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Today he turns 30. Not a huge birthday but a milestone of sorts. He's excited because his wife Kevia had promised him a birthday he'd never forget. He amused himself all day thinking of what that might entail. Kevia is an absolutely stunning woman. As far as Adam is concerned, she's the most beautiful woman Adam has ever seen. She has eyes that sparkle and a smile that will disarm you in a heartbeat no matter how angry you may be. There is no defense. He her skin is a beautiful caramel color. Soft to the touch. The kind of skin you just love to run your fingers along. Her body is stunning. Her breasts are DD's that you can get lost in and her ass is a thing of perfection. Adam fantasizes about it probably every day. Adam is a lucky man and he knows it. Now he's on his way to her and he's ready to celebrate.
As he walks into the house he hears the laughter and talking of not one woman but two. Kevia steps out of the kitchen saying "Hey birthday boy. We're in here. Dinner is just about done." We? thought Adam. Thought it'd be just us but us but what the hell. The more the merrier right? Adam strolled into the kitchen to find Kevia's good friend Carrie sitting at the table. Carrie was a beautiful woman in her own right. Fiery red hair and bright green eyes. She had a slighter build than Kevia. Her breasts were smaller, hips not as full but still a very pretty woman. Adam only had eyes for Kevia though. She was his queen. He wrapped her up from behind to steal a kiss over a hot stove. "Hey Carrie. Sticking around for dinner? It's the famous birthday dinner so I'm sure you'd want some." "I think I will." she said. "It's hard to turn down free food. Especially when Kevia is the one making it." Adam Smiled with a knowing smile. Kevia was an amazing cook. Carrie would be crazy to leave. Kevia had made some of Adam's favorites. Chicken sautéed with peppers and onion, fresh cornbread, greens and mac and cheese. An excellent way to celebrate his birthday he thought. They ate happily. Joked and laughed. Ate and then ate a little more. They split a few bottles of wine as well. Dessert was a homemade cake which melted in your mouth.
Full to bursting they took to the living room to where they could lounge more comfortably. The watched a movie, Kevia snuggled against Adam on the couch while Carrie lounged lazily on a big comfy chair. Stomachs settled they had a little more wine to toast Adam's birthday. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening. One fitting a very low key birthday celebration. "Time for your birthday present!" Kevia said. Pulling Adam to his feet and towards the bedroom. "Carrie's still here." Adam said. "Just hush and do as you?re told." Kevia said with a sly smile on her face. Not wanting to argue Adam followed dutifully towards the bedroom. With the door shut Adam was stripped of his clothing and shoved onto the bed. Adam was very hard. His erection stood out hard and ready. Kevia smiled happily. "I'll have to make good use of that but not just yet." With that Kevia sat on his chest. "My present. My rules. Give me your arms." Without waiting long she took each arm and tied it firmly to the bedpost. Adam gave a tug but there was no use. He was at Kevia's mercy until she saw fit to release him.
Kevia moved to the foot of the bed, smiled and undid he blouse letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing and brand new purple laced bra that showed off her breasts perfectly. Adam's already stiff cock jerked with approval. She turned and took off her pants bending over as she did to reveal the matching thong. It made her ass look that much better. Kevia climbed onto the bed. She avoided Adam's erect cock. Instead trailing kisses up his belly to his chest. She stopped to bite a nipple causing Adam to groan pleasurably. He did try to keep it down but it was very difficult. "It may be your birthday but manners are manners. Ladies first." Kevia said. With that Kevia straddled Adam's head and ground her sweet pussy on his face. She had trimmed for Adam. She knew he liked a little hair on her. He wanted a woman. Not a little girl. Adam devoured Kevia's pussy. He licked and sucked at her clit causing pleasurable moans to escape. Kevia seemed not to even be trying to hide the fact of what was going on from Carrie who was just a room away. Adam continued his assault using his tongue to alternate from flicking Kevia's clit to using his tongue to fuck her all the while lapping at the juices wanting Kevia to cum. After a few minutes of feverish licking and sucking Kevia grabbed and Adam's hair and pulled tight as she ground hard on his face and climaxed. She screamed almost joyous as she flooded Adam's face. Adam did all he could to lap up every drop of Kevia's sweet nectar. There was no way Carrie did not hear all that noise in the next room.
Kevia slid next to Adam. "That was a wonderful start but not it's time for your birthday surprise." Adam looked confused. "Carrie!" Kevia called. "I believe he's ready for you." With that Carrie saunters in wearing a matching bra and panties to the one Kevia had on except hers were a dark green. Adam looks at Kevia stunned. "What's this? I mean are you serious?" "I Am." said Kevia. "I've thought long on this and this what I want to give you. A fantasy that all men seem to have. Carrie was willing to be a part of it. Someone we both care about so that will make it all the more special for all of us." "Are you sure baby?" Adam said with some apprehension. "Of course I Am.' said Kevia. I love you. With all my heart. I want to do something very special for you." With that she kissed him sweetly. "Now like I said before. Ladies first. Without another word Carrie was on Adam's other side. She climbed in next him. Ready?" Carrie smirked. Not really waiting for a reply as she lowered her own pussy onto Adam's face. Carrie was a different set of sensations. She too kept her hair trimmed but it was a fiery red that matched her hair. As he tentatively began to lick and suck at her pussy he also noticed Kevia's pussy was smaller. Tighter maybe. Carrie's breasts were smaller but still very firm. Her blue eyes peered down at him almost coaxing him on. He found her clit and sucked hard. He wanted to hear this woman moan too. He loved to eat pussy and loved making a woman cum. As if that were a sort of signal Carrie began to grind hard on Adam's face. She wanted cum just as much as he wanted her to. They found a nice rhythm and Adam again tongue fucked the pussy in front of him. He then felt that familiar tightening as Carrie's orgasm exploded on his face flooding him again with the sweet nectar, Carrie visibly shook as she slid to Adam's other side breathing heavily. "You're right" she gasped. "He certainly knows what to do with that tongue." "Now it?s only fair that we clean up since he did such a wonderful job" Kevia stated matter of fact. With that both women begin to lick and kiss him softly, delicately all over his face. Anywhere the glistening juices of the combined orgasms may have. "We taste delicious." Cooed Carrie. "That we do" said Kevia. As she said this she kissed Adam on softly on the lips.
"I also believe since the ladies are now certainly taken care of it?s time for our man to get his." With both women slid down to Adam?s now aching cock. Both women begin kissing at his groin. Hands roaming his sides, legs and chest. The cupped at his assed and deliberately avoided his cock. Adam groaned impatiently. Thrusting as if to show them where they needed to be. Without a word both women like up the side of his shaft. Adam moaned loudly as their tongues mingled around the head. Hands cupped his balls and squeezed making him so hard it almost hurt. Tongues danced along the head and down the shaft. Kevia deep throating Adam the entire length and then Carrie in turn almost as in competition. Adam?s mind was in a state of sensory overload. He moaned and yelled. Tugging at the restraints to get to the women who were almost toying with him. "Oh God I?m going to cum!" Adam growled. He couldn?t take it anymore. His cock exploded. First onto Kevia and then onto Carrie they took turns as jet after jet of cum was milked from him covering their faces and breasts. With a grunt Adam spent his last spurt and he collapsed on the bed. He again felt tongues licking at his cock but now gently cleaning his cock of any extra cum that was there. Adam sighed contentedly. As he laid there in the afterglow of the orgasm Kevia and Carrie began to kiss softly at the foot of the bed. They too were cleaning up the cum, but not off themselves but off of each other.
There was nothing Adam could do but watch. He stared wondrously as both women removed each other?s bras. First Kevia removed Carrie?s and began to lick and suck at her breasts. Carrie?s nipples were larger and pink and stood erect from the attention. Small pleased noises escaped Carrie?s lips as Kevia cleaned up her friend. Soon though it was Kevia whose breasts were exposed her small nipples being assaulted under the guise of cleaning up the cum. Kevia moaned pleasurably as well. Adam knew for a fact Kevia loved having her nipples sucked. Soon both women were wrapped in each other?s arms kissing, fondling and stroking. Carrie squeezed a large breast as Kevia cupped an ass cheek. The women were enamored in each other. The pale skinned fiery haired Carrie intertwined with the dark skinned dark haired beauty of Kevia. For the moment it seemed Adam was to be forgotten. They were soon straddling one another and were 69?ing. Both women attacked each other with a gentile ferocity. They ground into each other with a fury. It was a sight for Adam to behold. It wasn?t long before he himself was hard again. From nowhere it seems Carrie pulled a double sided dildo. "How long had they been planning this?" thought Adam? They positioned themselves in front of each other. Carrie slid one end into Kevia?s waiting pussy. Kevia moaned with an obvious pleasure. Carrie then positioned herself and buried the other half in herself. They embraced and kissed feverishly. Each other pinching and teasing the other nipples as they found a stroke that worked. Each thrusting into the other almost daring other to go faster. It was almost a blur as the dildo appeared and then was gone with each thrust both women moaning in passion, Adam all but forgotten. As if on cue both women convulsed violently clinging to the other as an orgasm ripped through them both. As it passed both collapsed on either side of Adam panting for breath. "How was that for a birthday show" rasped Carrie. "Bet you didn?t see that one coming." "Not in a million years" Adam breathed. "That was my gift." Carrie said. "Kevia?s is next."
Confused. Adam didn?t know what to say. Kevia smiled and said "I?ve got something for you I know you?ve always wanted it. You?ll know it when you get it. But first let?s untie these hands." With that Adam?s hands were free. Free to spank both women on the ass which is exactly what he did. "Oh good you?re still feisty." Carrie said. Without a word Adam turned and was on top of Kevia. Soon he had her legs apart and slammed into her with a fury. Though she had cum twice she was still very tight. It felt amazing. Kevia moaned in ecstasy as Adam pumped into her. Her legs wrapped tight around him. Heels digging into him with each thrust. Carrie was there as well. She was sucking on Kevia?s tits as Adam continued the assault. Carrie also squeezed Adam?s balls making him even harder. It didn?t? take long before Kevia dug her nails into Adam?s back and another orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed onto the bed panting. "Don?t forget Carrie too." She said in panting breaths. "Make her cum. cum inside her too. I want her to feel it." By now Adam?s instincts were running in a purely primal way. Kevia could?ve said anything and he would do it. He climbed from beneath Kevia and pulled Carrie to the end of the bed. Standing up he bent her over head was between Kevia?s legs. He positioned her and then slammed into her with all the force he could manage. She screamed with pleasure as his thrusts pushed her in between Kevia?s thighs. Kevia was on her belly now and Adam could admire that amazing ass as he pumped into Carrie. He grabbed Carrie?s hair and tugged he head up. "Eat Kevia?s ass. I want to hear her moan as I fuck you." Carrie did as she was told. Kevia repositioning to give Carrie a good angle. Soon Kevia was moaning. Carrie too as Adam kept pounding into her. He slapped her ass and even fingered her tight asshole. All that was too much for Carrie as she clamped down on Adam?s cock as her orgasm tore into her. It was too much for Adam as he too exploded into her. Carrie collapsed forward wobbly as Adam slid out still hard.
"I?m so glad you?re still hard baby." Kevia said. "Because now it?s time for my gift." She pulled Adam down onto his back next to Carrie. "I?m going to give you something you?ve always wanted. My ass." As she said that she gave her ass a little shake. "I know you?ve always wanted to so tonight you?re going to get it." She pulled out a small bottle of lube and used some on his cock stroking gently. Carrie took the bottle and put some around Kevia?s asshole. Then she faced Adam and with a deep breath lowered herself into position. She lowered just enough to let the head of Adam?s cock into her. Adam gasped. It felt so tight. So amazing, He wanted to thrust his entire cock into her. He restrained himself. He could tell it hurt Kevia some and she needed time to adjust. After a minute or so she lowered herself again. Adam grunted again as the pleasure increased. So it went slowly inch by inch until Kevia had Adam?s whole cock inside of her. She breathed deeply when the whole thing was in. She smiled down at him. "I see you like your birthday present." Adam?s eye were all but glazed over in ecstasy at this point. She began to grind slowly. Easily at first to make sure it felt good. Then she increased speed and began to thrust down as well. Taking this as his cue Adam began to slowly match her thrusts. Slowly they began to explore this position. Moaning softly together. Soon though Kevia?s moans became louder and her thrusts became harder. Adam too began to pick up steam as he pinched at nipples and squeezed full breasts, Carrie too then joined in the fun. She was licking Kevia?s clit and Kevia had a hand in her hair forcing her deeper still. Without really realizing Adam had a finger in Carrie?s ass as well. Finger fucking with equal ferocity. It was too much as Kevia bore down and climaxed once, then again and as the third orgasm ripped through Adam exploded inside Kevia?s ass. Moaning loudly and holding her in place.
Everyone collapsed from utter sexual exhaustion. Adam collapsed in the middle of the bed. A worn and thoroughly fucked Kevia on his right and an equally fucked Carrie on his left. Both trailed kisses on his arms and shoulders. "How?s that for a birthday celebration?" Kevia sleepily grinned. "Best birthday ever!" Adam managed to get out. His eyes were heavy with sleep. "I love you so much" he managed to say before his eyes closed. Both girls chatted over him as he fell asleep but he wasn?t paying any attention really. As he drifted off though he thought he heard Kevia say something about needing a roommate?.

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