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We chose a small honeymoon resort because we were on a tight budget. When we arrived the place looked a little run down but we could care less. Both of us couldn?t wait until we could go to our room and relax.

We went to the front desk to check in and we received our complimentary fire log, bubble bath, and champagne. The clerk gave us our key and directions to our secluded cabin.

We found our cabin no problem because it was the first one on the left. We went up to the cabin door and the porch seemed like it needed to be replaced. We opened the door and what we saw amazed us.

It was like going back to the 1970s. There was rug on the walls which also reminded us of an Austin Powers movie. There was a heart shaped bath tub for two and a heart shaped bed. There was a heart shaped mirror above the bed as well as mirrors all around the bedroom area and also around the tub.

We walked over to the heart shaped bed and both flopped down on the bed. I reached and pulled my beautiful wife closer to me.

We were both very horny. Yes, we did have sex last night at the Motel 6 but the wedding was exhausting and the drive was too long. After abstaining for a month before our wedding, our orgasms last night were mind blowing and caused my wife to scream out in such great pleasure. She was so loud the people in the room next to us were banging on the walls as the waves of pleasure came over us. After that we rolled over and fell into a deep sleep.

On the bed we embraced each other and entered a passionate kiss. I felt by cock wake up and start to grow. I wanted to fuck my beautiful wife. I softly caressed the side of her left breast with my right hand and she moaned in great pleasure. Our mouths were locked and our tongues played and teased each other. I felt my wife?s hand on the bulge in my pants. She rubbed my hard cock through my jeans as I slid my hand up her shirt stroking her breast through her lacy bra. I moved my hand to her leg and started working my way up her stocking covered leg under her jean skirt.

She stopped kissing me and pushed me away. "Go get our stuff", she said. Still with a bulge in my pants I went out to the car to bring in our suitcases. I came back to the room and there wife was sitting spread out on the couch just in her bra, underwear, stockings, and high heals. She was all in white and looked so pure and innocent. "I hope you like it", she said. How can I not like it?

I moved over to the couch and sitting beside her kissed he passionately on lips. She pushed me away for a moment and whispered "let?s pretend this is our first time." I cleared my mind of every sexual experience that I ever had and continued to seduce her.

I wanted to take her slow. I wanted her to lust for my touch. I slowly rubbed her side moving my hand up to her breast and quickly moving it away. I teased her several times but I kept moving closer and closer to her nipple. When I finally got to it was hard as I rubbed it lightly through the thin material in her bra. She needed to lose her bra. I reached behind and for the first time I was able to undo her bra and pull it off of her. It exposed her beautiful round breasts.

I bent over and kissed her left breast and then her right. I told her how lovely they were. I kissed all around the nipple and as I finally approached the middle button lightly licked it. My wife moaned in pleasure as I alternated between kisses and licks of her nipple.
Her nipples were really hard and I opened my mouth and encase her right nipple and as much of her breast as I could. Closing my mouth around her breast I sucked her while flicking my tong over her nipple. My one hand was on the side of the breast I was sucking while the other was playing games with her other nipple. My wife moaned and squirmed with pleasure as I suckled her breast.

We both wanted to make this love making session prolonged. We didn?t want to get to our climaxes to quickly so I pushed her aside and sat on the couch along side of her. We continued to kiss. My wife reached down and felt my cock again through my pants. "I think we should free him", my wife said. I sat on the couch and my wife knelt on the floor between my spread legs. She unbuckled my belt lightly teasing me as she did it. My cock craved her touch. My wife then undid my pants and pulled them down exposing my cock aimed straight at her face.

She wrapped her right hand around the throbbing meat and stroked it up and down. Our eyes made contact as I was enjoying the pleasure of my wife masturbating me. She had her right hand on my cock and her left hand was rubbing her love whole through her panties. She bent over and kissed my cock.

That was nothing new. She often kissed the head but what happened next surprised me. Opening her mouth she stuck out her tongue and started to lick the head. Then she licked the shaft up and down as she stroked my tool with her hand. She opened her moth and moving it down slid my cock in as far as it would go. She sucked my cock and slid her wet mouth up and down on my shaft. I couldn?t believe it; my wife was giving me a blow job. After a few minutes I couldn?t take it any more. I had to do something or I was going to explode in her mouth. I pushed her away and stood up. Not yet dear, I want to fill your love hole with my cream.

We made our way over to the bed losing my cloths and her panties on the way. She laid down on the bed, spread eagle. I positioned myself between her legs as we kissed another passionate kiss. I felt my wife?s hand reaching for my cock to insert it into her love hole. I had other ideas. "Fuck me", my wife said. I told her in due time. I made my way kissing down her body spending a little extra time at her breasts.

I made my way to that special spot between her legs. Her pussy was glistening with moisture and her clit was swollen outside its shell. I kissed all around her love hole smelling the aroma of her juices. I lightly rubbed her clit and her whole body thrusted towards my fingers. She wanted to be touched. I moved my mouth again to her love spot. Extending my tongue I touched the tip to her clit. She moaned in great pleasure. I teased her love button with my tongue as I inserted a finger into her hole. I thrusted my finger in and out of her hole while licking her throbbing clit. She bucked her hips to meet my finger. She moaned loader and loader until she started to scream in orgasm. Her hips bucked up and down but I didn?t miss a second with my finger and mouth. I tried to lick up all her sweet tasting juice as the orgasms came over her.

I moved my hand down to my cock. It was still as hard as a rock. I was ready. Again kissing up her body, I positioned my self between her legs. With one quick motion I slid my throbbing dick as far as it would go into her dripping wet pussy. She screamed with pleasure as another orgasm came over her. As that one subsided she concentrated on meeting my thrusts with her pussy. I felt my cock fill with come. I would have liked to lasted longer but I couldn?t stop. The final blow was I felt my wife reach another orgasm. Her vagina clamped onto my cock trying to squeeze the juices out. I pushed it in one more time and I felt it explode. I continued to thrust as every last drop of cum came out of it.

I rolled of my wife exhausted. We laid on the bed cuddling looking up at the mirror on the ceiling. My wife commented how exciting it was watching me fuck her. She even jokingly said lets install one at home. She told me it was such a turn on watching us. Later that night I agreed with her after she rode me and I was able to watch every angle of her body.

The rest of the honeymoon was pretty good. We did it on the bed, on the couch, in the tub, on the chair, on the floor, and even in public but I am going to save that for another story.

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