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Miss Owen was on top of Olivia riding her pussy hard. My cock was in her mouth and she was moaning into it.
"Oh miss owen" I groaned
"Call me Joanna" she said then took her attention back to my cock it felt amazing. He looked up and saw the girls and guys squirming in their seats
"Well? What are you waiting for start fucking" he commanded. Kate got up lifted her skirt and sat right on Olivia's face. 'Dirty little whore' john thought. He looked up and loved what he saw. One guy sat in a chair while a girl rode his cock. One guy was fucking a girl doggy style on top of the desk. Two guys were fucking one whore on dick in her pussy and one in the ass. And two girls sucking one guys dick. Everyone was moaning and john was loving it. 'Kate will you switch places with Joanna? " he held Joanna's head on to his cock and pulled her off of Olivia. She gagged but didn't pull away Kate crawled over to Olivia and put her lips in Olivias pussy. He drug Joanna on top of olivias mouth. He let go of Joanna's head and grabbed her tits. He put his cock in between and fucked them.
"Joanna tell me how much you want my cock."
"I love your cock john I want it inside me"
"Inside you where?"
"I need two guys here now. Ladies keep fucking each other Kate and Olivia you can move. Joanna you stay here." Two guys walked over. Which left 2 guys with 7 girls. John moved on of the guys on to the floor and Joanna on top the guy put his dick in her ass and john positioned himself on top and shoved his dick into her pussy. Joanna screamed then grabbed the other guys cock with her mouth. John pounded her hard and she moaned into the guys dick.
"Oh joanna " john groaned.
"Fuck me john yes fuck your teachers pussy a+ if you make me cum baby yes!" She yelled.
" oh baby I can make you cum whenever I want."
"Do it john make me cum" she growled. John leaned in put his forehead against hers looked into her eyes and said one simple word "cum" she erupted and shook and screamed she shook more and more and he continued to fuck her and she started to squirt she yelled and shook and grabbed his back john tried to keep fucking her but she pulled him in and held him still "ahhh" she groaned in his ear he grabbed her head and kissed her deeply.
"You're mine now" john whispered in her ear. He looked up and saw every girl standing there staring at him
"Sir um can you please do that for us" Olivia said
"yes" john nodded "one of you come here" a girl stepped forward slowly she had long blonde hair a miniskirt on and a tight shirt to cover up her 36 c tits
"Tell me what you like baby"
"I like to be dominated" she whispered in johns ear.
"That can be arranged" he threw her on to the desk and forced his body on to hers.
"oh" she moaned wanting. He stuck his finger in her pussy and began putting in more and more fingers.
"oh god" she groaned.
"hey" john said to one of the guys. "stick your dick in her mouth shut her up" The guy did and she started to suck "yes, thats it fuck her mouth hard." john said and the guy started to. he thrusted his hips in to her mouth and she started to gag. but john could tell she liked it she wiggled her ass forcing johns fingers into her pussy. he had four fingers in and was about to put his whole hand in. he heard her gagging and his dick grew hard. he shoved his entire hand in her pussy "aahhhh" she screamed in to the guys dick "mmm" he grunted "oh baby im cumming" he said. he shot his load into her mouth and she gagged but swallowed it he pulled out and backed away.
"john" the girl moaned "can you fuck my ass?"
"no i want you to cum like this first"
"ohh, ahhh, okay john"
"ready baby?" john asked and he pumped his hand in and out
"oh yes sir im ready to cum."
he pumped his fist in and out. She squirmed on the table.
"yes john yes oh.. uh.. ahhh.." she erupted.
He looked into her eyes and said "stop." her mouth shut, she stopped moving and her orgasm stopped completely.
"john?" she looked at him "how?" he ignored her and shoved his cock in her pussy "ahh" she screamed. he looked up and saw every guy had a girl riding his dick furiously. They were all moaning and bouncing as fast as they could
"no one is allowed to cum" john ordered "but keep fucking." they fucked furiously trying to satisfy themselves. Even joanna began to grind on one of the guys faces almost suffocating him, trying to cum but could not. the guys began to pound the girls with frustrated groans of pleasure. the girls moans practically begging for release. John put his hand around the girls neck and pinned her down.
"Ahhh, oh John please can I cum" he grabbed her neck with both hands and pulled her onto the ground with him. she positioned herself over his dick and started to bounce on it.
"yes" he growled
"ahhhhh"she screamed. Waves of pleasure crashed over her body as she orgasmed loudly. She leaned down and continued to grind and cum as she ferociously kissed him. When she was finished she sat up and sat on his dick with a confused look
"You can forget this, get dressed, and leave or fuck one of these gentlemen until were done"
She stood up to leave and bent over to grab her clothes
"I was kidding you can not leave" john said "see this guy" He looked over to one of the guys and she nodded "he owns you until I say othèwise , he looked to the guy, "fuck her mouth, choke her, do whatever you want with her she will do everything you say she is under your control now." the boy walked away and the girl crawled after.
John took his attention back to the other girls. He walked over to a girl on a desk getting her pussy fucked from behind. he ran his hand through her hair and grabbed a handful.
"whats your name?"
"sam" she moaned
"sam you are a very lucky girl you're going to get my cum in your pussy" he told her "is that okay with you?" she hesitated to answer. he looked in to her eyes and nodded pushing "yes" into her thoughts.
he kept his hand tight in her hair and pulled her of the guy behind her.
"sit on my dick" he told her as he laid down on the ground. she got on top and started to slowly grind.
"everyone come over here." john instructed "I want every girl deepthroating every guy. And when he cums swallow it all for him."
Sam continued to grind on john while he listened to the sound of girls choking all around him. he began to hear the guys start to grunt. Most of them grabbed the back of the girls head and held it. The guys dicks all the way down their throats while the girls gagging trying to swallow everything. the guys continued grunting and john waited until it ended. He looked around and saw most of the girls had their fingers in their cunts and saw Joanna and Olivia scissoring next to him. He thought he should probably let the girls cum now.
"Do you girls want to cum?"
"Yes" the girls answer was a desperate cry
"Okay you may cum"
He saw a girl pull her guy down and sat on his face and began to grind. Joanna and Olivia began to scream. The girls all moaned when they started to cum. He grinned and Sam leaned in.
"Sir may I cum too?"
"Yes but only if you squirt."
She looked into his eyes and practically begged "fuck me hard"
"Yes ma'am" john said. He flipped her around until the were doggy style and started to pound her. He stuck his finger in her ass and fucked her as hard as he could. she took him balls deep. "Johnnn" she moaned "I'm gonna cum" she screamed he kept fucking her hard and pulled her hair "cum baby cum." He told her. "Ahhh john!!" She screamed as she began to shake he pulled out his finger from her ass and she squirted all over the floor. He held her to keep her from falling until her orgasm subsided. "Oh god thank you john" she turned around and kissed him. He saw her huge d cup tits long brown hair and hazel eyes. "Sam will you be my girlfriend ?" And with no help from him she answered "yes"
He held sams ears and talked to everyone else "everyone get dressed and forget this sit back in your chairs and continue with class but girls none of you can wear underwear tomorrow and guys get some rest tonight be rested for the rest of the week." While they began to get dressed he looked at sam. " you're my girlfriend now but are you okay with it being an open relationship?" John asked
"You can fuck anyone you want as long as I'm there" she said and kissed him. " I don't know what you're doing to everyone but its hot and I want to remember all of it."
"I'll explain it later although I don't know a lot about it myself."
"I like it" she said as she pulled him in again
"We should probably get dressed now" john said and Sam nodded

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