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He hated his job. He hated the apartment

he lived in. He hated his next door neighbor. She was smoking hot with big tits and a huge ass. He

especially hated her kid. An entitled high school brat that was probably going to be as gorgeous and hot

as her mom and probably as big a bitch.

Lance had a motorcycle. A Yamaha R6 that went fast and handled like a dream. This made all the

bullshit in his life tolerable. Knowing that come the weekend he could take to the road and leave

everything behind, if only for a couple of hours.

It was on one of his weekend rides that his life was permanently changed. He dragged a knee around a

turn, there was a bright flash of light not too far ahead of him, then a vehicle appeared. A vehicle of a

design he had never seen before. It was black, angular and about the size of an SUV. Lance had no

time to brake or maneuver around it. He plowed right into it. Surprisingly he didn't blackout. Not

right away. He heard some hydraulics, probably a door on the vehicle opening. Then he heard some

excited chatter in a language he had never heard before. It was strange because though Lance spoke

English and Spanish fluently and had a grasp of Korean, the chatter sounded completely unfamiliar.

When he had served in the Army for six years he had learned what many languages sounded like.

Though Chinese, Japanese, Thai were completely different from each other, they sounded somewhat

Alike. African languages sound alike. Baltic languages sound alike. The chatter he was hearing,

obviously two males and one female, sounded like nothing he had ever heard.

Lance saw the woman first as she appeared in the corner of his vision. Without a doubt she was the

most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. Jet black hair. An olive toned complexion,

Mediterranean or Mexican if Lance was to guess. What he thought strange were her eyes. They

were a yellowish gold color. Her pupils were star shaped. It was then that the pain hit. The world

became a haze of red and then black.

Lance awoke in what he could best describe as a hospital room. A woman, probably a nurse, stood

over him, staring intently at the equipment he was hooked up to. The equipment looked somewhat

familiar but different, more modern. What he supposed were numbers, were completely unfamiliar.

The woman was just as stunning as the one he had seen just after the crash. Her hair was a strange

greenish shade of blonde. Her skin was the olive shade as the other. She glanced at him and she

had the same yellow gold eyes as the first woman. She had the same star shaped pupils. She smiled

and spoke to him. He understood not one word. But somehow, he understood what she wanted to

ask. "I'm feeling surprisingly well, considering what happened."

She spoke again. Again, Lance didn't understand her words but understood exactly what she said.

"You were very lucky. Your injuries were quite horrific."

"How bad?"

"Your spine was severed. Nine broken ribs. Broken clavicle. Broken left arm. Punctured lung.

Lacerated liver. Skull fracture and a very bad brain injury. At least half of your brain was affected."

The woman disconnected him from the machine. Lance felt fine. She had mentioned a severed spine

and brain injury but he felt fine. He looked down and wiggled his toes and everything worked fine. He

felt pretty coherent for having had a brain injury. He wondered how long he had been there.

The woman motioned for him to sit up. She walked to a small cabinet and pulled out a pair of jeans,

underwear and a t-shirt. She brought them to his bed.

She said, "We couldn't use your old clothes. They had to cut them off of you. We bought clothes like

you were wearing before."

"How long have I been here?"

"Three days."

"Was I at another facility before?"

"No. You were brought straight here from the accident."

"And I healed in three days."

"And it took it took a day longer because of your brain injuries. Now get dressed and follow me."

Lance was led down a couple of long corridors. She stopped to chat with a couple of people. He found

it strange that he could not grasp what they were saying when they talked to each other. The men she

talked to were up to the same standard of beauty and perfection as the women he had seen.

The woman knocked on a door and opened it for him. She did not enter with him. The woman he had

seen at the accident was there. Sitting at a table. She motioned for him to sit across from him.

"How are you feeling?" She spoke to him in English. She had an accent. A Texas drawl no different

from almost every woman he saw everyday living in Texas as he did. She sensed his thoughts. "We

have been in this area for a long time. This is where we learned your language so we sound like you."

"Oh. I see. As far as how I feel, I feel great."

"I'm sure you have questions."

"Yes. I do. What the fuck happened? The nurse said I had gotten pretty fucked up. I've crashed

before. I was hit by a car on the motorcycle I had before. I didn't just shake it off, but I was not hurt as

bad as the nurse said I was this time. It took me a year to recover."

"We know about your previous accident. We saw the scars. We overstepped our bounds with you. Our

superiors are going to impose some disciplines on us."


"We should not have gotten involved. It goes completely against our protocols. Getting some aid

should have been the limit of our involvement. The extent of the procedures performed on you was

more of an...experimental nature. "

"Apparently it worked."

"Full disclosure. We are not from here and we are not human. We are so genetically close to human

that only a full sequencing of our DNA would tell the difference. Physiologically only our eyes and

our brains are different. The difference in our brains is what has our superiors so agitated about what

we did to save you."

Lance was a bit worried now. "What did you do?"

"Two areas of your brain were completely destroyed. We had to replace them. We have technology

that can reproduce body parts. We made replacement parts for your brain. The only thing is. We

can only reproduce our brains, not yours. It is completely compatible with yours but there are some

differences. As you probably noticed, we can communicate telepathically if we choose to. The part of

the brain that houses our telepathic abilities is what we transplanted into you. We have no idea how

that is going to work long term. Humans have no telepathic abilities so nothing may come of it."

"What happens now."

"You go home. And you know our technology to produce body parts? We used a similar technology to

3D print your bike. Exactly."

Lance was taken from the building he had spent the last three days. It was an unassuming building in

the middle of a private air field. He was led to a Gulfstream jet and flown home. His R6 had been

reproduced and ridden to his apartment building in Texas. He wondered if anyone had even noticed he

had been gone for three days. He had take a week of vacation at work.

After being driven to his home Lance didn't even go into his building. He walked a block to the corner

and bought a pack of cigarettes. He went to a park across the street from his apartment, tapped the

pack of cigarettes on his palm and opened them.

It was then that Lanced noticed Carrie, his next door neighbor sitting on a park bench, reading a book.

He glanced around the park and saw Della, Carrie's daughter doing a bit of stretching with a couple of

other girls her age. Lance had heard in passing hat Della was into gymnastics. She looked it. Sexy

shoulders. A big muscular butt. She was beautiful. She had a succulent pair of lips. Lance imagined her sucking his cock.

In a move that completely surprised him, Della waved to him. He knew Della and Carrie didn't like

him. Lance waved back, just to be polite, while thinking suck my dick, you little bitch. Della started

walking toward him. Her supple tits bouncing under her sports bra. Lanced wondered what her

recently sprouted tits looked like. Della crossed her arms, took hold of the bottom of her bra and pulled

it off over her head.

Della got on her knees in front of Lance and her hands went to his belt. He looked around. A young

beautiful girl, with her tits out was trying to pull his pants down in a busy part and no one was noticing.

A few people looked but there was no reaction. Della freed Lance's cock from his jeans, gave it a quick

cursory look and then slid her mouth over it. It had been months since Lance has stuck his cock in

anywhere. He just wasn't the type of guy that had pussy just fall in his lap. Now Curtis, his coworker

had a hot girlfriend he always bragged about fucking often and he also cheated on her frequently. The

guy even turned down pussy on occasion.

The warmth and velvety softness of Della's mouth around his cock felt incredible. Suck it like you

really, really want it you little bitch, thought Lance. Della's smooth back and forth rhythm on his cock

sped up. Becoming desperate, hungrily so. Lance took a few steps backward so he could take a seat on

on a bench. Della followed him on her knees. He glanced around to see if anyone had taken notice but

no one really had. Everyone was just going along with their day. He caught sight of Carrie. He had

completely forgotten about her. She looked up from her book, looked directly at him getting his cock

sucked by her daughter and then went back to reading. Not reacting in the slightest. This

had to be a dream, Lance thought to himself.

He put his hands under Della's arms and pulled her up so her tight, firm recently sprouted boobs were

even with his face. He kissed one breast and then the other then he pushed Della back down on her

knees. Once she was sucking his cock again, Lance slid his hand down her back and under the

waistband of her leggings. He cupped one of her ass cheeks and squeezed it. Then the other. He

looked over at Carrie. She was still reading. That she was completely ignoring Della sucking his cock

pissed Lance off in a way. Bitch, at least watch. Carrie looked up, turned toward Lance and closed her


The way she watched Della suck his cock seemed strange. It was like she was watching a sunset or a

movie. Interested but not really involved. Lance looked around the park. People kept walking by not

noticing what was going on or being completely disinterested. Every once in a while someone would

glance his way, see what was going on and just move along.

Lance's cock was a bit larger than average. Not up to pornstar standards and a little on the thick side.

A good eight inches. He wondered if Della would be able to deepthroat it. Right on cue Della took

every inch of his cock in her mouth and well into her throat. She slid the cock out of her mouth until

she was only sucking on the tip then took the whole cock into her throat again. Lance felt his balls

Start to churn. He was about to cum in this little bitch's mouth. On impulse he grabbed her by her

ponytail and pulled her off his cock. He turned to look at Carrie who watching somewhat a bit more

intently than before. Jeez! He hated these cunts. As he held Della by the ponytail with one hand he

slapped her hard across the face with the other. He then pulled her back on his cock. He shoved his

cock down her throat a couple of times, pulled her off his cock and slapped her again. Again he shoved

his cock down her throat. When he pulled her off his dick again he gave her a twofer. He slapped her

then he gave her a good solid backhand. Right across the mouth. Her lip started to bleed a little.

Lance used the tip of his cock to wipe the trickle of blood from her lip and put it back in her mouth.

He stood up. He wanted to face fuck this little pig. Face fuck her hard. He held on to her ponytail,

pulled his cock almost all the way out then slammed it into her face hard. He did it over and over.

Lance pushed her down on her back and fucked her face like it was a pussy. He felt he was cumming.

It was going to be a good one. He shoved the cock all the way down her throat as he started to cum.

He left it there as he felt it pulse and throb. He could feel Della run her tongue back and forth on his

shaft as his cum spurted down he throat. He left it there. He looked down at her face. She couldn't


Her eyes were opened wide, she looked a little frightened. She started to struggle a bit as she fought

for air. Still, her tongue kept going back and forth on his cock. The fact that she would suck his cock

until her dying breath so excited Lance that he came again. The movement of her tongue on his dick

slowed down then stopped. Lance shoved his cock even further down the throat of this little bitch. It

tempting. Oh so tempting to leave his cock in Della's throat until everything stopped. But no, not yet.

He had cum twice and realized that he had left Carrie completely out except for watching. He wished

shehad gotten some of his cock too. As soon as he thought that, his cock started to get hard again.

Lance started to work some things around in his head. Things weren't going as normal as usual. He

had basically throat raped a girl in broad daylight until she was almost choked to death

in a busy park and people just went on with their day. It wasn't that no one noticed. Everyone noticed

but just didn't care. Carrie and Della went along with all his thoughts.

Lance decided to do a quick experiment. He looked around and noticed a tall Black girl working

toward him. She had a nice curvy body with big tits. Let's see those tits, thought Lance. The girl

pulled up her t-shirt and bra and gave him a view. Smiling the whole time. Behind the Black girl was a

blonde. Not very big tits, but that wasn't the point of this. The girl was wearing a business jacket and

modest skirt. Apparently an above middle tier manager or lower level executive. Let's see 'em. The

blonde unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra up. Leave 'em out. The girl walked past Lance, tits to

the breeze and made no effort to cover up.

The partial brain. The brain the Orions had manufactured for him. That had to be it. She had said that

they had telepathic abilities. That had to be what was happening. He was manipulating the thoughts

and will of everyone around him. He heard Della cough and looked over to see her sit up and gag a bit.

He decided to have a little fun and do a test. He wondered if he could have Della orgasm with no

stimulation of any kind. Just have it happen. Cum bitch! Della threw her head back and squeezed her

legs together. She bucked her hips and grunted. Her tits flushed red. It passed, she brought her knees

up to her chest, placed her arms on her knees and caught her breath.

She had given him such a good blowjob, she deserved a reward. He had her have another orgasm. A

bigger one this time. Della laid back on the grass. Bucked her hips in the air and screamed loudy at the


Lance stood over her. Had her get on her knees and start sucking his cock again. He glanced at Carrie.

She was reading her book again. You want some of this you bitch. Carrie put her book in her purse

and started walked toward him. Tit's out, you cunt. Carrie yanked her shirt and bra over her head.

Everything! Damn this bitch was fine. Tits the size of grapefruits. Thin waist. Wide hips and abs. A

pretty shaven pussy. She got to Lance and stood next to him, intently watching Della suck his cock like

she was starving to death. Lance grabbed Della's ponytail and yanked her roughly off his cock. Carrie

slapped her across the face. Just for kicks Lance had Della have a small orgasm with the strike. Della

was even confused by what happened but went back to placing the cock in her mouth. He turned

Carrie toward him and started sucking her tits. He started playing with the folds of her pretty pussy. It

was wet and warm. He got his finger good and wet then had Della suck the moisture off of it. Again,

Lance had her orgasm a little bit.

Lance wanted to see what Carrie's mouth felt like around his dick but he want the little

cunt to still have a cock in her mouth. Just then, a basketball came rolling to them. It bumped against

Della's firm butt and came to a stop. A young Black man. Shirtless, with a lean muscled, boxer like

physique came after it. "Sorry, Man." He said as he picked it up. Completely ignoring what was

going on.

Lance looked at the young man. "She wants to suck your dick, Dude."

Della came off Lance's cock and placed her finger's under the waistband of the young man's shorts and

pulled them down. Lance remembered a movie a movie he had seen about a sentient teddy bear named

Chad or Todd or something. Through the movie, the teddy bear and a friend kept looking up Black

cock on the internet and commenting on them. The cock on this kid would have easily made the cut

for those two.

Della quickly gulped the cock down and went to work.

"Bitch, suck my cock!" Lance said to Carrie. Carrie went to her knees and licked Lance's cock up one

side and down the other before taking it into her mouth. Carrie was much better than Della at sucking

cock. Lance had been guiding Della along. Carrie obviously knew what she was doing. Apparently

she had had a lot of practice.

Just as Carrie had gotten going Lance heard the young man grunt. "I'm gonna nut!" He pumped a

large load into Della's mouth who dutifully swallowed every drop. The young man started to walk

away to join his friends at the basketball court.

"Send one of your friends over." Lance said.

"Which one?"

"Which ever one gets the least pussy."

There was a picnic table near by. Lance walked his little party over to it. He took a seat on a bench

and leaned back against the table. He had Carrie take his cock in her mouth again. Della kneeled

beside her mom. Lance decided to make this a lot more fun. Carrie, mouth full of cock glared at Della.

"There's no cock in your mouth, you little bitch!" With that she slapped Della. An instant before the

blow landed, Lance released Della. She was still aware of what had been happening, but was lucid.

She was now aware of how this was nothing she wanted. How this was in no way how things were

supposed to be. The slap across the face shocked her. Lance could see the betrayal in her eyes. Tears

were about to spill out. She started to say mom but only got half of it out before a second slap landed.

"There's no fucking cock in your mouth!"

Right then another young man from the basketball court arrived. Carrie yanked his shorts down and

pushed Della's face against his cock. Della resisted. Carrie grabbed Della's ponytail and punched her

on the side of the head. "Suck his fucking cock, Della!"

"Mom! No!"

Carrie punched her again. By her ponytail, Carrie pulled Della toward the young man's cock. Lance

took Della again. Had her take the young man's cock in her mouth as Carrie pushed Della's roughly

until every inch was in Della's mouth. Carrie started yanking Della's head roughly back and forth on

the cock. Lance was enjoying the show tremendously.

"I'm gonna cum!" The young man announced. "Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!"

Lance wanted to time this just right. He waited a moment reading the young man closely. The young

man threw his head back. Lance wanted Della to get at least one full spurt in the mouth before he

released her. Now! Lance gave Della her will back. She placed her hands against the young man's thighs

and tried to push herself off of his cock. Carrie wouldn't let her do it. More cum poured into Della's

mouth. She tried not to swallow and spit what cum she could out of the sides of her mouth.

It was then that Lance released Carrie, too. "Oh my God! Stella!"

The young man pulled up his shorts after Della released his cock and went back to his friends.

"Stella, Baby. I'm so sorry."

"Fuck you, Mom!" Stella sobbed. "Just fuck you."

Carrie looked at Lance. "You! You have something to do with this."

"Every single bit of it, bitch! And I'm just getting started."

Lance wondered if he could get them to continue with what they were doing but be fully aware. Suck

every cock, not want to but not be able to resist. Worth a try. "I'm going to fuck Della, Carrie."

"No you're not, asshole." Della said.

"Carrie, you going to let that little bitch talk to me like that?' Lance smiled as he said it.

The look on Carrie's face was best described as delicious. He let her have the full realization of what

she was about to do.

Carrie pounced on Della, pushing her on her back. She pinned Della's arms with her knees. Carrie

looked back at Lance. "Please, no!"

Carrie placed one hand on Della's throat. She punched her in the face with the other. Lance put words

in her mouth, "You don't ever talk to him like that you little cunt!" She emphasized every word with a

punch to the face. "Not ever!" Punch! Punch! "You deserve to die for that shit!" Carrie placed the

other hand around Della's neck. She squeezed! "Die Bitch! Just die!"

Della struggled to push her mom's hands away from her throat. She couldn't do it. She started to buck

to get Carrie off of her with no success. Della started kicking desperately. Lance walked to where he

could get a better look. Carrie's face was filled with a mix of remorse and fear. She clearly wanted to

stop, but couldn't. She looked at Lance, "Please!"

"Eat her pussy, Carrie. Get her ready so I can fuck her." Lance said.

Carrie stopped choking Della. Della's face was a mess. Both eyebrows were cut. There was a cut

under right cheekbone. Just to be a petty bastard, Lance had Carrie spit in Della's face and call her a

bitch one more time.

There was a look Della gave Carrie. Lance had nothing to do with it. It was pure and natural. It was a

look of deep, dark to the point of being black, boiling hatred. "Give me a good show, Carrie."

Carrie slid down Della's body, cupped one tit and sucked the other one. After the beating Della had

received at the hands of her mother, Lance felt a little compensation was in order. He had Della

orgasm. He let her have another. Carrie moved down to Della's pussy. She parted the folds and

tongued Della's clit. Lance had Della come. Carrie stuck her tongue deep in the pussy. Della came on

her own. A pleasant surprise for Lance. Lance decided Della needed to suck cock while being eaten.

He kneeled over her and stuck his cock in her mouth. He felt something for a stroke or two then it was

gone. Della pulled her face off the cock and spit out a tooth. She smiled at Lance and one of her front

teeth was gone.

"Move over, Bitch!" Lance slapped Carrie on the back of her head. "Time for Della to get her first

cock in her pussy."

Lance wondered how he could make this even better and came upon an idea. He was not going to

coerce her in anyway. Let her have her will back and fuck her against her will. Della got up and tried

run away. Lance was ready for this and had Carrie tackle her immedeately.

"Where the fuck do you think you are going you slut!" Those were Lance's words coming out Carrie's

mouth. Not only did Lance make her say them. Carrie knew she was being made to say them. She knew

every action was out of her control but she couldn't do anything about it.

"You going to let her reject me like that, Carrie?"

"Lance, please." There was an infinite amount of pleading in her eyes. Then she kicked Della in the

ribs twice. The on the side of the head. "You cunt, if he wants your pussy, you give him your pussy!"

Lance got down on the ground. He pinned Della's arms and wriggled his legs in between Della's.

Della protested and struggled. "Carrie, hold her legs." Carrie grabbed Della's legs by the ankles and

folded her up and her legs were by her ears.

"Mom," Della whimpered. Lance placed his cock at the opening of Della's pussy. He savored the

moment. His first virgin pussy ever. He pushed the length of his cock slowly into the tightest pussy he

had ever experienced. It was exquisite. He started pumping his cock into Della. Not fast, just in a

steady regular rhythm. He looked in to Della's face. She was crying. "My dad is going to kill you.

I'm going to make sure of it."

So she had a dad. That opened up a lot of possibilities. The thought of Della in a threesome with her

father was enough to push him over the edge. He washed the inside of her pussy with his cum. One

serving of that sweet, sweet pussy was not enough. He went for two. After cumming the second time

he fucked Della as hard as he could, churning his come into a creamy froth. He let Della keep her will

but he had her come. He pulled out and rolled off of the young girl. Della started to get up, he took

over her again. Had her lay there. Clean that up Carrie.

Lance got up, walked to where his clothes were laying and got dressed. He watched Carrie for a bit,

hard at work sucking all of his cum out of that tight pussy. The people around just went along with

their day completely ignoring what was going on. Across the street Lance spotted an old woman shuffling

along the street. A group of boys, not older than Della were walking past the old woman. The woman

probably hadn't had cock in decades. The boys surely hadn't had their first blowjob. Lance

chuckled as the boys took out their cocks and approached the old woman. Enjoy Grandma.

Whatever was going on in his brain, Lance was going to make the best of it.

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