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.. a few years ago, maybe 6 or 7.

It was Friday after work, just enjoying happy hour with the usual gang of friends. Drinking beer and telling stories, it was one of those places where everyone knows everyone. All of a sudden I felt a hard nudge on my shoulder, turning around I see Lynn smiling at me, "Hey You."
"Hey You, long time no see." I reply. Lynn is a girl from the neighborhood I grew up in, a few years younger than me, but as kids we all hung out and played together. We took a few minutes to catch up and I asked her what brought her out tonight, "My enhancement party" Lynn tells me. I look at her with a puzzled look on my face, then she thrust her chest out to me, "ahhhh" I comment. She tells me that she always wanted a bigger chest size. I whisper into her ear, "Yours B-Cups were always the best part of you". After blushing and biting her lip Lynn tells me "Too bad I'm a married woman." What can I say, I respect that, I'd hate to have someone cheat on me, and I would never be unfaithful to someone else.

....Present time.

I was at the house just killing time on Facebook, when I noticed Lynn had logged on, so I decided to message her...

"Hey you."

"Mike, what you doing"

"Killing time and you"

"Same thing"

"I noticed you got a divorce"

"You did, did ya."

I figured I would ask Lynn to go out on a date, "Let me take you out some time"

"I'm free this weekend"

Hell yeah, I think, after exchanging phone numbers and making plans for Saturday. I couldn't wait.


Its almost 2pm and I get a text, "I'm here and got a booth in the corner", I tell her I'll be there in a couple of minutes. I get there and I find Lynn in a semi-circle booth, she gets out gives me a great big tight hug, and I return it, I push her back a bit and take her in visually, looking at her, Lynn is just over five foot tall, long straight brown hair, lightly freckled face down into her chest, which I can see due to the nice flowing yellow sun dress. She tells me to sit down and she is going to get us some drinks, I ask for a beer. Lynn comes back with a beer for me and a drink with an umbrella for her. She scoots in right next to me and we proceed to catch up on the past telling stories and cracking wise, we are having a great time, laughing and carrying on, we've had had few refills on our drinks and we are really enjoying each others company, then I decide to see if I can get lucky, I put my hand down and gently start to rub Lynn's thigh through her sundress, with a slight pause in our conversation she does not stop me, I continue to slightly run my fingers up and down the inner part of her thighs, after a few minutes she abruptly excuses her self to the bathroom. DAMN! I think to myself, did I go to far? Soon my date returns to our booth and slides back next to me, gives a kiss on my cheek and whispers in my ear "thought you might want to hold onto to these", with that she hands me a pair of yellow french cut panties. I take them in my hands and notice they are a bit damp. I look into her eyes and give her a wink. Time for shots I tell her, and get them ordered. As we continue our great time of getting drunk, Lynn was getting bolder herself, she started to rub my cock through my shorts, getting me nice and hard, then I wanted to feel her honey pot, I move my hand up inside her dress and move all the way up to her snatch, I find it barren of any hair, I slide my middle finger up and down her slit, Lynn gasps and clinches her legs in a pleasant reaction, not a denial. Lynn takes her hand off of my cock, and lets me manipulate her pussy by spreading her legs a bit more, I can see that she has a look of lust in her eyes as I continue to finger her, I really want to get bold now, "Cum for me" I whisper into her ear. I slide another finger into her very moist pussy and started an in and out with my fingers, with my thumb brushing up against her little clit. After a few moments Lynn's breathing becomes very erratic her eyes close, her hands cover mine and she shuts her legs and starts to shake, Lynn is cumming for me, but trying to keep her composure not wanting to bring attention to us. After Lynn calms herself down and releases my hand she give me a great kiss, I take my hand out from between her legs and bring my used fingers up to my nose and take a giant sniff..."Ahhhh". I lean in to Lynn and ask her if she likes to be a naughty girl, and responds with "Always!", with that I put my fingers into her mouth, Lynn greedily sucks them clean. We have both had too much to drink to drive, so I tell her "I'll get a cab back to my place". Lynn nods.

We get into the cab and give the driver my address, its going to take about 20 minutes to get to the house, Lynn tells me its time for some payback, she starts to nibble on my ear rubbing my chest with hand, I put my arm around her grabbing her tight round petite ass, our mouths meet and we kiss passionately, I love the fact that I can feel her pantyless bottom through her dress. Lynn starts to aggressively rub my cock, she runs her hand up through the leg of my shorts and touches my swollen flesh, damn have I unleashed a monster? This girl really knows what she wants. I pull her dress up past her hips and rub the smooth crack of her ass, this sets Lynn on fire. In the limited space of my shorts Lynn cups my balls and strokes my cock with the precum oozing from its tip. "Cum for me, baby" she huskily tells me. We are putting on a show for the cab driver, which I think was a thrill for the both of us. I take my hand off her ass and pull her tighter to me and take my other hand start to pinch her nipples, when I pinch too hard Lynn bites into my neck and continues to jack me off. Her motion feels real great on my cock, and I'm getting close to an orgasm and she knows it. Just then the cabs stops in front of the house.... DAMN!... I start to get up and Lynn stops me, "Not yet.", she quickens her tug job on me and thrill of having an audience is to much for me and I cum in my shorts. Lynn takes her hand out of my shorts, looks at her fingers which have a bit of jizz on them and licks them clean. "Pay the man, and lets hurry up."

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