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One effect of his own workouts in the gym of this jerry-built sports complex had been to improve his reflexes, and he managed to grab both sides of the hole as he fell, so that he hung for a second, arms raised, allowing twelve pairs of eyes to focus approvingly on his long, freshly washed cock, before dropping the remaining two feet to land in a crouch in the plastic shower tray that had preceded him into the dance studio. As he stood his shock faded, and ascertaining that he had landed uninjured, and suddenly aware of his female audience, he protectively placed both hands in front of those wet wobbly bits and paused, watching his watchers, to see what would happen next.

The dancers and their teacher, who had turned around at the disturbance, happened to be in the process of a similar move, so that all occupants of the room stood in a crouch, their arms crossed before them. He shrugged, amused and, being a cheeky sort of chap, stepped jokingly to his right in time to the beat of the music, which took him out of the shower tray and the water cascading from above.

The teacher stepped with him, straight-faced. Her serious expression interested him. Was she being ironic? He couldn?t tell, but while he kept his hands crossed in front of him, she now held hers outstretched. The class followed her step, and he watched their breasts bounce pleasingly as they did so.

Someone above, too quick to be the ancient janitor, had managed to reach the shower tap to turn it off, and he looked up to his left as the cascade reduced to drips. Thirteen women looked up to their right in response. He took another step to his right, the teacher took a step to her left with her arms held out, and the class followed her. This was fun! More moves followed, the steps from him copied by the teacher, his steps and her improvised arm movements in turn copied by the class as the music banged away.

After a few turns both sides began to appreciate the physical characteristics of their counterparts. The girls found him to be tall, dark, lean and well-muscled, with a twinkle in his eye and the confidence to lead. He saw pretty faces, some smiling, some in serious concentration, and lean dancers' figures. As he looked, their curves drew his eyes and his gaze darted from girl to girl, sliding round a breast to its soft armpit, down to linger in the dip of a slim waist hugged by tight fabric then following the line out over a hip, down a long, long thigh, pausing briefly on a bent knee over a smooth shin to a black, high-heeled shoe, and jumping across to its pair and back up the other long leg.

This was dazzling, there were too many sights to take in! His gaze found and locked on the teacher's stockinged legs with darker constricting black bands holding them up at the tops of her thighs. Below a light yellow top and bare midriff her very short blue skirt flared around her hips and flew up constantly as she danced. It appeared to have no purpose other than to focus the eye on her pelvic region and the flashes it revealed of same blue coloured panties covering that interesting juncture of her legs.

Some of the girls' leotards were cut very high at the hips and came down in only a narrow strip - local beauticians clearly did a good trade in bikini waxing. It gave him an idea. He did a move spreading his legs, bending his knees and turning slowly. The teacher copied him, but half-cupped her breasts before running her hands down her hips and behind to her bottom as she pushed her pelvis forwards, the class mimicking her movements.

The results were exciting: lean inner-thighs spread apart, and fabric stretched tightly over pubises whose silhouettes curved down at the joins between every pair of legs. The teacher?s skirt spread wide over her thighs and rose up like a curtain, displaying what was in fact a tiny blue thong, framed by her sheer black stockings and the definition of muscles and stretched tendons that led symmetrically to her join. She had to be clean shaven. He could see the bones of her pelvis and intriguing hints of a central crease in that puffy mound between her legs.

Another girl with a black ponytail and bright red lipstick was even more revealing. Her pink leotard stretched tight over the huge bar of her bosom, allowing him to see the lines of her undergarment, and the points of her nipples. This much was quite a sight, but between her legs the fabric was strained to translucency. he could clearly see her pussy. And she could see that he could see. Was she becoming aroused? A crinkled curtain of inner lips appeared to grow from within, pushing apart the lips that protected it. He gaped ? unable to believe what he was watching.

This was too stimulating too ignore, and risking the class?s wrath for a better look, he brought his feet together and made two hip-turning steps towards them, they confidently and sexily stepping towards him, before he dropped down, feet apart, right in front of the teacher.

Teacher spread her knees wide just for him. He could distinctly see the camel-toe outline of vulval lips behind the thin material of her thong. Again she cupped her breasts, but this time she squeezed them whilst looking straight at him. He felt his cock give a jerk and start to thicken behind his hands. She moved her hands down over her hips and crossed then in front of her pelvis, framed the area with her fingers, and pressed against her inner thighs. As she pressed in she pulled her hands apart so that he was able to get an impression of that central crease getting wider. He now had difficulty keeping his rapidly hardening cock behind his hands. But to make his difficulty worse she stood up, turned around and bent over to touch her toes, presenting him with her lovely rear. Her skirt didn't begin to cover the peachy cheeks and the dark valley between, with its thin strip of blue running down like a river through a canyon. Her head and torso hung down between the A-frame of her legs, and her mouth was open as she looked back at him, upside down, long blond hair pooled on the floor. Apparently the thong needed adjusting because one hand reached up and caught the tight string just under the Y at the top, and slid down pulling it out of the ditch in which it had become stuck. She was quick but he had just a glimpse of her tiny anus before she was done. She stood up and turned to face him, Blond strands covered one eye and part of her face. She tossed them back with a flick of her head, and purposefully looked down at his hands, which could no longer hide the spear sticking out in front of him. "You lose", she said and, laughing, looked round to the rest of the class.

The tension broke and suddenly there were thirteen girls laughing at him. If any of them had been aroused before then it seemed to have been forgotten now. He was stunned, embarrassed. His erection was uncontrollable, it wouldn't go away and he had the feeling of having been caught out, of having gone too far. Anxiety hit him ? like the dream in which you find yourself naked in the main street. He must find an exit. He once again covered himself with both hands and made sidesteps towards the swing doors of the studio on his right. The facing class and teacher stepped with him, giggling, and were once again able to see his blood engorged penis as he raised his hands to open the doors, which made them burst out laughing. His embarrassment grew, and his frustration at not being able to get rid of the tell-tale sign of his state.

But the doors opened automatically and he half fell straight into the back of a towel be-turbanned girl, fresh from her own shower, her body swathed in a larger towel.

She turned her head to look round and her lips pouted in surprise, which became a welcoming smile as she felt his naked frame against her bottom through the towel, and his arms round her waist as he tried to keep his balance. Their eyes met in immediate mutual attraction and messages passed between them: his discomfort at being caught aroused and off-balance, her amusement at this, which made him blush almost to anger at his undignified situation.

She reached one slim hand behind her and brushed his heavy penis, and her gaze became intense. The hand boldly returned to grasp it, and it immediately twitched in her little fist. She began to move it up and down the shaft.

Again he was taken aback. He stopped dead, just feeling her warm hand moving up and down. Finally he was emboldened to touch the back of her thigh. It felt delightfully smooth and soft. He reached up under the towel and grabbed a full handful of her buttock, separating it from its mate and eliciting a widening of her dark eyes, His other hand reached up under the front of her towel and slid up until it found her vagina. He explored and found that it was topped by a small shaved strip of hair. He continued exploring and found her nub, and dallied there in little circles. Her eyes were locked onto his as his fingers moved lower and he felt fleshy tissues separating, first plainly damp from her shower, but quickly sticky and lubricious. His middle finger instinctively found her core and pushed in, pulling a gasp from her lovely mouth as he felt her tight rim separate around his first knuckle, then around his second, and finally he was in up to the third.

Judging her need from her pleading eyes he rapidly and methodically finger-fucked her, pulling it forward and finding the pad of her g-spot. His thumb went back to her swollen clitoris and flicked over it, back and forth. Her eyes closed and her breathing became heavy and gasping. Then her cunt suddenly became deliciously wet and slippery and spasmed around him, clutching his finger. She held on to him for support, turning her head and biting his shoulder, groaning as she orgasmed.

He had never had a girl come so quickly! It was the surprise that did it, he thought, and he felt her legs go weak as she fell forward to rest her hands on a locker. The turban towel came off to reveal brown hair in a short bob.

She was pushed back against him, provocatively it seemed. Her towel had risen up and his hard cock jammed between her buttocks. He wasn't sure if it was accidental or if she was offering herself to him. "Oh, what the hell", he thought and impatiently guided his cock to her slit. He couldn't find her entrance and just pushed in and around her slick lips, searching upwards until he felt a little core give and widen around his big head.

He pushed forward and she cried out as she felt him entering her. He could feel her hot and slick, separating around him as he pushed up and in. He was rock hard. He tried to stuff himself into her and she cried out again, but wriggled to encourage him in his effort. Finally he grabbed her hips and rammed up and in, his whole length thick and stiff inside her, his root pressed hard up against her, revelling in the slippery juices that soaked them both. God she was wet!

The doors, which were as unreliable as the rest of this cheaply built place, suddenly swang open once more to present the class with this scene, and they laughingly made the same motions: holding their hands down in front of them and pumping their hips forward and backward in imitation of him. Then the formation broke up as several of the dancers came over to look.

Now he had an audience watching from the side as his engorged cock rythmically disappeared and reappeared from that sweet ass. To give them a better view he pulled almost completely out of her, and rammed back home. That would teach them not to laugh! Let them imagine that length in their own pussies! He started to pump, pump, pump, controlling his girl, accepting her offering of pussy. He was huge inside her. The whole class heard her gasp as he invaded her, taking more than she had ever expected.

He looked straight at the teacher standing at the front and saw as she lifted up her skirt to reveal that blue thong. A darker blue spot had appeared and was spreading. She placed her hand to cover this damp patch and jigged two fingers gently back and forth over it as she looked on, fixated. The girl with the ponytail was licking her lips as she watched, making her red mouth glisten ? he knew what he wanted to put into it. Another dancer with red hair whose costume seemed to consist of a t-shirt and a pair of knickers, emboldened by the teacher?s example, slipped her t-shirt over her head and undid her bra from the back to display her big round tits, which she cupped and squeezed. They rose and fell with her breath as she watched him. Other girls hands started to move to their own breasts and crotches as heads craned to absorb the view.

Another gush of warmth and the cunt he was fucking gripped him, and the girl bucked and pushed back to get more of him. He was making her come again. He reached up and grabbed her breasts finding them soft and yielding ? as if he owned them, and her. He put his mouth to her ear and bit, none too gently. She cried out and threw her head back to expose her neck to him. She knew was his to control, held at the top of her body by his hands and pinned at the bottom by his prick, stuck right up inside her, and he spurted. Spurted and spurted, slammed and slammed into her, again and again, slippery and out of control as he instinctively tried to pump his seed into her womb, to impregnate her, and she wailed as she eagerly accepted it.

He stayed inside her twitching and subsiding. She was panting heavily as she leant back against him.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"That... was fantastic. I can still feel you inside me."

"Fancy another go?"

"Um, I don?t think I could ? you give a girl quite a workout you know. Oh my god, what did I say? I can feel you getting hard again!"

"It?s this situation ? it?s such a turn on, being watched by all these women."

"Well let them help you ? I need another shower." She twisted out from him ? and he realized she could have done so at any time but had chosen to let him fuck her instead.

She had let him fuck her. Would one of the other girls let him fuck her too? He turned and once again he was standing in front of the class with a stiff cock, but the teacher wasn?t laughing now.

Instead she slowly came to him, swaying her hips as she stepped forward in that flirty skirt and those sensational stockings, She held both his arms as she looked up to kiss him, first with soft lips, and then putting a hand to the back of his head, pulled him down to mash her mouth hard against his. He felt movement, and then a wet sensation on his cock, but carried on kissing Teacher. Finally she let go and he was able to look down to see what was going on in netherland.

The dancer with the black ponytail was kneeling in front of him licking up and down his cock.

Teacher went behind him and pressed herself full against him. She reached round and found his prick, and began wanking the shaft as Ponytail licked and teased, up and down and around the sensitive underside. Then Ponytail seemed to have an idea. She took both his hands and placed them at the back of her head, urging him to grab her eponymous hair at the root. And she dropped both her hands to her side.

In this wise he had her, just like a prayer, on her knees in front of him with her red-lipsticked mouth open and her hair stretched over her head just enough to hurt. He pulled the ponytail towards him and pushed forward his hips so that his penis touched the lips of her mouth, which automatically opened wide to receive him. In he went, and felt his head and shaft begin to pump forwards and backwards over her tongue which wiped strongly at the remains of seminal fluid and towel-turban girl's juices.

Teacher tapped once at his anus with a long fingernail.

He tightened at this new kinkiness and reflexively jerked forward pushing into Ponytail, but then relaxed to enjoy it. He pulled her head away from him, coming completely out of her, and her open mouth glistened with saliva as she sat submissively staring at his cock, waiting for him to decide whether to orally fuck her again. Again Teacher scratched him lightly with her fingernail and he decided at once, pulling the head towards him to fill her mouth once more. His cock pushed her jaws wide and she sucked at her own hot saliva washing over him until he felt her gag.

He moved his hands to her shoulders and let her set her own pace. She moved forward and, with her warm sucking wetness around him, and feeling her active tongue flicking his frenum, he watched his cock vanish into that mouth. She pulled back again and looked up, and the need and excitement in her wide pupils so caught him that he felt the tell-tale sweetness of his orgasm calling him. He jerked forwards again in reflex to Teacher?s probing finger and entered her once more, rather too quickly.

He rode the moment, and her, and enjoyed the rising sweetness. God she was gorgeous! She looked so sexy, submissively allowing him to fuck her mouth this way. Stretched wide open around him, smearing lipstick on his dipstick, but clearly enjoying it, and trying in their battle of wills to tempt him to lose control. In this she was succeeding. He could feel the moment of no return approaching. She brought him out of her mouth and licked the hole at the end, and the drips of pre-come started to became a thin stream that she sucked tightly out of him, urging him for more until he felt himself falling, falling into his orgasm.

No not yet! He paused, then slowly withdrew with a groan, and let go of her shoulders, leaving his stiff cock waving in her disappointed face.

He put his hands to the sides of her shoulders and tried to raise her, but she was still in her fugue and did not rise. Seeing this, the teacher stepped round to help, and the red-headed dancer stepped forward. They stood on either side of the kneeling girl, slipped a hand beneath each armpit and lifted her up. The teacher nodded to a low narrow bench that ran between the rows of lockers and they walked her backwards to it. She sat down with her legs on either side of it ? giving him a lovely view of her pussy - and lay back, waiting for him. Redhead set about removing Ponytail?s pink leotard and bra while Teacher diverted him with another kiss and a wank, lightly scratching his shft with those long fingernails.

Eventually she allowed him to turn back, and he gaped at Ponytail?s huge breasts that were now revealed. What an eyeful! They were flattened somewhat under their own weight but remained upright, tipped with her large, stiff nipples in gorgeous cones. How lucky was he! She seemed be waiting for this reaction, expecting and enjoying his shock at this good fortune.

Teacher picked up the towel that had once been a turban and placed it under the head of the prone girl, and then leaning over her, grasped one huge boob in each of her hands, squeezing them, and trying vainly to cup them. Her fellow helper stroked the prone girl?s legs as if to calm a sacrificial victim before the ordeal to come. Her hand moved up the tanned, inner thigh to the slit at the top. She toyed and stroked with the raw red nub at the centre, which caused the prone girl to give a loud "ooh". Then she found the little puckered hole of her vagina, deliberately pushed through and began to matter-of-factly fuck it with her index finger. She looked up at him demonstrating what he must do, pointing "in here", willing him to come and replace her slim finger with the thick girth of his cock.

Staring at the invitation of those long dancers legs being pulled apart, themselves pulling apart the dark pink slit between them, exposing that raw clitoris, watching her pelvis jerking as it succumbed to the steadily fucking finger, and hypnotised by those large, jutting breasts begging to be grabbed, squeezed, sucked, pounded and used, their owner?s open red mouth turning from side to side in her struggle with this attention, he walked over to stand between and pushed her knees wider.

He placed his hands under the knees and pulled her sharply towards him so that her buttocks rested half over the end of the bench and her cunt came forward as if reaching for a kiss. His action pulled the teacher?s hands away from those stupendous boobs to the girl?s face, and the other dancer?s hand away from that hungry pussy to her abdomen, where it toyed with and gently tugged at a little silver navel chain that lay in the dip.

Holding his cock in his hand he pressed forwards until it met the spongy front of her pubis. She squirmed as he ran it over her exposed pea. He drew it slowly up and down, separating her slit, and her breasts wobbled as she arched her back. Then he pointed his prick down to explore her soft vulva and pushed inwards. He felt rather than saw her lips part widely around his head. He pushed forward further until he found the little hole guarded by her inner lips, and rested against it, feeling them bunch together to resist him.

He paused, then pushed, and she cried out as the bunch separated just a little. He could feel the ring start to separate and the very tip of him was just protruding past it, but the bunch resisted and he came out her and her outer curtains closed behind him. Like a virgin, fucked for the very first time. Or was he so big? Well, he knew he wasn?t small.

She was looking straight at him, red lips apart, dark eyes challenging him to try again. He spat on his hand, wiped it liberally over the head of his prick and prepared to try once more. He touched up and down her lips again with his prick and then pushed in. Her fleshy outer curtains separated around it and he found the blockage again. Again she resisted, but he rocked back and forwards. With this action and the extra spit he was able to move his helmet forwards and persuade her muscle to stretch, stretch, impossibly wide around his bell end. He caught her look of disbelief at the size of him. She was crying out at this uncomfortable but still welcome sensation, and her two attendants were stroking her and cooing to get her to relax and accept the inevitable penetration. But God how tight she was! He stopped there at his widest point and enjoyed the victory of being wedged in, having opened up that tight snatch.

He had done it; her challenge vanished and she gave in, pleased to accept his domination. He felt her lubrication now he had passed this test and proved himself worthy of her, and pushed forward into her slippery warmth until he felt that first sphincter contract behind his enormous acorn. She now gripped him so that he could hardly move forward or back. But he was master and she was his slave, and he rocked himself again back and forth, probing firmly forward until she gave way again with a little cry.

He encountered another muscular ridge inside her, and again he paused probing slowly before it relaxed and allowed his head past before reflexively clutching again on his shaft. Man! It was hard work, and he was still only halfway in! But he wanted all of her, and knew she wanted all of him. She was slippery and wet, but she was just too tight. He let go of her hips and leant forward, grasping her breasts, trying to encompass them all, rolling their cylindrical nubs between the joints of his fingers. He was able to see close-up the curve of her lashes in her half-closed eyes, and once again noticed her high cheek bones and small, parted gorgeous mouth and little jaw of her pretty face that had so recently been filled with his engorged cock.

As he pushed again at the next ridge she gave a moan and a gush of wetness surrounded his cock allowing him to shoot straight in to the limit, his loins landing deliciously against hers. But it was more than she could take and she he pushed him back. He withdrew some way to let her catch her breath, and pushed forwards when he sensed she was ready. She was still impossibly tight but she was starting to relax, and now the wetness allowed him smoothly in, and out, and in again. And he started to pump, pump in and out of the beautiful girl.

Now when he reached the limit she gave a pleasurable groan instead of pushing him out. How lovely! A tight wet glove, never giving way too easily, always resisting at first, but then happily giving in, stretching, becoming used to him Once more out, then in again, a little deeper, out again, then in again, using his momentum to own her, to dominate her with his prick.

They settled into the fuck. She seemed to loved being fucked hard. She would wait until he could hear his own steady slap, slap as he banged into her, each penetration a proof of his dominance Then she seemed to move and wriggle, which incited him to move in and out harder so that the slaps became faster and louder, and her gasps were audibly pushed out of her, as she passively endured the battering she had herself provoked.

And so he did batter her with his cock, penetrating her as far as he could, feeling her eagerly accept him, calling out louder as their mutual excitement grew. His could feel his penis growing too, and sensed the impending release. He could see that she noticed the change and she moved her pelvis faster to bump her soft pad into his root. Juices streamed from her now, wetting her inner thighs and dripping between her bum cheeks as he rammed into her again and again, causing her breasts to rock sharply up and down. The audience sensed it too and the teacher and the other helper were rubbing themselves concentratedly in anticipation.

So he withdrew completely and all waited for him to decide what he wanted to do.

He knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to feel that initial bunch of muscle separating around his cock again. He moved forward until he reached it and rested there. Then he pushed and it spread around him.

Again and again, as deep as he could go, and once more he felt the sweetness rising in his loins. He made some attempt to control it, and succeeded for a few strokes, but she again wriggled underneath him in encouragement, and the sweetness reached an unbearable intensity. He tensed, and it seemed that time stood still, until, with a final, yelling thrust, he rammed into her, rock hard, staying there, hose pumping, jetting and spraying into her as she, and Teacher and Redhead cried out, and she arched sharply once, and then spasmed warmly around him, massaging him as she received his hot seed.

As he lay over the still gasping girl he had just used, her breasts heaving under him, his head turned in towards her, feeling himself go soft inside her, he heard Teacher whisper in his ear "my turn next."

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