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They have both been part of other photo sessions with the same sexual themes, but this time there is a difference. This encounter is unlike the others because they are drawn to each other sexually. They are curious as to how their emotions will appear in print. The camera doesn't lie - their desires will be captured for all the world to see! They make love to each other mentally - touch physically only briefly, but the effects linger. Her eyes are a mirror of her emotions and he knows how to evoke certain looks with a catch of his breath; a sigh; a moan; a whispered phrase.

The filming begins with her dressed as she arrived - tight blue jeans, red tank top and heels. Her hair is pulled back in a floppy ponytail. She lazes across the bed, feet swaying over her full, round ass, becoming more relaxed and caught up in the moment. He directs the scene, telling her to rub herself through her jeans, speaking as a lover and increasing her excitement. He teases her with his mouth, whispering close to her ear while releasing her hair. Chills run over her body as her hair swoops across her bare shoulders. Knowing the effect his words will have before they are even spoken, he steps back and is prepared to capture the look of desire that crosses her face.

With her hair tumbling over her shoulders, she moves to a sitting position, propping up on her arms. He asks her to touch her breast; to pull down her top to expose it then take her nipple between her fingers. He moves in very close to her and places his mouth over her fingertips - slipping his tongue over her flesh in lightening-quick strokes, causing her nipples to harden and stand erect. She moves her hand down over her mid-section to her pussy and begins rocking gently. The tightness of her jeans allows him to see the outline of her swollen lips and the faint trail of wetness gathering between them. He softly commands her to stop - pacing her - not wanting her to get off too soon.

She rises from the bed to remove her jeans, then slowly, provocatively, struts around the room clad only in her top, panties and shoes. She is rewarded by the bulge she notices forming in his jeans and devilishly slides her finger along the back seam of her black silk panties to reveal more skin. Slowly she raises the hem of her top and peels it up over her head. She tousles her hair then trails her hands over her body from her neck, down between her breasts, then lightly over her hips to her thighs. She moves to a chair - straddles it backwards - and presses her nakedness against it. She grabs the back of the chair for support as she arches backward and slides her hand into her panties. Her wetness excites her and she glides her fingers in and out of her pussy. He snaps frame after frame and records her orgasm in minute detail. He comes to stand beside her and draws her into his arms, pressing his hard cock against her. She unzips his pants and lowers her mouth over him, stroking his cock until he suddenly pulls away.

He selects a new outfit for her to put on and makes the necessary lighting adjustments while she changes. She returns dressed in a white bra, garter, stockings and shoes. The shooting resumes with her propped on a mound of pillows on a wide bed, her hands sensually circling her thighs, hips, stomach, then down over her pussy. As she becomes more aroused, she adds a vibrator directly to her clit; then a dildo to her pussy to increase her pleasure. He speaks to her - encouraging her - getting her off with his voice as she becomes lost in the sensations she's experiencing. When she reaches the point of orgasm and her body tenses, he climbs onto the bed and kneels between her legs. He lightly touches her ankles and glides his hands up along her legs. As his hands come to her knees, he pushes them back and out and lowers his mouth to her pulsating pussy. He licks her swollen lips; her ass; savoring the taste of her cum as it spills out of her. He moistens his fingers with her fluids and penetrates her ass while preventing her from removing the vibrators. Her mind and body are at odds - one screaming "Enough!" - one clamoring for the ride to never end. He helps to calm her inner struggle by speaking softly to her - directing once more. She looses the battle with her mind and simply rides the wave she is feeling. Her moans intensify as she pushes against his fingers. He adds more fingers to her ass and plunges in rhythm to her movements, pressing against her inner walls. Her muscles pulsate with pleasure, her head rolling back and forth, her tongue sliding over her lips, until she screams out as her body spasms again and again.

As she regains conscious thought, she wonders what became of the photography. If his hands are inside of her body, how could he be taking pictures? Her answer comes quickly as she scans the room and sees another man beside the bed holding the camera. A sudden wave of panic overcomes her as the realization hits that her most intimate actions have not only been witnessed by a stranger, but recorded on film, and she tries to rise to cover herself. Anticipating this reaction, he lays on top of her and softly reassures her that everything is fine. When she is calmer, he reminds her of his intent to introduce her to new adventures - this being just one of many......

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