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I?m 28 years old and Canadian-Lebanese and this is the story of how I became a sugar baby.

Those of you who have read my past works already know my history but for those who are new, here is a quick recap. I was brought up in a conservative middle-eastern household. My husband was the first man I ever dated and had sex with and we got married about 2 years ago. During our marriage, we would often hang out with his friends, a group of 6 guys including him, with me as the only girl. One day, my husband arranged for two of his best friends to have sex with me, a situation I very much enjoyed. Eventually, I found myself sleeping with the whole team, often doing them all together. My husband got turned on by the idea of me being a slut for his friends. Unfortunately, we failed to establish boundaries and ground rules on how far I could take this.

Our issues started when I met an older wealthy man in his late 50s named Robert who I got sexually involved with. Robert would regularly spoil me with gifts and take me to expensive places to eat and shopping sprees. When my husband found out about this, it rubbed him the wrong way. He felt I was being a gold digger and only in it for the money. Perhaps he felt insecure that he was never able to buy me the finer things in life like Robert was able to. After a huge fight, he asked me to leave our house so we could take some time apart. I had nowhere to go and so I moved in with Robert and didn't speak to my husband for some time.

Recently, my husband contacted me and said that he would like to file for a divorce. He had also told my family about my affair with Robert and they vowed to never speak to me again. I was devastated and had nowhere to turn, especially after my parents and siblings abandoned me. I told Robert and he said he wanted to end things with me because he didn?t want to be part of something so complicated. This was another devastating blow. I?ve never worked a day in my life and have always relied on the men in my life for money - first my father, then my husband, and now Robert. I have no savings and had nowhere left to go and was essentially homeless.

I pleaded my case to Robert who agreed to let me stay and implied that in return I would have to continue to provide him with regular sex. I agreed and for the past little while, Robert has been having his way with me and is letting me stay in his home. He?s also providing me with a small amount of money so I could sustain my bills (phone, daily expenses, etc). But the dynamic between us has changed. What was once a nice, sophisticated man, has now turned into a bit of a dick, often treating me like his property and being extra rough during sex. I basically do what he wants and when he wants it, including occasionally doing some cleaning and cooking (which I did before anyways as a courtesy).

I spoke to a friend of mine and told her my situation. She suggested that I look into the "sugar" lifestyle where I would be someone?s sugar baby and have a sugar daddy (or more than one depending on my needs). When I think about it, my arrangement with Robert is no different than that of a sugar baby/sugar daddy, except we met organically rather than online. I was worried that he would eventually cut me off and knew I had to act fast.

And so I took my first steps into becoming a sugar baby. I signed up for a dating site that hooks up potential sugar daddies with sugar babies. A short while after, I started getting suggestions on who I should meet. There were several men but few stood out.

The most promising candidate was a man named Luis. Luis is 62 and lived not too far away from where I am. I did the math in my head. A man who is 56 would be twice my age. Luis is 62. Which means he is more than twice my age and would have been 34 when I was born. At the end of the day, age didn?t bother me too much. Plus I imagined that the older men have more money to spend. He?s not much older than Robert anyway.

Luis and I agreed to do a meet and greet. I was nervous. I knew I had to nail this and couldn?t afford for him to not like me. He had to be ready to take things further right away. I needed him to take one good look at me and know that I?m the sugar baby that he?s been looking for. Typically these meet and greets happen at neutral locations, but given the current situation in the world, we agreed to meet at his home.

I thought about what I should wear. It had to be sexy but also not too urban or casual. I couldn't afford to play games. I knew I had to show off the goods. And I thought about my go-to outfit when I want to look my best. My pink bodysuit and my white mini skirt. Yes, it was very revealing and yes it was risky. Yes, the top barely covered anything, was too tight, and rendered my backside completely naked. Yes, the skirt was a size too small and slightly see through and I would flash others in it whenever I sat down or bent. But at the end of the day, I had to make this work and dressing this way would be give me my best shot at this.

I did my hair and makeup and put on the outfit. I didn't wear a bra and my nipples were poking through the top's thin material. My bodysuit doubled as panties, so it looked like I was wearing a pink thong under my skirt. I put on a black coat, called an Uber and made my way towards Luis's home.

Luis's home was like Robert's but slightly smaller. It was outside of the main city in a peaceful neighbourhood. On his driveway he had 2 beautiful vintage cars parked. I always like to see what sort of car a man drives. I rang the doorbell as I felt a knot form in my stomach. I was nervous as hell. I started to second guess myself. Am I doing the right thing? Am I wearing too little? Maybe I should have dressed more modestly. Luis answered the door.

"Hi," I said nervously.

"Hello," replied Luis, a balding man, average build and a warm smile. "Please come in." I walked in nervously, shivering slightly from the cold and the nervousness I felt. Luis offered to take my jacket. I turned around and he took off my coat, revealing my naked back. He paused for a second, undoubtedly caught off guard by the view, before removing the rest of my coat and hanging it in the closet. He led me to the den and offered me a drink.

"Do you drink alcohol?" he asked. I nodded yes. He poured me a mixed alcoholic drink and brought it to me. I took it from his hand and he motioned me to sit on the couch. I sat across from him as my skirt rode up, revealing my pink underwear to him. I saw his eyes glance towards the space between my legs for a moment. I purposely gave him a couple of seconds to look before I crossed my legs to conceal some of the mystery. "So, tell me about yourself," he said.

I took a sip of my drink to calm my nerves. I was cold and my I felt my nipples poking through my top. "Well, my name is Nina, as you know. I'm 28..." I continued to tell him about myself.

"This is your first time doing this, isn't it?" he asked.

"Is it that obvious," I asked smiling.

"Well, most women are a bit more...conservative and held back in the first meeting." I shifted nervously in my seat and started to regret my outfit. Was I showing too much? Was I giving off the wrong impression? I'm not a hooker. That is not the vibe I wanted to give off here.

Luis relieved my worries when he continued. "Don't get me wrong. I'm glad you're not held back. You're confident and you're presenting yourself to me as you are. I like that. Don't be nervous. You're doing great." I smiled back. He continued, "Let me tell you what I'm looking for. I'm running my own business and life is busy. It's tough for me to maintain relationships because of my schedule. But I want to have someone who makes me feel young when I'm away from work and gives me the relief I need after a long workday. Does that make sense?" I nodded. "In terms of how I see our arrangement working, we would preschedule all our meetings, but sometimes there may be last minute changes because of my schedule."

I listened intently. Luis continued, "In terms of allowance: I don't like paying up front. Like I said, my schedule is hectic and there may be stretches when I don't have time to meet. So I would rather give a small allowance after each meeting. I was thinking something in the range of $300 or so."

This wasn't enough for me. I had to make him go higher. I uncrossed my legs to reveal my bright pink thong. "I don't know, Luis. You live a bit further from me and my Uber was quite expensive. That amount doesn't work for me. Do you have a little more room?"

He smiled, glancing down between my legs and up at my chest. "Okay, okay. $400 allowance each time. Does that work?"

I grinned. "Perfect!" I said.

"Great," he replied. "Well let's make it official then. I think this can work very well for both of us." I nodded in agreement and started to wonder if I could maybe get paid today. I had to try.

"So," I asked. "I noticed you have two beautiful cars on your driveway."

"Oh yes," he said. "Those are my babies. You want to see some of the work I've done on them?" I said yes and got up to sit beside him as he pulled out his phone to show me pictures. I used the opportunity to snuggle up right beside him, my legs touching his so that he could feel the warmth from my body. We continued to chat and eventually, Luis rested his hand on my lower back, stroking my skin slowly. I continued to talk, pretending not to notice. I put both legs up on the couch with my knees bent towards him and breasts poking out at him, and continued my conversation, knowing my skirt rode up more, revealing my pink underwear.

He was clearly not listening to anything I was saying and just kept checking me out. His hands rested on my naked legs as he began to stroke them. He brought his hands higher up my leg to the hem of my skirt, as he folded the hem upwards slightly. I stopped talking and looked at his hand and smiled. I made the next move and leaned in for a kiss. We kissed for a few seconds. "I can tell you're eager to get things started between us," I teased. He smiled. I sat on top of him, my body facing him as I brought my tits to his face. He used his hands to remove my spaghetti straps from my shoulders to reveal my tiny titties. They were fully erect, pointy with small bumps. I brought it close to his lips as he took them in his mouth, sucking them gently. He switched and went to the other one, sucking it gently, nibbling and pulling them with his teeth. I moaned slightly and he continued.

Then he said, "Sit on my face." I obeyed and stood up on the couch. I pulled my skirt up to my stomach and unbuckled my body suit from the bottom to expose my freshly shaved bald pussy. I grabbed him by his head and brought my treasure to his lips. I could feel his hot breath in between my legs as he lustfully french-kissed my pussy. I opened my mouth and let out a silent moan. He licked me harder like a savage who hadn't eaten for days. I moaned louder, as I got wet and sloppy down there. He laid down on the couch and beckoned me to bring my pussy to his face again. I sat on top of his face, this time putting more weight on him as he firmly grasped me by my ass cheeks to support my weight. I moaned as I started to grind on his face. His face was all wet from the saliva and the discharge from my vagina.

I turned around while keeping my pussy pressed against his lips and brought my face close to his cock. I unzipped his pants, lowered his boxers and took his cock out. It was an average sized cock, not too small nor too big. But more importantly, it was fully erect and oozing precum. I took his cock in my mouth as he continued to eat my pussy out. I continued sucking with all my heart, stroking his cock up and down with my hand, and occasionally going down and licking his testicles.

I started to talk in between sucking his cock. "You like that, daddy? You like sucking your little girl?s pussy?" He ate me out harder and I could feel his teeth grazing my soft skin. "Oh yes, daddy. Eat my pussy, please. Please eat my pussy. Oh, oh oh, yessss!" I moaned while stroking and sucking his dick.

He stopped eating me out and said, "Bring that coochie to my cock." I obeyed. He remained laying down on the couch. I turned around to face him, my tits exposed and pointed in his direction, my pussy wet and sloppy, and my skirt pulled up over my belly. I sat on his cock and let him go inside me as I started to ride him gently with my hands resting on his body. He held me by my butt, his fingers digging into the skin and fat on my hips.

"Am I doing good, daddy?" I asked playfully in a high pitched squeaky voice. "Am I a good sugar baby?"

"Damn right, baby!"

"You like fucking my coochie, daddy? You like your babygirl?s coochie? Did it taste good, daddy? Did you like the flavour of my little pussy?" He spanked my butt and closed his eyes. I started to ride him harder until he started moaning. He was about to finish. I quickly got up off his cock and brought my face to it, sucking and stroking it as he continued to moan, his body tensing and tightening up.

I held his cock in my mouth as he came inside me. I gagged a couple of times but swallowed every last drop of what he gave me like a good girl. He was clearly satisfied, panting and out of breath. I went to his face and pecked his cheek and told him I was going to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I was a mess. My mascara and eyeliner were smudged, my lipstick slightly smeared, and my makeup nearly gone. I sat on the toilet and peed, wiped my pussy, legs and face clean and reapplied my makeup. I readjusted my top and pulled my skirt down and made my way out. Luis was up and clearly content. "You want something to eat," he asked. "There?s left over pork and rice, I can heat it up."

"I can do it, daddy," I said smiling. I made my way into the kitchen and found the leftovers and heated it up. I served the food for both of us at the kitchen counter, taking out only rice for myself as I don?t eat pork.

"You?re only eating rice?" he asked. I explained to him that I'm not allowed to eat pork in my culture. He smiled and told me I was missing out. We chatted over dinner and he asked me more about myself. Then we went back to the couch and put on TV, until things got frisky again.

"I want to eat that pretty ass of yours," he said. I smiled and stood up, pulling my skirt up to my belly and undoing my bodysuit. I bent over the side of the couch and Luis sat down directly behind me. He took both hands and spread my butt cheeks as wide as possible and graced my hole with his wet tongue. He licked around the area, until finally focusing his tongue at the hole, trying to force it inside.

"I want to eat the shit out of your ass, baby. I want to lick your ass clean like it?s my dinner," he said. I turned around to look at him and giggled playfully as he continued to lick me, putting one, then two fingers inside my ass. I watched him take the fingers back out and then put them in his mouth, then back in my ass, and then in his mouth. Luis continued to eat my ass up and I enjoyed every minute of it. When he was done, we went back to chatting on the couch until it was time for me to go.

I started to wonder if I was going to get paid. I was shy and didn?t say anything about payment as I called an Uber to pick me up. Disappointed at how the night was ending, I put on my coat. Luis excused himself for a second as I was putting my heels on. Then my eyes lit up as I saw what he brought back with him. Cash.

I pretended not to get too excited. He handed me $400. I thanked him. Then he gave me another $200. "That?s for being so wonderful," he said smiling. I kissed my sugar daddy on the lips.

Jackpot! $600 in just a few hours. This was amazing. I can really make some money doing this. When I got back to Robert?s place, he was sitting on the couch drinking. "Come here, baby," Robert said. I walked up to him. He complimented me on how I looked and pulled me on top of him and started to kiss me. I kissed him back. He ended up fucking me shortly after. Before going to my bedroom, I saw the kitchen was a mess, so I cleaned it before turning in for the night.

A few moments later my phone buzzed. Robert had emailed me $300. "Great timing," I thought to myself. I undressed and hopped into the shower before opening my laptop. There were several more sugar daddy requests on my profile. One of them intrigued me. I opened it and got in touch with the person. We started talking and I agreed to meet him.

What a lucrative day. And it was easy for me. I was $900 richer today and in exchange I just had to offer some companionship. I now had 2 sugar daddies in Luis and Robert, with potentially a third one on the way. There was no way I could handle a 4th, but 3 seemed manageable. I realized I would have to get organized and have a schedule and planner to make sure this would work. I went to bed encouraged that night at my future prospects.

The next morning I shared what's been going on with me with a friend of mine. She was highly sympathetic and made me an offer to be roommates. She lives in an apartment in the city and so I went to go check it out. It was a fairly old building and not in the best part of town. But my half of the rent would be cheap and I would be living with a friend, so I decided to accept her offer.

I told Robert my plans and that I didn't want to continue to mooch off of him. He was very understanding and was happy I was becoming more independent. We decided that we would continue to see each other in an unofficial sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship and he would continue to give me my allowance in exchange.

"Things were finally looking better," I thought to myself.

My name is Nina...and I am a sugar baby.

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