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Jack has developed a desire for seeing her used by a range of people of his choice, and when I first got to know this, I thought that, like a lot of men, he just wanted to watch Doris getting screwed. And very nice it is, to see her naked, with her legs spread, and her lovely little body pierced by a big thick cock or dildo, sometimes so big you would think that such a tight little cunt couldn't possibly take it.

But Jack likes more than just this. The first times that I knew about, he just got her so helplessly drunk she didn't remember much afterwards. Now his method is more sophisticated. One of his friends is an old guy called Joe, who used to be a professional magician. He is very happy to help Jack in his deviant plans for Doris. The first time they tried it, it seems Joe laughingly produced a pendant, and was genuinely quite surprised how easily Doris fell under its spell. Now Joe manages it by word alone, and I'm sure he and Jack enjoy themselves with Doris, on occasions that I know nothing about.

Jack knows that I write and asked me to write up the story of some of these little get-togethers. So this time, he invited me to pop in as he had invited Joe to come round, and he obviously had something planned for Doris. Surprisingly, Doris was wearing jeans and a shirt when I arrived. They looked good on her, but I had really expected something perhaps a little more sexy. I was introduced to her as if I was a stranger, and I knew she had already been "talked to" by Joe, as normally she knew very well who I was. Jack then told her to go and get changed. "I've laid some things out for you, Doris," he said. "Put them on then come back in here."

Doris left the room and Jack rubbed his hands, all smiles, but he refused to say what his intentions were. "Wait till she comes back," was all he would say. Joe told me he had put Doris in a state where she would be obedient and do what she was told, but perhaps a bit reluctantly. This was because she felt deep down that she shouldn't be doing it. "She's so well used to being prim and proper and suppressing her natural desires," he said with a smile. "Now you will see her a bit more... let's call it liberated."

So we waited, and eventually Doris made her entrance. She came into the room nervously, looking embarrassed, without saying anything, her arms by her side, and her eyes averted. She was wearing a pale yellow sleeveless top, buttoned down the front like a shirt, leaving her slender arms bare. It was thin and tight fitting, and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. It seemed to be moulded over her pert little tits and her nipples were easily visible through the flimsy material. Her black hair tumbling over her shoulders went well with the yellow colour of the shirt top. Her skirt was of soft black leather, and so short that it didn't cover half her thighs. It did not quite manage to conceal the tops of her black stockings, and above the stocking tops, when she moved, there was a glimmer of bare pale creamy thigh flesh, divided by a hint of suspender straps. Her heels were long spikes of at least four inches.

Dressed like that, Doris looked as if she had been transformed into a street walking slut. Joe and I were speechless. Jack of course was delighted. He darted round her, pretending to adjust the shirt collar, smoothing her skirt, wearing a permanent smile on his face.

"Right," he said. "What do you think, Doris, do you like your outfit? You look really sexy in it! Ready for the club?"

Doris put her hands on her hips and looked down at herself. With a horrified look on her pretty face, she stammered, "I can't go anywhere like this! My skirt... my skirt is far too short... everybody would see... you know what I mean..."

"No, I don't know," Jack replied sharply. "Tell us."

Doris gulped and took a deep breath. "People... people would see my legs... and my stockings... people will think..."

"What will they think, Doris?" Jack said.

Doris bowed her head. "I feel... I feel I'm so... exposed," she managed to say with a tone of anguish. "I couldn't go anywhere dressed like this."

"Well, we're going, Doris," Jack said harshly. "I've ordered the taxi, it will be here in a minute. It's a warm night, you won't need a coat."

The taxi arrived and we all climbed aboard. With Doris in the back of his cab, I hoped the taxi driver wouldn't spend too much time trying to see up her skirt in the rear view mirror or he might unexpectedly meet a lamp post or another car. She sat sullenly between Joe and Jack, with legs crossed, trying to keep her leather skirt in place.

It was a short drive. Judging by the huge grin on his face, the taxi driver must have known where we were taking Doris. It must have looked odd, three men walking a girl down a very dim alley. There were buildings on both sides, probably commercial or industrial, and mostly with large shuttered doorways and dark shadows.

Of course, there was no club. We turned a corner, and Jack told us to stop. We pulled Doris into a doorway, just as another couple came into view, walking towards us. As they approached, they slowed, both looking in our direction. They could see there were three of us and one young girl in heels and a miniskirt. As they drew level with us, they stopped. The girl looked away, but the man stood gazing at Doris.

"Are you all going to fuck her?" he said brazenly.

Jack replied, "Yes, why not, isn't she cute? Like the look of her?"

The man laughed. "Is it a whore? Can we watch?"

Jack's response was a laugh, then he said, "Let's say she will do what we tell her. Yes, you can watch, come closer."

The couple came beside us, the man in particular staring hard at Doris. "Fucking hell, she looks fit," he said. "Is she foreign?"

Doris cringed away from him, but we were all crowded into a doorway with not much space. Jack said, "She's oriental."

The man nodded. "I've had a few," he said. "They're good fucks."

The woman tugged at his sleeve. "Come on, Jim," she said. "Leave them to it."

But Jim had other ideas. "Hell, no," he answered. "I want to see this little asian cunt getting fucked."

Doris looked horrified as she realised that Jim was talking about her. She stood speechless, hemmed in the doorway, shaking her head. Jack pulled her forward into more light, and started undoing the buttons on her top. By now, the woman was also gazing at Doris with her eyes wide. Within seconds, Jack had undone all the buttons. He moved behind Doris, and pulled the two halves apart, putting Doris's bare tits out on display.

"What do you think," Jack said. "Nice firm little tits? Give them a feel if you want."

It was now Jim's turn to be speechless. Despite the horrified expression on Doris's face, he cupped both tits and squeezed. Doris gasped, and tried to back away but Jack was close up behind her to keep her still. He looked at the woman. "You too, if you want. Give them a fondle."

To my surprise, she did. She pushed Jim's hands away and put her own hands round Doris's little tits, caressing them, rubbing the palms of her hands over Doris's nipples. She turned to Jack. "Are you really all going to shag her?" she asked softly.

"Yes," said Jack. "She's got a nice tight little cunt, just made for shagging. And she gets horny as hell."

The woman hesitated, looking down at the short leather skirt.

"Go on," Jack urged her. "Feel her up, tell us if you like what you find."

The woman (we found out her name was Lynn) stepped back and looked Doris up and down. Doris stood petrified. The cool night air and the handling of her tits had stiffened her nipples, and she was breathing fast. Lynn bent down and put her hands on the outside of Doris's thighs. She too was breathing fast. Slowly, as she slid her hands upwards towards Doris's hips, the soft leather skirt was hitched higher and higher. Lynn's hands reached Doris's bare thighs, above the stocking tops, and in the dim light we could easily see the bare skin and suspender straps. Lynn kept going until the skirt was crumpled round Doris's waist. Doris stood still, fixed to the spot, looking shocked, breathing fast, her mouth open, knowing she was in the open, half naked, with strangers gazing at her bare tits and the whole length of her stocking clad legs.

Lynn went down on her knees, in front of Doris, her eyes fixed on the little triangle of black lace covering Doris's pussy. Her hands stroked Doris's legs, especially the area of bare thigh flesh above the stockings. Occasionally her fingers brushed against the panties, and each time this happened, Doris gave a little jerk of her hips.

Jack murmured, "Why don't you feel her pussy properly, see if she's wet."

Lynn pushed the skirt higher, enough to reveal Doris's suspender belt. She placed her hand on the bare skin above the panties, her fingertips on the waistband. She paused for a moment, but she couldn't resist sliding her fingers inside the panties, which were so flimsy that we could easily see her hand moving up and down. Doris winced, and gasped. The hand movements became more agitated. Then Lynn pulled her hand away.

"She's wet," she said softly. "I think she needs a shag now."

"Do us a favour," Jack said. "Take off her knickers for us."

Lynn looked at him. "I don't think so," she said. "If the slut wants a fuck, tell her to take her own knickers off."

Jack smiled. "You heard the lady, Doris. Take off your knickers."

Doris looked aghast. But she had to obey. She turned her head to the side in embarrassment, but her hands reached for the panties. With a little whimpering, she did as she was told, pushing them down and stepping out of them.

Lynn clutched Jim's arm, both of them gazing at Doris, standing forlornly with her skirt rolled up above her waist, a tiny slender figure now not just bare tits but bare pussy as well. Joe took the knickers and put them in his pocket. He took hold of Doris's wrists. "Bend over, Doris," he said.

Doris frowned and looked round nervously. She was out in the open, with five people clustered round her, her tits and cunt exposed, in slutty heels and stockings and suspenders, being told to bend over. She started to shake her head slowly. "Oh no," she whimpered. "Not out here, oh no, please, please. Don't make me... Not out in the open like this..."

"You do as you're told, Doris," Joe said. "We have guests who want to see this."

Jack pushed Doris further out from the doorway, putting her where there was more light. Joe, still gripping her wrists, again told her to bend over. Doris looked plaintively at Jim and Lynn, standing watching. She tried to pull back from Joe but his grip was firm. Her face showed her discomfort, having been stripped and forced on display virtually naked, and now standing with her stocking clad legs spread apart, her cunt and arse bared and ready, being forced to make herself obviously ready to be fucked from behind.

But her nipples were rock hard and standing out on stalks. It was obvious that despite her distraught expression, she was highly aroused. She was breathing hard and trembling, and then Joe pulled her arms down, forcing her to bend. Behind her, Jack was unzipping his jeans.

Lynn was fascinated, holding Jim's arm, her eyes wide, her mouth open. "My god," she muttered. "She's really going to get fucked, out here, in the light, where anybody could come along!"

"If they do, they're welcome to watch," Joe laughed. Doris shot a glance at him, a look of dismay on her face as she realised where she was, how public the alley was. Joe smiled at her. "Come on, Doris, you know you love it. You're a slut, you love taking a big stiff cock in that tight little cunt of yours. Enjoy the ride, honey!"

It was an extremely arousing sight to see Doris in her heels and stockings, her skirt rolled up above her waist, her lovely little tits bare, her lovely round arse bare, suspender straps stretched tight, her legs apart and her cunt in full view, ready to take cock.

Jack took hold of her hips, and Joe was holding her wrists, making her stretch forward. Suddenly her face twisted up and she gave a sharp cry as she felt Jack's cock sliding between her thighs. His cock penetrated her so easily she must have been soaking wet. With Jim and Lynn unable to tear their eyes away, Jack proceeded to fuck Doris. He was slow at first, pulling her body back against his, letting us all see his cock was burying itself to the hilt in her cunt. When he speeded up his fucking, Doris's body was jolted to and fro, the cock ramming into her and Jack pulling her back onto it on every thrust. She was moaning and whimpering, gasping at times if the thrust was particularly fierce.

And then Jack gave a few long hard thrusts and pulled back. His cock slid out of Doris's cunt, glistening wet. He changed places with Joe, and the old man eagerly stepped behind Doris.

"Get your feet wider apart," he rapped out. And Doris did so. Joe ran his fingers up and down her slit, then slid two fingers into her cunt. "Oh, Doris," he muttered loudly. "You're really wet! This must be very exciting for you!" He started to pump his fingers in and out and Doris moaned. Jim and Lynn moved closer and Lynn put her hand on Doris's back, leaning over to watch Joe finger fucking her.

Joe backed off and pointed down at Doris. "You try it," he said to Lynn. "Her cunt is tight but she can take two fingers. Go on, tell us what you think."

Lynn stared at the wet slit between Doris's parted legs for a few seconds then tentatively reached forward with both hands. She pulled the lips apart and stared at Doris's exposed cunt for more seconds, then bent her head down and began to lick. The first touch of her tongue on Doris's cunt made Doris's hips jerk. Lynn licked and sucked and then tried to get her tongue right into the waiting cunt. Doris's moans became louder before they were suddenly choked off as Jack pushed his still hard cock into her mouth.

Joe stood beside him, his cock out, stroking it to hardness as he watched Doris sucking on Jack's shaft. "Give us a shot," he said, and Jack moved aside to let Joe take his place. The two men stood together with Doris clinging to them with her hands round their waists, sucking first one cock then the other. Jack motioned to Jim. "Look at your woman," he said.

Lynn was still sucking and licking Doris's cunt, but now, at the same time, she had fingers busy on it too. One hand was being used to eagerly poke two fingers in and out. She was obviously enjoying being allowed to do whatever she wanted with Doris, because her other hand was between her own legs, skirt pushed up to her hips, fingering herself while she fingered Doris. Jim was holding his cock, and Jack saw this and said, "You want that in her cunt, go ahead, son."

Lynn heard him, looked at Jim, and reluctantly moved over. She was panting hard, her face glistening. "All right," she said. "You might as well fuck the dirty little cow. I'm sure she wants everybody else to have a go at her." She stepped up to Joe and Jack and grabbed Doris by the hair, pulling her head up. "You dirty little bitch!" she exclaimed. "Filthy whore!"

Doris looked up at her with glazed eyes. She moaned. Jim had already started to shag her, his arms round her hips as he pumped into her cunt. He was using both hands on her between her legs at the same time, and his shagging was jolting her body and each jolt brought another moan.

Lynn hoisted her skirt and pushed in front of the two men. "Eat me out, slut!" she commanded, thrusting her hips against Doris's face. "You like sucking cock, do you, well now suck some pussy!" She pulled the girl's head between her thighs and held it there, mouth jammed against cunt. Doris had no choice. Lynn's head went back and now she was moaning too, no longer caring about being out in the open.

Joe wanted his turn with Doris's cunt, and pushed Jim aside. He shagged her vigorously for perhaps half a minute then Jack took his place. Another half minute or so of Jack fucking Doris, and they let Jim take over. The three men spent the next few minutes taking turn about fucking Doris, with Lynn urging them on constantly. She had both hands clutching Doris's hair to keep her head still, grinding her cunt against Doris's mouth, and talking excitedly non-stop. The whole scene was obviously sending her on the way to a huge orgasm, helped on its way by her telling the men to keep fucking Doris harder, calling her names, a slut, a dirty whore, a filthy slag, a little asian cunt. It culminated when finally she had her cum, frantically working her hips as if she was shagging Doris's face. Panting hard, she let go of Doris's hair and stepped back.

Doris slumped forward, her hands on the ground and her arse held high in the air as one of the men carried on fucking her. Jim quickly grabbed her head to pull her face up. "I'm going to cum!" he grunted. "I want to cum in her mouth!"

Doris could do nothing as he thrust his rigid cock into her mouth. He jerked her head to and fro with her lips round his shaft, and his back arched. With a huge groan, he shot cum into her mouth, then another spasm shot another load over her face. He released Doris, and she fell sideways to the ground.

Joe was quickly on top of her, scooping up her legs and driving his cock back into her cunt. He let himself go, a couple of powerful thrusts and he held his cock buried all the way in, his hips did nothing more than twitch, and he cried out "I'm cumming!" He kept his cock in Doris's cunt for quite some time afterwards, massaging her tits, and playing with her still stiff nipples while he got his breath back. Doris was crying, moaning softly, her head turned to the side. When Joe pulled out, she lay still, looking exhausted, her arms outstretched, her legs wide open, her cunt oozing cum.

Now that the excitement was over, Jim and Lynn departed quickly, muttering their thanks for a good show. We helped Doris to her feet and rolled her little leather skirt back into place, without her knickers, put her shirt back on, and with a little support, she managed to stagger back with us to the main road. We caught a taxi, and took Doris home.

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