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I asked my friend Nikki to go with me. Her 5-foot 2-inch height and thin frame lent easily to her Olive Oil costume. Her long dark hair wound up to a tight bun on the back of her head. I grabbed my Popeye costume and we went home. We looked great! Nikki's perky breasts were hidden behind the oversized white blouse she wore. Her knee socks rolled down to her calves topped a pair of army boots that completed the ensemble.

I pulled on the padded sleeves that gave me the bulging forearms. The sailor's tunic and navy blue slacks topped my shiny black oxfords. The sailor's cap and corn cob pipe completed my costume. We laughed at each other as we walked to my frat house. At the door, one of my "brothers" gave me the secret handshake and two glasses of "punch". We both knew the punch was more alcohol than anything else.

Nikki and I looked into the other's eyes and slammed the large glasses. We moved from room to room as I explained each display. The living room was a small disco with lights and music filling the room with bodies moving around in it. The dining room was an operating theater. A corpse made of food lay on the antique gurney we found in the local second-hand store. Two rolling carts filled with condiments stood near the ends of the table. On the sideboard were finger foods in various beakers. Through the opening between the kitchen and dining room, a mummy and a mad scientist were handing out drinks served in specimen bottles.

A black-light lit room painted with abstract forms in phosphorescent paint with chairs arranged around the outer edge of the room was next.

The next room was filled chains, ropes, and straps hanging from the ceiling and two ladies in dominatrix gear walked around slapping people with cat-o-nine tails. A man and a woman dressed only in a thong were chained to two 6x6 beams running from the floor to the ceiling. Both their bottoms showed signs of abuse. Each had nipple clamps linked by a chain. In the middle of the chain hung a one-pound weight that swung with every movement.

By the time we reached the back porch the alcohol they had consumed had both of them giggling at everything they saw. There were four stations around the half-sized Olympic pool.

We sat in lawn chairs in a small alcove off the main lawn area. We watched several people as they strolled through the back lawn. We were coming down so I told Nikki to," Wait here." I went inside to grab a couple more drinks. When I returned I heard two people in the middle of a make-out session. Imagine my surprise when I saw Nikki in the arms of a tall man dressed in a doctor's costume. Her tiny frame nearly disappeared each time the man wrapped his arms around her. When the man turned to kiss Nikki from a different angle I saw our psychology professor. Dr. Bowers was a well-liked teacher. He worked with all his students. Now it seems he also played with them as well.

Nikki's blouse was open as her teacher flicked with twinkling fobs hanging from her pierced nipples. I was stunned enough that I didn't notice one of the dominatrix was leading the man around on a leash. When she saw what I was watching she ordered her pet to his knees. My knees were locked as he opened my navy blue slacks and swallowed my cock in his mouth. She kept swatting him with a thick leather riding crop as he worked his mouth up and down my shaft.

Nikki was doing the same with Dr. Bowers, her lips, tongue, hands worked him to diamond hardness until he pulled her up to her feet. He lifted her long skirt. I nearly shot in the man's mouth when I realized she had been walking around with no panties on. Grabbing her tiny butt cheeks in his massive hands, the mature gentleman lifted her into the air. They kissed deeply as he lowered her down his 6-foot frame until his cock parted Nikki's pussy lips and entered her completely. She hammered her fists against his chest as he lifted then dropped her repeatedly on his tool. They moaned in each other's mouths as he used my tiny friend as his sex toy. The look on her beautiful face told me she loved every second of it. He froze and groaned as he filled her sweet young pussy with his slippery fluids. Her lusty groans as she orgasmed sent me over the edge and the man in front of me drank my juices before his master lead him away.

Dr Bowers gave her one last kiss before straightening himself and disappearing into the hedge behind Nikki. On shaky legs, I walked up to Nikki and handed her my drink. She gulped it down, grabbed me by the hand, and led me to a slightly more secluded part of the lawn. She threw open her top, pulled up her skirt, and lay down on the ground. Her beautiful face looked up with lusty eyes and begged, "Please Alex. Please fuck me."

My pants were on the ground and my newly sucked cock was harder than ever. Nikki spread her legs and wet lips of her pussy parted. I rammed my cock in her tiny hole and her legs locked around my body. The sloppy sounds from her newly fucked pussy drove us both wild. Our lusty voices brought a crowd of people from the house. I barely knew there were others around us. I pounded my cock in this beautiful imp beneath me as we climbed the mountain of passion again. I slammed my cock into her one last time as my semen mixed with the juices already inside her pussy. We got ourselves together as the chorus of approval filled the backyard.

We walked out the door and back to Nikki's apartment to relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

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