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"Definitely bi," I said passing Cheryl the last few pictures. The first couple showed Neil in a car and were taken from through the rear window. Neil was sat naked on the back seat and was receiving a blow job from a naked brunette followed by three pictures of him having sex with the woman.

Cheryl placed these next to the others on the bed and said,

"So, Sophie is a bit of a voyeur who gets off by taking pictures of her family then wanking over them. Whatever turns her on, I suppose."

"Bit weird though, isn?t it?" I said placing the pictures back in the box followed by the magazines and toys. "Judging by the pictures of Sophie," I pointed around the room at the various framed photos of her, "She?s a very attractive young lady who could get laid many times over. Why resort to this?"

We both looked at the pictures around the room of Sophie that were taken at different places either with Sonia and her brother or with her friends. The one on the bedside table stood out. It was of Sophie on holiday standing by, what looked like, a hotel pool. She had a skimpy white bikini on and was standing proudly smiling with her hands on her hips having just stepped out of the pool. Her breasts were an average size for a twenty year old, looked firm with the nipples protruding and clearly showing through the thin, wet material. Her long hair was wet but the other pictures showed her to be a redhead.

Cheryl reached over and picked up the picture and traced her finger over the outline of the girl in the photo.

"I don?t know why she does it," she said in a suggestive manner. "But I?ll tell you one thing, I would dearly love to fuck her and I bet you would to?"

"Absolutely." I said as she handed it to me for a closer look before I placed it back. I made sure that everything was back in the box as we had found it, put the lid on and slid it back under the bed.

Cheryl laid back down on the bed and pulled me to her. We began kissing; slowly at first before harder, faster and more urgent while we ran our hands over each other?s bodies to touch, fondle and explore. Cheryl gripped my hard cock and wanked me as I pushed two fingers easily into her still wet pussy. She broke her mouth away from mine and edged down until she took my cock helmet between her lips and ran her tongue around it while gently squeezing my balls. She began to take me further into her mouth until her nose pressed against the stem and she bobbed her head up and down for a couple of seconds before coming up for air. She took a couple of deep breaths then went down on me again, my cock sliding completely in and, I don?t doubt, reaching her tonsils.

She came up for air again and, before she could continue, I pulled her up to lay beside me. I parted her knees and fell on her, my cock sliding straight in her pussy to its entire length. She let out a large gasp and threw her arms around my neck, her tongue pressing between my lips to meet my own as I started to fuck her. I leaned back and held her ankles by my head and rammed into her, each thrust causing her to yell out and dig her hands into my arse cheeks, pulling me into her. I fucked her that way for a little while before she pushed me back and turned onto her hands and knees. She parted her legs and looked back over her shoulder with a saucy smile as she wriggled her arse from side to side waiting for me to slip into her again. I lined my cock to her pussy lips and slowly entered her, a little sigh coming from her as I pushed my entire length into her. I reached up and gripped both shoulders and carried on fucking her.

"Yes, yes, FUCKING YES!" she shouted as her excitement built up and not caring who might have heard us. I reached under her and grabbed both breasts, squeezing both nipples hard and pulled her back until she was sat back on me. She turned her head and our tongues met again, thrashing between our mouths as she slowly moved her hips up and down on me, my cock sliding almost out and then crashing back in as she let her weight go. She reached up behind her and, with both hands, held my head in her arms while I still played with her nipples. She sighed, panted and moaned as she bounced slowly up and down on me and began to moan louder when I moved a hand down and pinched her clit between my fingers. She let out a sudden yell and I felt my fingers on her clit get wet as she suddenly came with no warning. She yelled several times over and her body stiffened and clamped my cock in her. She shook for a few moments then relaxed as she stopped cumming.

She reached down for my wet fingers and pulled them to her mouth where she slowly and seductively licked each finger of her ejaculate.

"Oh Steve," she panted as she put her hands back to my head and bought our lips together again for a brief but slow and tender kiss. "Oh Steve, this is great, so fucking great. I could do this forever. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now."

She moved her off me and she lay back on the bed, legs and pussy open wide.

"Like this. It?s our last time and I want to face you when we cum." I didn?t need asking twice. I fell back into her and fucked her fast and hard keeping my thrusts to a steady rhythm and hoping I wouldn?t cum too soon. She wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my hips while we kissed and all too soon, I felt the all too familiar feeling of my cum rising and getting ready to shoot. I looked at her and she knew what was about to happen. She nodded, held tight to me and, without breaking eye contact, I came deep in her. I used long and slow thrusts to fill her and kissed her as the last of my load emptied out of me.

"Oh Steve," she whispered when I stopped, spent of cum. "This can?t end, it really can?t. I love Phil but I want you. Please tell me this isn?t the end." I held her tight and kissed her before answering,

"It has to end. Jay and I have an agreement and I would never cheat on her. You?re amazing and, if I could continue this, I would. I really would. But I would never hurt nor cheat on Jay." Cheryl stroked my face and nodded saying,

"You really are the most wonderful man I have ever met." We lay there kissing for what seemed like an eternity before she said, "I think we had better move or else Sophie will wonder who?s cum stains are on her bed."

I eased myself off her and quickly stood up. Cheryl swung her legs over the bed and reached for a couple of tissues from the box on the bedside table. She cleaned all my cum from her and bunched the tissues into a ball. We both dressed then stood kissing for a bit longer, neither wanting to leave that room and end our own part of the London adventure.

We then heard voices on the landing outside which faded as they went into the guest bedroom. I opened the door a little and saw Kylie, Kelly, and Sonia walk in followed by Stacey and James with the hand-held cameras. I indicated for Cheryl to keep quiet and we both moved slowly out of Sophie?s room and shut the door behind us. As we reached the stairs we were confronted by Phil, Manus and Paul walking up.

"I wondered where you two were," said Phil as they passed us and headed towards the guest bedroom. "You nearly missed all the fun. The girls are going to do watersports with each other and Manus."

"Cool," I said trying to sound as if I hadn?t just fucked his wife for the third time in two days. "Where?s Katy? I thought watersports was her idea?"

"Yeah, she won?t be doing anymore today," answered Paul. "She said she wasn?t feeling too good and then I heard her asking Sue if she had a tampon. She?s resting up in the lounge."

"How did it the anal go?"

"You missed a real treat," answered Paul wiping the sweat from his brow. "We kept swapping as we fucked their arses and could have continued all afternoon until someone said they were going to cum." He nodded towards Phil who jovially put his hands up in defence.

"Yes, yes, it was me. It really was all too much and I couldn?t keep holding back. I gave Sue a discrete nod who winked at Patty who then cut the action."

"Thankfully," added Paul, "As I was ready also. So Kelly knelt on the floor and we both came in her mouth and on her face and, fuck, it was a lot of cum. She took a big mouthful then Kylie laid down, opened her mouth and Kelly dribbled the entire load into her mouth. She held it there while Kelly laid down and then she dribbled it all back into her mouth. She then swallowed the whole lot. It?s going to look great on the screen."

Manus, who was stood listening then added,

"I came in Sonia?s arse and, wow, what a sensation that was. Her arse is so tight and I just came and came and came. That?s one orgasm I am not going to forget in a long time. Although what followed will also stay with me. Kelly got behind Sonia?s arse and stuck her tongue in as deep as she could reach, licking and lapping up all of my cum as it flowed out. She then laid underneath her as Sonia squatted and pushed the remainder out straight into her mouth. She swallowed the lot."

Both Cheryl and I were wide-eyed with what we had heard. We had only known Kelly for a couple of days and would never have imagined that this side of such a sweet girl even existed.

"She really is dirty that girl," Phil said. "But perfect for this film. You coming to watch the action?"

I looked at Cheryl who said,

"We?ll watch on the kitchen monitor. I fancy a coffee. What about you?" she asked me. I nodded and we made our way down to the kitchen where Mary, Keith, Clive, Sue, Jim, Simon, Sara, Jay and Mike were watching the monitor waiting for the handheld cameras to be switched on so that the action in the bathroom could be seen.

"You alright?" I asked approaching Jay and putting my arms around her shoulders.

"Mmm?oh yes," she purred. "I?m absolutely fine. Been having fun?"

"Oh yes." I answered.

"I know." She said standing up and wrapping her arms around me. "Me and Simon heard you fucking Cheryl again. Don?t tell Patty. She won?t be happy if she finds out that you could have gone for a second round."

"And you and Simon. We saw what you were doing."

"I know you did. I saw you both in the mirror watching through the gap in the door. I must admit, I got more turned on knowing someone was spying on me. I came and I mean really came when Simon?s fist went in further. I have never ever felt anything like that in my entire life. After that he fucked me in the arse and came again. But if Patty asks we?ll tell her we were admiring the view of the garden from the bedroom windows." She winked again as Cheryl passed me a coffee and the three of us sat down to watch the bathroom action.

The cameras were activated and we just caught sight of Patty leaving the shot as Sonia knelt on the floor of the shower directly facing Stacey with the hand-held camera. James was stood outside of the shower glass and filming her from the side angle. Kylie and Kelly stood out of shot next to Manus and waited their que.

Sonia faced the camera through the glass and stared directly into the camera as we heard Patty say "Action."

"Oh my," Sonia said. "What a day this has become. First I have lots of sex with lots of people and now I?m about to witness something called a ?golden shower.? I wonder what that could be?"

Kelly came into view and knelt next to Sonia. She pulled Sonia?s face to her own and visibly pushed her tongue into her mouth. Sonia responded and they kissed open-mouthed for a few moments showing their tongues rubbing together and little trails of saliva swapping between each mouth. Kylie then knelt next to them and joined in with kissing each girl in turn in the same manner of tongues on show.

James camera then showed Manus enter the shower and stand in front of the three woman. He held his cock out in front of him and slowly moved it from one girl to another as if deciding which one he would stop in front of. The girls eyes followed his cock as it passed between them but none made a move to touch it; they just watched and waited. Manus stopped in front of Kelly who moved her face close to his helmet and opened her mouth. A quick spurt of piss shot out of his cock and into her mouth before he stopped and waited while she closed her mouth, smiled and swallowed the pale liquid.

Manus then moved in front of Kylie and did the same, short squirt into her mouth and on to her face. She closed her mouth, swallowed then stroked her fingers through the piss on her face and licked each finger. Manus moved in front of Sonia who was looking reluctant to take part but she gave a small nod, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Manus let out a short stream into her mouth which she allowed to puddle on her tongue before swallowing. She kept her eyes shut as if to evaluate the taste and flavour before opening them and smiling at Manus.

Kylie and Kelly leant into Sonia and placed their faces cheek to cheek with her. They must have had a signal from Patty as all three girls opened their mouths wide. Manus let out a long stream of piss first into Sonia?s mouth then moved slowly side to side filling each girls mouth who then swallowed each mouthful and opened their mouths again for more.

How much Manus had drank in preparation for this I didn?t know but he pissed on all the girls for what must have been a full minute and by the time he dribbled to a halt, each girls face had been covered and they had drank and swallowed what they could.

Manus stepped out of the shower leaving the girls to resume kissing open-mouthed again and rubbing each other?s breasts. Kylie then stood up as Kelly gently pulled Sonia to lie down pressing her face against hers as Kylie moved around to face the camera and squat over the girls faces. She let out a long stream of piss directly on to Sonia?s and Kelly?s faces, covering both and filling their willing, open mouths.

Sonia held Kelly tight as lay there getting soaked from Kylie?s piss. They held their mouths open and drank in all they could as Kylie squatted over them smiling as she emptied her bladder. Kylie stopped and Sonia embraced Kelly, running her tongue around Kelly?s face to lap up as much piss that settled there. They then kissed hard, each tongue showing as they moved their open mouths against each other. Kelly moved away and stood allowing Kylie to lay next to Sonia to repeat lying with their mouths open as Kelly let out long, warm streams of piss over them both. They let their mouths get filled before closing and swallowing with an exaggerated gulp. Then Sonia stood and pissed over Kelly and Kylie as they lay embracing each other, rubbing their tongues together open-mouthed as Sonia used her fingers to guide the long, hard jet of piss over both girls faces.

Sonia stopped pissing and began to rub her clitoris as she watched both girls start to finger each other as they laid under her. The excitement of what she had just done caused her to cum quickly and shake droplets of her ejaculate over both girls who sat up and caught what they could in their mouths. Sonia?s legs shook as she came to the end of her orgasm and she slumped down to lay next to both girls who held her tight either side of her shaking body. They rested their heads on her shoulders and she shut her eyes, panting to get her breath back.

"Cut." Patty said and everyone watching in the kitchen gave a round of applause and a loud cheer that was clearly heard by Sonia who shakily stood up and gave a bow to both of the cameras.

Patty spoke to the three girls before the cameras shut off and shortly afterwards Patty, James, Phil, Stacey and Paul joined us in the kitchen.

"They?re going to have a shower then come down for the final scene." Patty explained to us. "I will need everyone dressed and ready by the time they come down. Will Katy to do Sonia?s makeup?"

"Yes, I?ll be okay to do it." Said a voice behind Patty as Katy entered the kitchen. Patty gave her a hug and asked,

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I?ll be fine. The first day is always the worst but this happens all the time and I can still work." Patty poured two coffee?s and handed one to Katy who gratefully accepted it before she left the kitchen to gather her makeup bag.

Those of us in the kitchen finished off the remaining food and talked about the film and everything that had occurred. Jay leaned against me and I could tell that she was exhausted after everything that she had done. Exhausted and, no doubt, feeling a bit stretched and sore. A short while later Sonia came into the kitchen in a dressing gown and running a towel through her hair.

"Go and see Katy," Patty said running a pencil through her *********** that she still clutched. "Get your hair and makeup back together and get dressed. "We?ll film the ending when you?re ready."

Sonia took the remaining sausage roll and went into the lounge followed by James and Stacey. The static cameras were still turned on and I watched as Sonia picked up her clothes from the floor and take them into the snug to sit in front of Katy who dried Sonia?s hair with the hair dryer then began applying makeup to her. James could be seen checking the cameras before leaving the room, passing Patty as she went in and looked around the empty lounge. Stacey was moving around the room with the hand-held camera with a *********** in her hand, checking the final camera angles that she would film.

I watched Patty approach her and, presumably, start a conversation about the final scene and, judging by the way Patty pointed around the room, explained where Stacey should stand to capture the final shots. Stacey put the hand-held camera down and stood close to Patty as she was shown the *********** Patty was holding. Patty moved and leaned with her elbows on the back of a sofa, her arse bent towards the camera. Her arse looked great as the material of her romper tightened as she bent over. Stacey leaned on the sofa next to her and this time her short skirt rose up a little. A couple more inches and it would have been classed as a belt. I could just make out the bottom curve of Stacey?s arse as the skirt rose up a little more. Patty was saying something and occasionally looking p and around and then put her arm around Stacey?s waist as she held the *********** in her other hand and pulled her closer as she showed her the ***********. The action seemed innocent and natural at first until I saw Patty?s hand move slightly lower and, slowly and gently, begin to rub the top of Stacey?s bum cheek. The static camera?s picked up the front and back view of the pair as they talked and Stacey face and body language showed no reaction to the hand that was caressing her.

I looked around at the group in the kitchen who were merrily chatting away and oblivious to what was happening on the monitor. Jay had her eyes shut and was having a nap leant against me. I looked at Cheryl and the look on her face showed that she had seen what was happening on the screen. Our eyes met and then we automatically looked around the room for Mike who was talking to Clive, oblivious of his wife?s actions.

Cheryl and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows and then looked back to the monitor where the split-screen showed the front view of Patty and Stacey as they looked closely at the *********** while the rear view showed Patty?s hand softly rubbing Stacey?s bum cheek. The volume on the monitor was turned down and we couldn?t hear what was being discussed and I daren?t turn it up for fear of bringing their actions to the attention of the group in the kitchen, Mike in particular.

Patty leaned her face close to Stacey?s as she raised the *********** higher so they could both clearly read it, while her other hand moved further around Stacey?s bum cheeks and closer to her arse crack. A few more gentle rubs and she had moved her hand until she was gripping her arse cheek while her little finger had found Stacey?s arse crack. She held Stacey?s bum cheek and moved her little finger between the bum crack where it gently rubbed and probed against the thin material of Stacey?s skirt.

At this point Stacey reacted by looking up quickly from the *********** and turned her face towards Patty?s, presumably to ask what she thought she was doing groping her arse. Their faces were inches apart and I expected Stacey to say something but she didn?t. Patty ignored the sudden movement and carried on talking. I expected Stacey to move away or at least say something but she did neither. Instead she turned her face back to the *********** and continued to listen to Patty as if nothing was wrong.

Patty must have realised that Stacey wasn?t going to react and got braver by lowering her hand slowly under Stacey?s arse until it found the short hem of the skirt. I looked at Cheryl who was watching wide-eyed. She glanced at me with a look of shock on her face before looking back at the monitor. I glanced around the kitchen and checked that no one else was watching the monitor and then looked back at the action on the screen.

Patty moved her hand under Stacey?s skirt and began rubbing her fingers up and down the thin string of Stacey?s G-String where it covered her pussy and up between her arse cheeks. At this point I expected Stacey to react and she did, by bending over further to allow Patty more access. Patty rubbed Stacey?s pussy through the G-String material then used her thumb to ease the material loose allowing her to ease her fingers underneath. Stacey?s face gave a start and she stopped staring at the *********** and looked straight ahead, her mouth open in surprise but saying nothing. Patty rubbed Stacey?s bare pussy and then must have inserted a finger as Stacey gave a start and must have gasped. She turned her face towards Patty who was leaning in very close. Their eyes met just as Patty leaned in and kissed her. Stacey responded and I saw both their mouths open and Patty?s tongue enter Stacey?s mouth. Both woman shut their eyes and kissed slowly as their tongues went from mouth to mouth and Patty fingered Stacey, her hand moving faster under the skirt.

I then noticed that the talk that had been going on around us had quietened down apart from Mike and Clive who were in conversation by the back door behind us. I looked around and saw everyone apart from Mike and Clive watching the monitor. They all had surprised looks on their faces as they saw what Patty was doing to Stacey. How much they had seen or for how long I didn?t find out until much later but they were clearly shocked.

Clive could also see what was happening on the monitor and was trying to keep Mike in conversation while glancing over at the screen. I wanted to use some form of physic mind-melding to Clive to keep Mike talking in the hope that he wouldn?t notice but since I don?t have those gifts, it was inevitable that Mike would notice he silence and look over to see what everyone was watching?and he did.

His face dropped as he saw what his wife was doing with Stacey and he slowly walked over to stand next to me, not taking his eyes off the screen.

"What?the?fuck is Patty doing?" he said finding it hard to speak the words.

I couldn?t answer. None of us could. This was as unexpected to us as it was to him. He didn?t know about Patty?s affair with another woman and he had never mentioned anything about knowing, or even wondering, if his wife was a lesbian. He stood open-mouthed in shock watching as Patty kissed and fingered Stacey, with, I reckon, at least three fingers.

Nobody said a word. We sat in silence watching the events going on in the lounge; Patty and Stacey unaware that the static cameras were still sending a feed to the monitor that was now being watched by most of the group. Patty then retracted her hand from Stacey?s pussy and stood upright pulling Stacey with her while they still kissed. Patty took Stacey?s face in her hands and kissed her again, her fingers of her right hand glistening with Stacey?s juices.

Suddenly, she stepped back and pretended to look at the *********** as Sonia walked in carrying her clothes. She smiled at both Patty and Stacey and started a conversation with Patty as she got dressed, completely unaware of what had been happening.

Mike stepped to one side and leant against the wall, still open-mouthed in shock at what he had just seen. He cleared his throat then said in a quiet and quivering voice to us all,

"Please don?t say anything. I?ll deal with this later when we get home. For now, let?s just finish the film." There was a mix of nods and ?no problems,? ?we won?t say anything,? from the group as Mike thanked us, composed himself and shakily poured himself a coffee.

"Better get back in there for the final scene." Sara said prompting everyone to get up and start leaving the kitchen to head into the lounge. Mike stayed where he was leaning against the wall clutching his coffee cup. He looked visibly shocked and upset, gazing into space shaking his head. Moments later there was just Myself, Cheryl and a sleeping Jay left in the kitchen with him.

"Did you know?" I asked, hoping that he would reply something like, ?I had an inkling,? or ?I had my suspicions,? but he shook his head and replied,

"I had no idea. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. What the fuck do I do now?" He bought the coffee cup up to his mouth but his hands were shaking too much for him to take a sip. He put the cup down and put his face in his hands. "It?s no wonder she?s gone off sex. I?m the wrong gender. She wants cunt, not cock."

Cheryl stood up and hugged him.

"It will be okay," she said as she held him. "She still loves you. It just seems that she has an attraction for woman, or younger girls. It seems bad now but who knows how the future will unfold. Maybe you?ll have a threesome with some hot, young thing. Most men only fantasise about this sort of situation. You may be lucky enough to have the real thing."

She let him go and made her way to the door. "Whatever happens in the future you need to be ready for the present. We?re filming the final scene in a minute and you need to calm down if you don?t want to let on yet that you know. Steve, you had better wake Jay." She winked at me as she left the room.

I gently shook Jay who woke immediately.

"Final scene." I said to her.

"Okay. Was I out for long?"

"Only about twenty minutes." I stood and took her by the hand. "Come on sleepy. Let?s get this done. You coming Mike?"

Mike nodded and managed a few sips of his coffee before joining us to go in the lounge. Sonia was sat in the armchair in the same position with the same magazine as the start of the film. Stacey had the hand-held camera in her hand and was bending over pointing it directly at Sonia?s face. James checked the monitor behind the static camera and said, "That?s good. Hold that position Stacey."

Patty clapped her hands and said to everyone,

"Final scene time. Everybody apart from Steve is to crouch down behind the sofa. I know there isn?t much room but try to position yourselves tight together." She stepped back and looked at the view from a static camera that was pointing towards Sonia with the sofa to her side. I moved next to her and had a look at the screen. The view showed Sonia on an armchair at a right angle to the sofa.

"I can see a leg sticking out." Patty said and the offending leg moved back and out of sight. "Okay Sonia. Let?s have a couple of run throughs before we start filming. You?ll start your speech direct to camera. Steve will ring on the doorbell and enter just as you end. Do you have the stopwatch Mike? The speech should be about 45 seconds."

Mike didn?t reply at first and for a split second, I wondered if he was going to have it out with her now. Instead, he pulled the stopwatch out of his pocket, smiled and answered, "Yep. I?m ready."

"Off you trot then you two." Patty said ushing us out the room. "Once Sonia?s had a practise we?ll go for a take, in about ten minutes. When we?re ready I?ll give you a shout. Wait by the front door and time it from when I say action. When you hear the word ?orgasm? ring the doorbell then Steve will come in. Sonia. Keep an eye on the second hand of the clock on the mantelpiece. Try and time your speech to be exactly 45 seconds."

"Okay," Sonia said and put her head back on the armchair cushion, pretending to be asleep.

Mike and I went to the front door, opened it and waited on the threshold. There was an awkward silence for a few moments before he said to me,

"How do you cope seeing Jay with other men? Don?t you get angry?"

I thought about his question for a moment and chose what I hoped would be the right answer for him to hear.

"At first it was exciting yet worrying. It was only a few days ago that all this started. Neither of us had ever cheated on the other before and when I watched Phil go down on her I was instantly excited. Simon, Clive and Keith proceeded to gangbang her, Simon twice including anal-one thing I thought she would never do. I probably should have stopped it but the look of joy on her face and the amount of orgasms she was having told me that it was okay. We then agreed that ?whatever happened in London, stays in London? and when we get home we just enjoy each other and keep this week as a very pleasant, but erotic, memory."

Mike looked at me in shock and I realised that neither I nor jay had told him about anything that had happened that week. After a moment of silence during which he took the information in he asked,

"Do you mean to say that up until a few days ago neither of you had done any, er, sharing?"

"That?s right," I replied. "That was only the start. I think you need to know exactly what has happened this week."

So I told him.

To be continued in Part Twenty One when the week of swinging draws to a close.

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