cock. Soon I started telling him that I wanted his cum in me, I wanted him to shoot his load in me the next time I came. He began to slam into me even harder. I knew he was going to cum. As another orgasm surged up in me his fucking became more urgent. Frantically I thrust my cunt up at him and urged him to shoot his load in me. Then it happened. He grunted loudly as white hot globs of cum began spewing into my cum hungry hole. I started orgasming soon after ..

For a couple of minutes John remained on top of me as he regained his breathing. When he did pull out a trickle of cum dribbled from my gaping cunt and traced its way down the crack of my ass. I looked over at colin and Amanda and could see her cunt was all white and creamy from colin's cum. As I watched, she got up and moved across to John and I and knelt down between my legs. As more cum oozed from my cunt she reached out and stopped it with her finger. She then traced her finger up to my cunt. I was still gaping from Johns onslaught. As her finger found its way to my cunt it first traced its way teasingly around my lips and then across my clit before slipping inside me.

Amanda slid more fingers into me until she was fingering me with four. I could see cum being forced out onto her hands and she leaned over and licked it off. Soon she had all five fingers sliding in and out of my sloppy hole and was pushing them in gradually harder and harder. I took a guess at what she was going to do and waited to see if I was right. I was! Amanda slipped her entire hand into me and started to fist fuck me.

As she worked her clenched fist slowly in and out she lowered her mouth to me and her tongue found its way to my clit .. I moaned deeply and closed my eyes. With a skill that showed she'd most definitely done this before Amanda flicked her tongue expertly around and over my swollen clitoris. She even tickled my ass hole before pushing a finger inside. I started to orgasm intensely a little after that and Amanda continued to lick and tease me until she was certain my orgasm had finished.

We had a fantastic time with them and are planning to get together ... just the four of us ... soon. When we do I will most definitely let you know all about it .

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