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She barely remembered the previous day. She reached down and rubbed her sore ass. "ow" she muttered. She opened her eyes wide to realize she wasn't restrained anymore.

"Feels good being free, doesn't it?" Jason asked her.

"Where the fuck am I? Who are you? And why am I here?" Izzy yelled straight at him.

Jason laughed, "You'll call me master. You're my slave, my slut. I'm only letting you free, so I can get some pleasure. You do what I want, when I want, and you'll love it."

Izzy glared at him, "Why the fuck would I do what you want?"

He fixed his hair and said, "Come with me" he helped a hesitant Izzy off the bed and walked with her to the living room. He kept his hand near her pussy the whole time.

"Now what?" she asked sitting on the couch. She looked up at the tv that fluttered on.

"Now," Jason said. "Watch this video and tell me you don't want to fuck me."

She looked up at the tv and saw a security tape that recorded her sister's office just two weeks prior. She was fucking two black men. One being her sister's husband. Izzy dropped her jaw in astonishment. "How did you get this?" she whispered.

"I work In your sister's office. Or I did. Until I quit. I got this tape befor anyone saw it."

"What are you planning on doing with it?"

Jason smiled deviently, "Nothing if you do what I want."

Izzy stood up and unzipped Jason's pants. He stopped her. "let's get some rules going here. You call me sir, or master. And Jason's only exceptable when you scream out my name. If you give me an easy time, I'll give you some pleasure yourself. If you try to fight, or run away, I'll send the tape to your sister, and the only reason I'm doing this, is because I know you love cock."

Izzy swallowed a lump in her throat. She knew she loved it. She shook her head and listened to the rest of what Jason had to say. "If you relax, you'll enjoy our time together. And I'm not emotional. So the only I'll ever kiss your whore mouth is if I've got your cum in my mouth, and I want you to taste it. Got it bitch?" he finished.

Izzy shook her head and looked away. "What do I do first?" she asked, feeling herself get wet at the thought of cock.

"Well," Jason looked at his watch. "The Packers are playing, so I could use a blow job while I wath the game."

He pulled his jeans down and Izzy saw all 9 inches and smiled. Jason changed the channel and sat on the couch. Izzy got on the floor and got to work. She licked from the head, down the shaft and back up again. She smiled as Jason shook. "Oh Master," Izzy moaned. "you're so big". She sucked on the head before taking half of it in her mouth and bobbed back up. She went down 7 inches and tongued his shaft. She jacked of the other two Inches befor he stopped her.

"That's enough. Come sit on my lap." he told her. Izzy stood up and sat on his knees. "No slut" he screamed. He pointed at his cock and she rolled her eyes. She held his dick in her hands and massaged her cunt to get it wetter. She slowly lowered herself onto him she bobbed up and down. She stayed at the top and every third time dropped balls deep.

"You're so tight." Jason said. "You're on birth control, right?"

"Mmm. Yea," Izzy responded. "You're so big. Oh fuck. Mmmm. Oh yea. Just, just. Oh yea. Right there, right fucking there." she moaned. Izzy kept rotating her hips onto him trying to get him to cum. She was on the verge of climax when Jason picked her up and layed her on the table. Izzy was twitching and shaking. "Finish me off big boy," she stuttered.

"You don't fight much for a slave." Jason stood above her.

"What can I say?" she asked. "I guess I'm just a cock slut. So get your fat prick over here and fuck me like the man you are. Jason style over her trembling named body and slammed himself into her. He kept pounding, making her beg for more. "I want you balls deep inside of me. I want you to slam mercilessly into me. Mmmmmmm. Oh fuck. Here we go"

He gave one finally thrust and exploded inside of her. That threw Izzy over the edge and she had her own orgasm. Jason withdrew himself and shoved his dick in Izzy's mouth. "Suck" he demanded. So she sucked him dry. He ran to the bathroom and took a shower. Leaving Izzy to lay there in ecstasy. She took her finger and shoved it up her pussy. She scooped the mixture of both their come up, and stuck it in her mouth, "mmmm" she shivered out.

She layed there panting. When she finally got her breathing back, she walked to the bathroom to join Jason. "Get the fuck out!" he yelled. You're a dirty little whore. You're eating all the cum out of you nasty twat before showering." So she sat on the toilet seat and ate the cum in front of the see-through curtain. She tried her best to put on a show for Jason. He looked satisfied and told her to hop in. He climbed out and let her shower alone. No need to make her happy.

She finished showing and dried off. She walked into the livingroom and layed on the table spreading her legs. Jason looked at Izzy and said, "You such a fucking whore" he slapped her pussy, shut off the tv and walked to his room.

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