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But I didn?t realize that at the time. The first big step happened on a Friday. ?Have you ever sucked a cock?" she asked completely out of context during the breakfast. I looked at her in disbelieve. ?What? No! Why do you ask?" Just casually she said: ?Well, you like to eat your cum, don?t you? I see how much you enjoy it, your cock gets hard again immediately when you get it in your mouth." I thought about it. Yeah, she was right, by then I really learned to love it, it really turned me on. ?Yeah, well, I kinda do!" i answered. She smiled one of her seducing smiles: ?Well, and I know, you enjoy seeing me eat pussy!" I nodded. ? Yeah, that?s really hot! " In her sweetest voice she then said: " See, I would love to see you suck some cock! Don?t you think, you owe me that?" With eyes wide open I said: ?Are you serious?" Again very casually she answered: ? Well, was I ever not serious about something like that? Was I not serious when I asked you to lick my ass? Or when I asked you to drink my pee? And now you love all of it. And you enjoyed our little threesomes with two pussies so much, didn?t you? Well now it?s time to return the favour and let me enjoy two cocks!" I was a bit shocked. And some kind of jealousy started creeping in my brain. Of course I was never jealous of another woman in our threesomes, but another man??? And why do I have to suck cock? ?I know what you?re thinking." She said. ?But you will do it anyway, because I asked you to. And trust me, you are gonna love it, like you love everything I ask you for!" I looked at her and said in a weak voice: ?Can I think about it?" She laughed and said: ?Ya well, think fast. We have a visitor tonight. And you can just watch me being fucked by his big cock, or you can join the action. But, just to make it more interesting. You cannot touch me before you didn?t suck the cum out of his cock. Understood?"

I was nervous the whole day. And Karmen just acted like it?s nothing special. Then the door bell rang. She was already dressed really sexy in shiny black thigh high boots and a black latex corset mini dress, without panties of course. ?For easy access!" as she said with a horny grin. On her command, I went to open the door and greet our guest. He was a tall, handsome man of about 50 years. His black leather pants and the tight black t-shirt over his brought shoulders and massive chest gave him a pretty impressive appearance. ?Hi, I?m Tom!" he said in a deep, a little raspy voice. ?Nice to meet you." He sounded really friendly and I replied accordingly and led him to the living room. When he saw Karmen they greeted each other very passionately and with a long and wild kiss. ?Long time no see!" he said. ? You look amazing as always!" Karmen answered: ?Ya, it?s been a while! I really started to miss your big hard cock!" He grinned, then he turned around and they both looked at me. ?Well, a really cute one you got there!" Tom said without taking his eyes off me. Karmen said: ?Ya well, he?s done quite good so far. Now it?s time to take the next step with him. And if he needs to get used to cocks, why not start with an amazing one? That?s why I called you." I kinda felt like a puppet in a weird play. Tom said: Well, I?m happy to be of service!" and then he winked at me. ?Well honey!" Karmen said to me ?Don?t be rude! Our guest had a long way. Come on, make him feel welcome. Get down on your knees in front of him, open that zipper?take out his cock and then suck it." I stood there and hesitated. Then Karmen said with a horny grin: ?Oh wait! First get naked! I wanna see if it turns you on to suck cock, if you get hard from getting his hot cum in your mouth." As I still hesitated, she suddenly changed her tone and said in a really commanding voice: ?Now! You know I hate to wait!" And as always when she started to sound so dominant, I obeyed immediately. I got rid of my clothes, went down on my knees and then started opening his zipper and the button of his pants. I smelled this strange mixture of leather, sweat and cock for the very first time and I was in trance. ? Pull down his pants!" Karmen commanded and I obeyed of course. And then I saw it. Long thick and already half hard. And there was not one single hair on his cock and balls. ?Look at that!" Karmen said. ?You are already getting hard from only seeing a real cock for the first time!" she laughed. ?Now suck it. You know, you want it. Suck the cock. Now!" Like in trance I started licking the top of his cock. It tasted good. A little salty, but good. Then I took it in my mouth. Wow, that was not as easy as I thought. It was pretty big and I had to open my mouth wide. But I started to suck and lick that cock and it started to get harder and even bigger in my mouth. Tom moaned and Karmen said: ?Oh good! You are talented! Isn?t he, Tom?"And Tom answered with another moan. I was kinda proud, that I did such a good job at the very first time so I even upped my efforts. I wanted to make Tom moan even louder and I was starting to look forward to getting his hot cum in my mouth. I don?t know how long it really took, but suddenly Tom moaned even louder and I felt his hot cum shooting in my mouth. In a reflex I tried to swallow as much as I could, but it was simply too much, it ran down my chin, dripped on my chest and I still felt more cum filling my mouth. When he finally stopped shooting hot cum in my mouth, Tom pulled out his still hard cock and said: ?Okay, now I?m ready to fuck your pussy!" and Karmen leaned back on the couch and opened her legs wide. ?And you, my little cocksucker, good job! Come here, you deserved a kiss. Come here with your cum drippin? slut mouth!" I stood up , went to the couch and bent down to kiss Karmen while Tom started to fuck her hard and long. It took forever and Karmen went from moaning to moaning louder and eventually screaming from joy. ?Yeah?fuck me hard?now, that is a real cock?yeah?fuck me harder?deeper?that?s what I need?yeah finally a real cock again?" it was not easy to not take it personally, how much she praised his cock. But it was really hot seeing her in such ecstatic joy. And I had to admit, Tom?s cock really was amazing. Compared to mine, it really was a real cock! Karmen had at least three orgasms before Tom filled her pussy with his hot sperm. And of course I was allowed to suck and lick all of the precious juice out of her pussy. Afterwards I was ordered to suck Tom?s cock again?the whole evening? it took hours to get another load of cum out of it?but I sucked all the time, while Tom and Karmen sat there, watched me and had a nice conversation about old times. ?You?re really a good little cocksucker. You should be proud of yourself. Nobody ever got a third load out of Tom?s cock in such a short time." And I was proud. ?Now you really deserve a reward. Well, I?d let you fuck me now, but after Tom?s big hard cock, I wouldn?t even feel your tiny one. In fact, maybe I should from now on only let real cocks fuck me. You are much better with your tongue and mouth anyways! But since you are such a cock and cum lover now, I know the best reward for you. You are allowed to jerk of and eat all your cum?Here, jizz on my boots and then lick it all up." She was really mean, but somehow it really turned me on, when she talked to me like that. Especially in front of somebody else. So I did exactly what she asked me to, and even thanked her for letting me do it. That was the night, when my addiction to cock and cum started. The following weeks we had many similar nights with different other guys. And by the time Karmen decided to take it to the next level, I was already a skilled cocksucker and cum eater?and I loved it.

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