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As I turned around I felt something around my ankle. Frowning I felt with my other foot and recognized my panty. Why? Then the memory came back. David, now lying behind me, what I ? we- had done. A shiver ran through me. He was my mate, the arrogant bastard, the man I loved. I did not even know when that had happened, or when I had realised it. Not that I could tell him. We were friends, just friends, spending some time together. But last night? That might change something, everything. I hadn't thought that he recognised me as a woman. He had never before treated me as one.

I could feel him move behind me, turned around again. While I watched him sleep a smile spread over my face. He looked so relaxed, younger than he was. What should I do? Pretend it had never happened? Get up and leave? Wake him and let him fuck me? Oh yes, I wanted him. More than I had ever wanted a man in my life. But we were friends. He was one of the few people I had let come that close to me. Did I want him because of that? Or had I let him that close because I wanted him from the beginning?

Carefully I climbed out of bed, pulled my panties back up. As quiet as possible I made my way to the kitchen. Tea, a fag maybe after that...

While I waited for the water to boil I looked around. It was smaller, but indefinitely tidier than the kitchen in my shared flat. Still smiling I poured the water, and then went back to the bedroom to get some clothes and my tobacco.

David stirred in his sleep and I stood still and watched him. Damn, why had things become so complicated? Or was it just me? I sighed and he opened his eyes. For a moment that seemed to last forever, we just looked at each other. He nearly naked under the blanket, me, tank top and panty, clothes in my hand.

His brow furrowed, a strange expression flickered across his face. "So, what are you up to?" No 'good morning' , no smile. A lot had changed.

"Just dressing for a tea and a fag." Even I could hear how stupid that sounded.

His smile returned. "Tea and a fag..." While shoving the blanket aside he sat up and looked at me. His shorts were still pulled down and I could not help it. I looked straight at his crotch. He wasn't that big now and I felt the grin creeping on my face as the memory came. How he had grown under my lips, had felt in my mouth, tasted.

David got up, kicked his shorts loose. He stood right in front of me, naked with no sign of shame. "Or", he grinned, "you could undress for me. I want to see you naked."


It was broad daylight. And my body was far from perfect. Well, tall, yes. Long legs, flat belly, yes. After that, disappointment. Next to no tits and broad shoulders. I looked down, wanted to look at the floor but instead stopped at his waist. Fuck, I wanted him. Now.

Slowly I started to undress. The panty first. He had seen and explored that part of my body before.

Gripping the seam of my top I pulled it over my head, tossed it on the bed. Now I was as naked as he was, and I felt exposed. I did not dare to look at him.

He walked around me, mustered me. Suddenly a smile crept back to my face. My posture changed. I straightened up, stood 'at ease'. I heard him sniggering behind me but did not turn my head.

Tense as I was the time seemed to stretch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him, then he stepped back.

' For fuck's sake, say something, anything. Make fun of that stupid body of mine and we can go back to being friends' I thought.

He was so close behind me. I could feel the heat of his body, or at least thought I did. Fully aware that my nipples had gotten hard I stared ahead. Be realistic, there is no way he can want someone like you, I tried to tell myself. Not the way you want him.

I barely flinched as his hand touched my shoulder, brushed away the untidy mess my hair still was. I could at least have brushed my hair after getting up, I chided myself. His fingers traced the line of the small tattoo I had on my neck. The sensation sent shivers down my spine and I held my breath.

"Relax", he whispered in my ear, stepping even closer. His skin rubbed against mine. Startled I gasped, leaned against him. Fingertips trailing down my shoulders, my arms. Back up again, stopping, down again. Stifling a moan I closed my eyes.

It seemed like ages. Fingers on my skin, his fingers, that had been inside me. I remembered. I wanted more. But who was I to ask?

His breath on my skin, his cock pressing against my butt. Hard, warm. Carefully I leaned against it, shifted my hip that he moved, slid right in the crack between my butt cheeks. One hard push and he could bury it deep inside me, fill me, fuck me.

David chuckled, let his hands travel on to my small tits, played with the hard nipples. Rubbing my nipples with his thumbs he pressed himself hard against my back. And let go, stepped back.

I opened my eyes again. He circled me, stopped right in front of me. His blue eyes looked into mine. Biting my lip I held his gaze. David nodded. "Get on the bed."

His voice was quiet, nearly soft but I obeyed as if one of my worst sergeants had given an order.

Smiling he sat down, reached out and touched my thigh.

"You know, your tits nearly disappear when you lie on your back like that?" I flinched at his words but his hand continued to stroke my leg. It travelled on, reached my inner thigh and spread my legs without any effort. I swallowed. Would he? Oh please.

But he just sat there, stroking me, watching me.

'Fuck David I want you' , I wanted to scream but stayed silent, just licked my lips.

With a sudden movement he bent over me. His hand brushed my thigh, just along my longing cunt. His lips closed around my right nipple, his tongue circled it. A low moan escaped my lips. Sucking at my tit he climbed onto the bed, knelt between my legs. Without thinking I spread them even wider, tried to push towards him. Feeling him chuckling against my skin I bit my lip again.

"Who would have thought", he murmured. He cupped my other tit with a hand, started to play with it.

I felt a sharp twinge of longing in my womb. How would it feel if he finally decided to fuck me? It might hurt. Even though his cock was just a little more than average. Nature ? or whoever- had not been kind to me. Not only the small tits, I wasn't really fitted for most cocks either. At least I got wet, really wet.

Gently he lowered himself down on me. I could feel the tip of his dick touching me. Hesitantly I reached down, touched him for the first time since he had started touching me. My fingers trailed along his hard cock, starting from his balls up towards the tip.

David shivered. I felt him tense up. Instead of continuing to touch his cock I reached further down, parted my wet pussy-lips and directed him to the entrance of my cunt.

He stopped, looked into my eyes. Reaching out he touched my cheek, buried his hand in my hair. I moaned again, merely a sigh. And could have kicked myself instantly. I remembered his loud moans the night before. Guilty memories of the girls in the porn clips I had watched with my flatmates or friends. They were loud, sometimes nearly screaming. But I could not help it. That wasn't me. Slowly he pressed himself against me. I held my breath. Inch by inch he buried himself deeper in me. It hurt a little, but it felt so good at the same time. So many times I had fantasised about being touched by David. So many times I had longed to touch me as I had imagined he would.

"Oh fuck, MacDonald", David murmured as he shoved his cock deeper. I just moaned, unable to speak.

Again he stopped. His body pressing against mine. Trembling with longing I dared to breathe again. Time stretched. I felt light-headed. It seemed like eternity till he started to fuck me. Slow, deep, almost careful. Last night he had fucked me fast and hard with his fingers, now he fucked me gently with his hard cock.

I pulled my legs up, pushed against him. Moaning he stopped, pressed his forehead against my shoulder.

"Don't", I managed to whisper. What I meant was 'Don't you dare to stop, fuck me.'

But he raised his head, looked me in the eye and started to withdraw. Slinging my legs around his waist I stopped him, pulled him back. And now he started to fuck me.

Deep, powerful thrusts, faster and harder. Moaning softly I closed my eyes. The initial pain was gone, all that was left was the pleasure. The sensation of his cock screwing me, sliding in and out of my wet cunt. I moaned again.

Our heavy breathing, the sound of skin on skin, the squelching sound when he thrust deep inside me were the only sounds.

David tensed up, his grip in my hair tightened. Just a moment later I felt him cum, his cock pulsating and shooting his load deep inside me.

Panting he buried his face in my hair, my body under his. After a while his fist unclenched, he untangled his fingers from my hair.

"Tea and a fag you said?"

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